Zoom Out In Minecraft Map Easily [PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch]

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The vision to zoom out map in Minecraft will help you explore directions to complete a specific task. Maps assist us in visualizing various items, crafting, updating, or even breeding processes. We choose to make our fantasy world as per our ideas. Hence, you need to make or explore maps according to your requirement.

You must deal with the game’s setting to fetch the procedure for zooming the map. It may appear slightly different in different platforms as Minecraft supports numerous mediums. Here we have all the descriptive ways for PC, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo Switch to examine how to zoom out map in Minecraft, including the setting of various platforms.

Zoom Out Settings In PC

Zoom out in Minecraft map easily

Field of view

It considers the foremost and most basic procedure to zoom out the available map in the game.

  • Click on the Escape tab during the game.
  • Open the Options menu.
  • Select the option “FOV,” and then you can drag the slider to the left for zooming in the map and drag it right to zoom out the map.
  • This procedure doesn’t require any Mods.

Optifine Mod

This procedure to zoom out the map includes Mods.

  • Move to the Optifine.net option and click on the download tab to download the version compatible with your Minecraft version, then tab to the option of “Show all versions.”
  • The system will prompt from installing if it doesn’t have Java SE installation.
  • Then install the Optifine file that was downloaded and launch Minecraft.
  • Click on the ” Latest Release box” next to the play button and assure “Optifine” emerges in the menu. (Drop down list)
  • Chose optifine and confirmation of green tick, said it was selected in-game.
  • Click the play button and hold the “C” button to zoom out or in the map.


The last method to zoom out map is by using Spyglass in Minecraft 1.17. It will allow you to craft in-game objects to zoom out or in. With the help of amethyst and two cooper bars, you can prepare the spyglass on the crafting table.

Zooming Procedure On Other Platforms

PlayStation Four

zoom out in PS

This platform doesn’t consist of user-friendly zoom out or in features, but this setting allows you to access it.

  • Between both analog sticks, press the PlayStation button.
  • Move to the setting menu> Accessibility> Zoom option and then tab to the box to activate the zooming option.
  • Now, close the menu option.

Note: Hold the Square button and PlayStation button together to zoom in on the map, tab the circle button for cancelation, and zoom out the map. Lastly, direction buttons is used to pan the surface of the screen.  

Xbox One

This platform has the feature of “Magnifier,” which acts as a universal tool for zooming out all the games. Therefore, these steps will allow you to access the magnifier feature to zoom out map in Xbox one.

  • Tab to the Xbox logo bar till it triggers vibration while in-game.
  • You will view the magnifier option on the lower right of the screen. For selecting the magnifier, feature click on the button along with two controller boxes.
  • Then click on the “Yes” option for confirmation.
  • Hold the left trigger to zoom in on the map and the right trigger to zoom out the map.
  • After that, tab to Xbox button two times for enabling magnifiers features in the game.
  • You can disable the features by clicking the Xbox button two times again.
  • You are permitted to use the right analog sticks to pan the screen’s surface.

Nintendo Switch

zoom out Nintendo switch

It contains the features to activate the zoom-in process in minecraft.

  • Initially, open the setting option and choose “System“.
  • Scroll down the list select the zoom option.
  • Then, exit the menu bar and launch Minecraft.
  • Click the home button twice to activate the zoom feature in-game on the controller.
  • Use the analog stick to modify the view field.
  • Now, hold Y for zoom out and X for zoom in on the map.
  • Confirming the green tick on the right side of the screen allows us to monitor the zooming features.
  • Lastly, tab to the home button twice again for deactivation.

Therefore, we have the feature to zoom out in Minecraft as this feature allows you to view the clear image of the game with a single touch.

Steps to locate a zoomed map

  • Firstly put the map on the top of the crafting square in the cartography table.
  • Then, place the portion of the paper in the square area below the map.
  • Release the new map from the result box and put it into the inventory of Minecraft.
  • Repeat the procedure. If you want to zoom out and in more, you can do it four times.

Hence, it completes all the necessary steps to zoom out the map. It will help you to visualize or explore the map in easier patterns.


Will zoom out fix the screen cut issue?

No, scaling the map will not fix the screen cut issue of your game. To set the screen cut issue, you need to check and apply the compatible screen resolution for your game from the game display settings.

How to change the view in Minecraft PC?

To change the game view you can try it by pressing F5 or fn+F5 on your keyboard. If you press it once, the view is transferred to the back and pressing again will bring the front view and for the third time it will change to first-person view.

Is Spyglass software version specific?

Yes, the version’s compatibility is to be selected while downloading and installing the Spyglass software. Always try to get the latest software as it will be an optimized version for your game to work lag-free.

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