Skyrim Balbus – The Amazing NPC of Elder Scrolls 5

Skyrim Balbus

Very rarely does a seemingly unimportant and irrelevant aspect of a video game being discussed intensively, that is the case for Skyrim Balbus. The topic of Skyrim Balbus has been asked very commonly and frequently in a lot of forums that are connected with Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The players come across Balbus randomly in a particular location in the game world. 

Questions and queries related to Skyrim Balbus are what this article will attempt to answer to its readers. All the doubts and queries and everything you need to know regarding Skyrim Balbus will be covered and discussed in detail in this article. Let us waste no more time and jump right into the world of Skyrim and understand who this wandering NPC is.

Skyrim Balbus

Skyrim Balbus is one of the NPCs seen wandering around the world of Skyrim. He is a Nordic warrior whom you will be able to come across as you explore the world. Balbus will be seen to be wandering around the Skyrim world randomly. If asked why he is wandering, he will say that he is going around collecting ingredients for the Gourmet. Balbus is a huge fan of the Gourmet. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Gourmet, Gourmet is an Orc Rogue named Balagog gro-Nolob who has a secret identity called the Gourmet, a famous chef.

You will be able to see that he will be wearing farm clothes. Along with this, he will also be having a pair of hiding bracers as well as a pair of hiding boots. With him, he will have a copy of the Uncommon Taste, a book by the Gourmet. Along with this, he will also be carrying his fork, a lock pick and some gold. He will also have the ingredients he is supposed to pass to you. 

Balbus Fork
Balbus Fork

In battle or combat, he will be wielding a leveled dagger. 

When Will You Find Skyrim Balbus?

Now that we’ve gotten a better understanding of who Skyrim Balbus is, the next question is when you will cross paths with this Nord warrior, and this section will focus on answering this question for its readers.

The player, the Dragonborn will get an option to be able to pretend to be the Gourmet after the quest which is titled “Recipe For Disaster” has been completed by the player. Upon doing so, Balbus will provide the player with the ingredients that are needed to make his special dish. 

One must remember that Skyrim Balbus will only give the ingredients if you, the Dragonborn can show him the book by The Gourmet called Gourmet’s Writ of Passage.

Skyrim Balbus – Location

Talking with Balbus
Talking with Balbus

The spawn places of Balbus differ for each person and are generated randomly. While it’s not possible to name all the places that he could spawn at this section would list some of the most common spawn places of Skyrim Balbus.

North of Riften in the woods, on the road near White River Watch, Found west of Halted Stream Camp, On the road leading west from Whiterun, and On the road, Northeast of Bthardamz are some of the places that you will be able to spot Skyrim Balbus.

The corpse of Balbus was also sometimes seen to be found going down the White River in White River Valley near the Shrine of Talos. 

Skyrim Balbus Trivia

The appearance of Balbus in Skyrim is one of the random encounters in the game. However, this random encounter is different from the rest, considering Balbus does not disappear once the player leaves the area but remains there in his original location unless killed. If the player visits the location again after a while then another new random encounter will occur and if this new random encounter has any hostile characters, then they will attack Balbus.

We did mention earlier on that there is a chance of finding his corpse, coming back to that, there is a high chance of finding the corpse of Balbus since he is not a character of great importance in the game. Adding to that he is also very weak and any hostile enemies that approach him will attack him. Taking all this into consideration you will be able to see how easily he can be killed.

How do I get Balbus Fork?

After finishing the quest called ‘To Kill An Empire’, you will be able to get the book titled Writ Of Passage by The Gourmet. If you keep this book, you will get an extra dialogue option while talking to Bulbus, which says, “I am The Gourmet” once you select this, you will receive praise from Bulbus, and he will offer his Fork to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you kill balbus?

Balbus carries a few items that can be collected by the player and added to their inventory after you kill Balbus.  Some of the items that Balbus carries are his fork, Daedra Heart, Troll Fat, Spider Egg, Iron Dagger etcetera.

What does Balbus’s Fork do?

Bulbus’s fork is special to him as he is a huge fan of the chef, The Gourmet and it is using this fork that he tasted his dish for the first time. Since it is a very special fork for him he always carries it around with him.

Is anise important in Skyrim?

Anise is an elderly lady who lives alone in a cabin. Upon investigating the cabin it will be revealed that she is a witch and an alchemist, however, she does not want anyone to know about this and if she finds out that you know her secret she will attack you. 


Skyrim Bulbus, what is it? Who is it? Where to find him all has been discussed in detail in this article to give you a complete and comprehensive understanding of the topic Skyrim Balbus. Everything that you will need to know about Skyrim Bulbus, including the items carried by him and the locations to find him, has been discussed in this article.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in getting a better understanding of the topic Skyrim Bulbus. It would lead to the reader having a more immersive and more enjoyable experience while playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

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