Grand Piece Online Boss Drops

Grand Piece Online Boss Drops

Are there any means of possibility for the people to go on with better fun crazy time pass other than video games? The search will be too hard to find a good one than role-playing action video games. They have created an irreplaceable path that could never be replaced by any other mode of entertainment.

Grand Piece Online Boss Drops is amazingly super cool branded accessories made available that can enhance the player’s abilities/stats. They are of varied types having stunning colors with beautiful picturized designs. These are not specifically restricted to one item but consist of different materials as guns, back wardrobe, and many others which are presently purchased on Boss Drops.

It is the most interesting game that has been developed by the Roblox platform which has introduced series of wonderful entertainment. Grand Piece Online is the recent innovative entertainment available in the field of video games. The game consists of giving all-natural adventurous activities such as searching missions, finding the endpoint, updated new accessories, and so on. Grand Piece Online Boss Drops is the most amazing challenge made for all video game lovers.

Grand Piece Online Boss Drops

Bandit BossBandit Eyepatch
Axe Hand LoganMetal Jaw
Buggy/ Star ClownBuggy’s Cape
Gorilla KingGorilla King Crown
Head GuardianSkyBlue Katana, Guardian’s Helmet
BrunoBurn Bazooka
EnelGolden Staff, Tomoe Drums
GravitoGravito’s Cape, Gravity Blade, Hoverboard
RyuShark Necklace, Ryu’s Blade
NeptuneNeptune’s Crown, Neptune’s Trident
Flame Admiral ZekeMarine Captain’s Cape, Bisento
Captain ZhenCaptain Zhen’s Cape, Bisento
Elo the BunnyMini Bunny Egg, Elo’s Egg, Rainbow Egg, Egg of Wonder,
Golden Egg, Pink Egg


The drops are the most vital concept in the play of Grand Piece Online. It is all items summed up for the player’s physical characteristics that can be innovatively selected. The Grand Piece Online Boss Drops not specifies one unique item but stretches up to varied accessories. These are explained briefly in the below line.

Bandit Eyepatch

Grand Piece Online Bandit Eyepatch

Bandit Eyepatch is the most familiar term that there could be some idea regarding how this would be. There is a chance of crossing this term over series or movies. It is the common face accessory that has been dropped by Bandit Boss which is considered the very easiest boss because having only 150 HP in the game.

This accessory of Grand Piece Online Boss Drops is so fond for all adventure lovers as it disguises the player’s eyes as a pirate. This accessory has a drop chance of 50 percent and it has been marked in the location Town Of Beginnings.

As a result of it, the player gains about +5 HP but the requirement to buy is reaching the level of 50+. It is the most common one which is available in the game as Boss Drops to the players. It is the first picked one for all extreme fantasy lovers.


Grand Piece Online Bazooka

This name Bazooka sounds to be quite innovative on Grand Piece Online Boss Drops. The description goes as defining Bazooka as a gun. Yes, it is an uncommon gun that has been dropped by Lucid with a 25 percent drop chance. Sandora stands as a location of Bazooka. The use of this gun may result in the explosion damage of 15 bases.

In addition to this as seen in the movies, the player faces a slight back pressure while using the gun. In order to purchase Bazooka, the player must reach the level of 50+. While having an idea to get this the buyer should consider the benefits gained and the losses in getting it. This might be useful in deciding the purchase of Bazooka.

The main advantages of this drops are it is flexible for both pros as well as lite players to farm wood planks and it is a well-rated weapon for all beginners. This means the freshers of this weapon don’t face a huge hurdle in handling this. While considering the disadvantage of Bazooka it lets out very little damage than what has been naturally expected and takes about a much longer time in reloading the riffle.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility of some negativity happening at that time. One important fact to be noted about this gun is that it is shown in all old demo videos and stands first in the list of transferring weapons to the game. The result of using the gun changes upon the user’s haki level and lets out different damage.

Metal Jaw

Grand Piece Online Metal Jaw

It is an accessory that covers up the jaw part of the player and it is been obtained by finishing the life of Axe Hand Logan who resides in Shell’s town this metal jaw will give the player +25 HP, and it has a drop chance of 25 percent. It is astonishingly covering part of the face with pleasing color in Grand Piece Online Boss Drops.

Buggy’s Cape

Grand Piece Online Buggies Cape

Grand Piece Online Boss Drops describes Buggy’s Cape as a back accessory that is been colored with orange shade on centers and green edges at hands with white smooth material at the corners. Buggy’s Cape has been dropped by Start Clown which has a drop chance of 10 percent.

This drop has been marked at an orange town which added up to +50 HP. This also has the same level requirement 50+. The other notable fact to be considered in Buggy’s Cape as Grand Piece Online Boss Drops is that it is the first cape that has been included in the game.


Grand Piece Online Kiribachi

Can you guess what type of weapon is this? A traditionally used one. Yes, it is a sword. This drop has been credited as the first sword with special skills in the game. An uncommon sword having a 5 percent drop chance is Kiribachi in Grand Piece Online Boss Drops. This had been dropped by Saw Shark that has the location of Arlong Park.

The requirement for this drop is quite high when compared to the above four. The player should have completed at least 80+ trade levels in the game as its benefit has serious effects. It has M1 damage of 8 bases. There are also many keys to be concentrated on this drop as a movie set.

This should be gone through the player thoroughly as it explains its key features. Firstly the movie name Kiribachi Frenzy has a keybind as E with 50 sword mastery requirements on stamina. The detailed description of the frenzy move is that there is a spin move of multi-hitting with long-range and also deals with half of the player’s M1.

Next move set, Keybinded R, with Kiribachi Smash as a move name on the requirement of 65 sword mastery. It also has stamina and the description of A block-breaking small- AoE ground slam. Faces M1 DMG on its twice. Apart from these, there are also negatives and positives to be taken care of.

The advantage is as it has a fast block breaker move and frenzy signs out non- blocking enemies. The disadvantage to being seen here will be having a slow M2 swing speed and Mid M1 DMG. Having all these points in mind the player has to choose this Kiribachi drop. Finally, this is the weapon that is taken by Dungeons as a result of Frenzy’s stun.

Gorilla King Crown

Grand Piece Online Gorilla King Crown

It is a different type of crown that has been dropped by Gorilla king in Grand Piece Online Boss Drops. This accessory sets location on Sphinx Island which has a drop chance of 5 percent.

The credit of this is giving 1+ HP regen. This connects with defeating the gorilla king on the planned basis with M1 and certain steps to be followed as having a least of 80-90 defense.

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