FF7 Battery: Best Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Item

FF7 Battery

FF7 Battery refers to an item that one can get in the hit video game Final Fantasy 7. The item is needed to make the propeller move. Just like its name suggests, it is a battery to provide power.  Many questions have been discussed about FF7 battery actively in the various gaming forums related to the Final Fantasy franchise and the Final Fantasy 7 video game. The most commonly asked is how and where to find the FF7 battery. 

The questions related to the function of the item FF7 battery and, as mentioned before, how and where to find them will be discussed in detail in this article to ensure that you get the best possible gaming experience while playing the game Final Fantasy VII. 

It does not do justice to discuss the topic of FF7 battery without getting to know what the game Final Fantasy VII is all about. That being said, let us jump right in. 

What is Final Fantasy VII?

Final Fantasy VII is a 1994 game developed and published by Square Enix. Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing game belonging to the Action genre. A remake of the game was made in 2020, and it is this game that we will be discussing in this article. 

The game is set in a dystopian metropolis city called Midgar. The players will be playing Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. 

Since it is an action role-playing game, there will be many items that the players need to progress the story and the gameplay. And one such item is the FF7 battery. 

Now that we have gotten the basics about the game let us discuss the topic at hand – FF7 battery. 

FF7 Battery

What is FF7 Battery?

The FF7 battery, or the battery in Final Fantasy VII, is a critical item that is available in the game and used for a particular purpose. This item is required to complete specific tasks in the game, without which you cannot go to the next level or Sector. Now that you know what the battery is let us find out what function it does in the game, FinalFantasy VII. 

What is the function of the FF7 Battery?

The battery in Final Fantasy 7 is used to jumpstart a propeller. You will also need the battery to climb up to the top of the plate. The battery is needed after Cloud jumps across the wall and goes down a pathway on the right side of the monitor, you will be able to see a yellow outlet that is glowing. This will be situated at the bottom right side. 

Climbing Up
Climbing Up

After Cloud sees this outlet, he will make use of the battery by putting it inside the outlet. This will make the propeller move, which would make another pathway. Traverse further up north and go across the path. The moment you pass the propeller, you will see another slot for the battery. This will be situated at the railway track, towards the end of it. After reaching this location, place the battery in the slot provided; this, in turn, will form another pathway. 

Using Battery in FFVII
Using Battery

While going up, Cloud will tell the dialogue after a while, “Looks like the only way is to jump onto that bar.” Continuing up, you will see yet another battery slot. Upon keeping the battery inside this slot, you would be able to see that a small box will open, and inside it, there would be an item called the ‘Ether’. 

How to find FF7 Battery?

Buying Battery
Buying Battery

You can get the batter in the place called Wall Market. In Wall Market, there will be a weapon slot, and after reaching this location, there will be a man on the left side of the store. He will be behind the cage in the store. You need to approach this man and have a conversation with him. Conversation with him will tell you that a battery is needed to get to the top of the plate. 

You will be able to offer him 100 Gil to be able to buy the item from him. Upon payment, you will be able to get the key item known as the FF7 battery. 

How to know what you can do with the batteries?

With the batteries you get from the shopkeeper, you must go to the Mansion at the top of the Wall Market. Then, instead of entering, go to the right, where a wire is hanging down. You can use that to get to a new place, and then you will have to talk to the people there to get hints about using the batteries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find the battery in Final Fantasy 7?

You can buy the ff7 battery from the shopkeeper in the weapon store, who lets you know the need for the battery to climb to the top of the plate. You can buy them off for 100 Gil each. 

What is the use of the ff7 battery? 

The battery you get in Sector 6 of Final Fantasy 7 from a shopkeeper is to be used to make the propeller move. 

Is the battery jump in Final Fantasy 7 hard?

Many players find battery jump in Final Fantasy 7 hard. You can make the jump by waiting for the bar to get to the closest point to you. 


FF7 battery and details regarding its location and function have caused a lot of confusion among the fans of the hit fantasy action roleplaying game, Final Fantasy VII. All these questions and everything that you would need to know regarding the topic of FF7 battery has been discussed in detail in this article. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has given you a better understanding of the topic of FF7 battery and hope this article would lead to you having a more immersive and more enjoyable gaming experience while playing Final Fantasy VII!

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