Updated Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets List

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets List

The highly famous Roblox game Pet Simulator X allows you to garner a lot of coins you probably would have already spent in real life. But the game is not just about collecting coins, it includes even more stuff! Players can also collect diamonds to buy themselves different types of eggs that will eventually hatch into amazing yet ferocious creatures.

For instance, players will be able to get Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets like dog, cat, bunny, white bunny, or dalmatian from a Cracked Egg worth 300 coins or a Spotted Egg can hatch cow, piggy, chicken, chick, noob. A Wood Egg worth 4,500 coins can hatch a lamb, bear, fox, monkey, and corgi while a Grass Egg worth 12,000 coins can help you with a squirrel, black bear, raccoon, parrot, or tiger.

A Beachball Egg worth 35,000 coins can help you hatch a turtle, blue fish, green fish, goldfish, hydra while the Coconut Egg worth 110,000 coins can help you hatch an ugly ducking flamingo, ducky, shark, or Kraken. Similarly, a Rock Egg will get you a gecko, elephant, happy rock, or griffin.

This is still not where the list ends and if you can’t contain your excitement with just them, prepare to get your mind blown with Exclusive Pets that will probably burn a hole in your virtual gaming pocket. Read on to find out the complete list along with the number of gems that you will have to sweat to acquire them!

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets: Complete List

The pets in the list are arranged into three different sections based on the amount of Gems players from the Big Games Discord Server clamoring to buy it for. There are pets available under a whopping 50 Billion Gems, 25 Billion Gems, and 5 Billion Gems.

BIG Games Simulators ensure that they release new pets every season and also are consistent with their updates which makes this game even more enjoyable.

Extremely Exclusive Pets Club

Welcome to the Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets Club List. It includes –

  • Huge Santa Paws: 200 Billion Gems
  • Huge Cat: 200 Billion Gems
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat: 200 Billion Gems
  • Huge Festive Cat: 200 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Astra: 60 Billion Gems

1. Huge Santa Paws

Huge Santa Paws

Hatched from an Insane Christmas Egg, the Huge Santa Paws is an extremely Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet. It has a 0.5% base chance of hatching and with an Enchantment of Best Friend (Unique) the Huge Santa Paws will always stick with you no matter how tough things get.

Exactly as the enchantment suggests, this pet will remain your best friend till the very end. Not a bad company for the rest of your life, eh?

The Huge Santa Paws is just a bigger version of Santa Paws and was the fifth Huge Pet to be introduced in Pet Simulator X. It can be acquired with the help of Robux and after the Huge Pegasus, the Huge Santa Paws is the second rarest Huge Pet in the game.

2. Huge Cat

Huge Cat

The Huge Cat can be obtained by Merch Code. It can only be redeemed by The Cat Plushie’s Code found on the tag of it and available on the Big Games Official Shop website. While redeeming players will have a 1% chance to obtain a rainbow version of the Huge Cat.

This Huge Cat also has a Best Friend (Unique) which will make them stay with you forever. Like the term suggests, the Huge Cat will be standing strong by your side as your best pet. The Strength V enchantment on the other hand will let your pet wreck havoc and do damage on a grander scale.

It will let them do a hundred times more damage. Not just the enchantments, the Huge Cat is the Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet that could be purchased with real money.

3. Huge Pumpkin Cat

Huge Pumpkin Cat

The Huge Pumpkin Cat is an extremely exclusive pet that can be hatched from a Cursed Egg. The Huge Pumpkin Cat has an estimated 0.0000002% chance of hatching and is the first Exclusive Pet that can be obtained by hatching an egg.

It is also the rarest pet in-game with the lowest chance of hatching. The Huge Pumpkin Cat can be re-enchanted too. It is probably also the only pet in the Cursed Egg that will not be able to be obtained from the Eerie Egg.

4. Huge Festive Cat

Huge Festive Cat

The Huge Festive Cat is a Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet and can be obtained from the Egg of Many Gifts and Insane Christmas Egg. The Huge Festive Cat also has a Best Friend (Unique) enchantment which will make sure that it stands strong beside you.

The Huge Festive Cat also has approximately 0.000008% Base Chance and a ~5% Insane Christmas Egg chance. The Huge Festive Cat is the second exclusive pet that can be hatched from an egg. Not only is it a re-model of the Huge Cat, but it is also a huge version of the Festive Cat.

5. Dominus Astra

 Dominus Astra

The Dominus Astra is an exclusive pet that first made its the appearance on Pet Simulator X’s release and could easily be bought from the Exclusive Shop in exchange of 5,000 Robux. Based on a Roblox Hat, the Dominus Astra was amongst the first set of exclusives in the Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet Shop right alongside Doge and Chest Mimic.

The Dominus Astra was also the first Tier 3 Exclusive Pet in-game. Initially, the Dominus Astra used to cost players 2,500 Robux but now it can be purchased for 5,000 Robux.

The Under 50 Billion Gems Club Exclusive Pets List

The Chest Mimic has 37B value in gems just like Dominus Darkwing. The Galaxy Pegasus has 44B value in gems while the Nebula Dragon has 45B value in gems. The Empyrian Agony has a 44B value in gems just like the Galaxy Pegasus while the Domortuus Astra has a 43B value in gems.

The Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet – Galaxy Dragon has a 38B value in gems when on the other hand Storm Wolf has a 48B value in gems. The Dominus Astra has a 60B value in gems while the Blue Big Mascot has a 37B value in gems.

The RB Signature Big Maskot has a 35B value in gems while the Storm Dragon has 42B. The Og Doge, Electric Slime, Wicked Angelus, and the Sapphire Phoenix have 38B and 26B respectively.

The Under 25 Billion Gems Club Exclusive Pets List

The Under 25 Billion Club Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets includes Hell Chest Mimic which has a 31B value in gems. On the other hand, we have Guest Noob with 37B value in gems and Sock Monkey with (again) 31B value in gems. The Mushroom King has a 36B value in gems while the Nyan Cat has a 28B value in gems.

The Noobortuus has a 32B value in gems with the Sad Cat at 27B. The Blob Fish has an 18.5B value in gems while the Sock Corgi has a 12.5B value in gems. The Stacked Doge Noob, the Sock Cat, and the Punkey have a 20B, 11B, and 8.5B value in gems respectively.

The Under 5 Billion Gems Club Exclusive Pets

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet Blobstein has a 10B value in gems just like the Lava Scorpion. The Grumpy Cat has a 17B value in gems. The Pterodactyl on the other hand has 19.5B value in gems.

The Yee-Haw Cat has a 6.5B value in gems while the Sea Dragon has a 5B value in gems. Last but not the least, the Otter has a 2.5B value in gems.

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