How To Plant Melons – Minecraft

How To Plant Melons - Minecraft

If you are a fan of using melon in your salads, in your drinks and in basically everything, chances are you would love to grow them in Minecraft too. Maybe your love for the melon has dominated everything in your life or maybe you just like it. Simple, no explanations.

Maybe your room has tiny melon prints on the walls or maybe you just thought it would make a cool pop socket. No matter what the level of your obsession with melon is at, we will tell you how best to grow one in Minecraft.

Questions like – Where to plant melons? What materials should one use to grow them? will of course keep popping up in your head. But worry not, we will answer all of these questions and more.

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Required Materials To Plant Melons

Requirements To Plant Melons

Following are the materials required to fully plant and grow the melons –

1. Melon Seeds

These seeds are quite hard to find and can only be found naturally growing in jungle biomes. But if you can’t find them there are other ways too. You can obtain melon seeds by finding them seeds in a chest or by using a melon/it’s slice to make them. Villages located in savanna or desert biomes have a higher probability of chests containing melon seeds.

Players can also trade an emerald for melon seeds with any wandering trader. You will also be able to find these seeds in mineshafts, dungeons, woodland mansions. Players with Bedrock Edition can get lucky with a bonus chest. These Melon Seeds can be then used to plant melon.

2. Hoe (any type)

A hoe is a basic gardening tool and it will obviously be required to plant melon seeds. You can pick or make any type of hoe as it won’t affect the crop. A good quality hoe will only provide you with durability, not a better crop. To make a hoe players will need to place 2 wood planks and 2 sticks in their crafting grid.

Any type of wood (such as birch, oak, spruce, acacia, dark oak, crimson or warped planks) can be used. Place the two wood planks in the first two boxes of the first row. Follow it up by placing the two sticks in the middleboxes of the second and third row respectively.

3. Water Bucket

A water bucket is a handy thing and to make it players will require only water. Go to any water source and select a bucket. Fill up the bucket with water and you will soon find a “Water Bucket” message being displayed on your screen. Your bucket will then turn blue with water.

Every Melon plant needs to be beside water in order to grow. We’ll use the water from bucket in this case to create a water flow.

4. Bone Meal (Optional)

This fertilizer can be made by using a bone and a bone block. There are two patterns players can follow. In the first pattern, you can place a bone in the first box of the first row and in the second one you can just place one bone block in the first box in the first row. The first pattern will provide you with 3 bone meals while the second one will provide you with 9.

These Bone Meal can be used after process to plant melon and grow them in instant.

How To Plant Melons In Minecraft: Step By Step Process

First things first, players would require melon seeds. Gone are the days when melon seeds could only be found in a treasure loot, you can find them in specific biomes or you can trade them for an emerald.

Once you have some melon seeds with yourself we can move on to the next step. Players will only require one melon to grow rows and rows of lush melons. Find yourself a nice patch of land to plant melons and use a hoe to till this space to prepare melon seeds.

Using Hoe To Plant Melons

If you leave the space where you are going to grow melons without any boundaries, eventually the melon plant will grow in completely random directions. But to ensure your melons grow in a row you can try tilling ground that is enough for just one of them.

The next step will require you to place a water source block within the 4 blocks of the land you just tilled. This will be done to ensure hydrated ground. A tile of water will be enough to hydrate a large area but you can use it more for cosmetic purposes.

The next step will require you to plant melon seeds. Make sure spare at least one adjacent block to give them space to grow. Multiple space blocks will affect the time duration of their growth.

Using Bone Meal To Grow Melons

After you’re done with the process of to plant melon seeds you will just have to wait for the stems to grow. If waiting sounds incredibly frustrating to you, you can also use bone meal on stems to speed the whole process up. Once the melon stem has reached maturity, you will find a melon growing on it every 10-30 minutes.

Melons Fully Grown

It will require lesser time when left with ample spaces left. The block adjacent to the melon plant should be dirt, grass, farmland or coarse dirt. A light level of 9 will be required to help them grow and you can use a torch to help them grow at night too.

After your melons have all grown up you can pluck it and break it to acquire melon slices. Use these slices to make even more melon plants. You can create a melon farm too!

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