How to Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator

Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is one of the Roblox games created by Blockzone. This game provides users with a battle arena type setup that allows multiple players to play online battles and collect strong players to fight. There are several grinding techniques to level up in this game.

To Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator, you need to grind the abilities in the game. There are many training missions and quests that you can do over and over to level up easily. Moreover, in this post, we’ll have a look at some of the few techniques.

Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator

The players can increase these three abilities for leveling up:


This power explains the minor statistics that initially a player gains during the game. Players can increase their walk speed by increasing their training speed. It would be best to consider that agility in the game would not expand a player’s total speed.

The process of gaining speed is equal to the user’s speed multiplier and training area multiplier. Here, we will discuss some zones of speed training and walk speed

Speed Training Areas

Area NamePropogateMention Speed
Demon Trainx One thousandOne million
Space-Time Kunai Fieldx HunderedOne hundred thousand
Gravity Chamberx TenTen thousand
Treadmillsx FiveHundred

Walk Speed vs. Mentioned Speed

Walk SpeedMentioned Speed
1269.6 billion
1214.8 billion
1162.4 billion
1111.2 billion
106600 million
101300 million
96150 million
9175 million
8635 million
8115 million
765 million
712 million
661 million
61500 K
56200 K
5175 K
4635 K
4115 K
365 K
311 K


Anime Fighting Simulator Stats

This power is one of the main statistics of the game to Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator. Strength is categorized as the initial ability that a player can gain during the battle process and determines the damage caused by a player’s punch, which includes damages of strength-built powers.

In the game, users gain strength by incrementing the training of strength per minute, which is an average of 55 ticks. Strength gain is equal to the product of the user’s strength multiplier and training area multipliers.

Strength Training Areas

Area NamePropogateMentioned Strength
Crimson Towerx 26,244,000,000,000One undecillion
Poneglyphx 5,832,000,000,000Hundred decillion
Charybdisx 1,458,000,000,000One decillion
Shogun Palacex 486,000,000,000Hundred nonillion
God’s Bladex 162,000,000,000One nonillion
Fairy Tail Guild Hallx 81,000,000,000,000Hundred octillion
UA Training Gymx 16,200,000,000One octillion
Boar Hatx 5,400,000,000Hundred septillion
Infinity Castlex 1,800,000,000One septillion
Heaven’s Arenax 600,000,000Hundred sextillion
Demon Shellx 200,000,000One sextillion
Boros Battleshipx 40,000,000Hundred quinntillion
Grimoire Towerx 4,000,000One quintillion
Executorx 750,000Hundred quadrillion
Unbreakable Boulderx 100,000One quadrillion
Ichigo’s Inner Worldx 50,000Hundred trillion
Road Rollerx 20,000One trillion
Monsterx 10,000Hundred billion
Excaliburx 5,000One billion
Arenax 1,000Hundred million
Lockout Islandx 500Ten million
Meteorx 100One million
Beachx 50Hundred thousand
Gymx 15Ten thousand
Dummiesx 5Hundred


This power is the leading statistic of the game as it explains the overall durability of damage and health build powers to Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator. A player’s game durability is directly proportional to fifty times of their total health. The increment of training durability per minute is an average of 35 ticks.

The result of durability gained is equal to the user’s durability multiplier and training area multiplier.

Durability Training Areas

Area NamePropogatesMentioned Durability
King’s Palacex 26,244,000,000,0001 Ud
Unlimited Voidx 5,832,000,000,000100 de
Igneelx 1,458,000,000,0001 de
Beast Islandx 486,000,000,000100 N
Beast Titanx 162,000,000,0001 N
Demon Webx 81,000,000,0001000 c
Amaterasux 16,200,000,00010 c
Demon Spider Webx 5,400,000,000100 Sp
Shino Academyx 1,800,000,0001 Sp
Marinefordx 600,000,000100 Sx
Whitebeard Shipx 200,000,0001 Sx
Power Arenax 40,000,000100 Qn
Aincradx 4,000,00010 Qn
Flames of Cremationx 750,000100 QD
Black Iron Palacex 100,0001 QD
Gravito Rock Zonex 50,000100 T
Colossal Titanx 20,0001 T
Chamber of Timex 10,000100 B
Planetx 5,0001 B
Black Flame Pitx 1,000100 M
Volcanox 50010 M
Pawx 1001 M
Snowy Rockx 50100 K
Desert Islandx 1510 K
Pirate Shipx 5100

Redeem for Codes

Besides grinding for XP by making a lot of effort, you can also search for codes that will credit you with a few XP without any action. While searching for the codes, please be updated with the expired and active codes. Once you get your hands on the active codes, redeem those immediately before they get expired.



The simplest method to be known by most players is to accommodate that a player should use private servers to avoid being defeated or moved by other players. Player’s must gain this ability of auto-clicker and adjust the statistics they want in the game to train at multiple locations when a player reaches the battler arena.

A player should turn on the auto-clicker to adjust the specific statistics and gain it by the next day to regain maximum power. This process will help to increase various power of durability, speed, and strength after initiating appropriate methods.

Empty Server

It is imperative to know that for grinding, you should always select the empty server so that you can freely grind the XPs at a faster rate than choosing a crowded server to Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator.

Also, defeat bosses to get a large amount of XP as well as drops.

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