[Answered] Should I Play the Witcher 2 Before 3?

Should I Play the Witcher 2 Before 3

Many players starting to play Witcher 3 has a question in mind, Should they play Witcher 2 before 3? As Witcher has presented themselves as a franchise rather than just gaming series. With TV series, Novels, and gaming series in the line, the story itself is incredible. CD Projekt Red did an awesome job in developing Witcher 3 (not like Cyberpunk 2077).

TLDR: Should you Play Witcher 2 Before 3? No. CD Projekt Red did a great job in making Witcher 3 a standalone game. Witcher 3 itself can also yield an adequate understanding of the storyline. But if don’t want to miss any sidelines and minute details in the game, I recommend you to read the novel once. If not, playing Witcher 2 before 3 would be sufficient.

What is the Witcher?

Some people recognize ‘the Witcher’ from Netflix’s drama series, while some from the good old series of books written by the Polish Autor Andrzej Sapkowski. On the other hand, Gamers relate it to a role-playing action game that was released in 2007.

CD Projekt Red has done an excellent job in transforming the Witchers is a role-playing action game. All three games are based on the novel series of ‘The Witcher.’ The plot of the games follows the events taking place in mainland Saga. Set back in the medical fantasy world, the story follows the protagonist Geralt Rivia. He is a magically enhanced monster hunter who possesses supernatural abilities. Thus the name ‘the Witcher.’

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Witcher 1 gameplay

The game begins with Geralt of Rivia, who is found unconscious. He endures from amnesia and thus is unable to remember anything from the past. Over a period of time, he gradually learns that he is a Renowned Witcher and that he has many friends and enemies. Now the players, in the role of the Geralt of Rivia, will redefine the past relationships of him and choose a path that surrounds him.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Witcher 2 gameplay

The successor of the last part, ‘The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf,’ the second part is more complex with additional powers and abilities of the Geralt and new traps and weapons. In this part, King Foltest gives the Geralt of Rivia the primary responsibility to guard him all the time. The Geralt is now the personal bodyguard of the king. The king is engaged in a battle with his mistress’s troops, the Baroness Mary Lousia La Valette, with whom the king has a secret Relationship.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The story officially starts with the Geralt in a guest room at Kaer Morhen, the old keep, where the witchers used to be trained. After the sudden and terrifying appearance of the Wild Hunt, one learns that all these events took place in the dreams of the Geralt at Kaer Morhen. After discussing his dream with Vesemir, they resume their tracking of Yennefir’s disappearance. Yennefir is the long-lost lover of Geralt who is missing since the last battle in White Orchard. The opening cutscene depicts Geralt and Vesemir tracking down Yennefer. Gerald now has to face this challenge with renewed abilities.

The Witcher Novelties

The polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel series ‘The Witcher’ revolves around a particular witcher, ‘The Geralt of Rivia.’ He has successfully managed to hold the readers’ attention throughout the six books in the series. The series started with the ‘Sword of destiny’ that was published in 1992. Over 20 years, five other books followed, where ‘Seasons of storms’ was the last book in the series published in the year 2013. The novels are listed below:

  1. Sword of Destiny (1992)
  2. The last wish (1993)
  3. Blood of Elves (1994)
  4. Time of contempt (1995)
  5. Baptism of Fire(1996)
  6. The tower of the Shallow (1997)
  7. Lady of the lake (1998)
  8. Seasons of the storm (2013)

The novel series revolves around sci-fi characters called witchers.

The Witchers are the best hunters who develop supernatural abilities at a very young age to battle the beasts and hunt down the monsters. The stories are set in an unnamed continent dated back several thousand years ago.

Should I play Witcher 2 before 3?

Witcher 2 Before 3

The answer is NO. It is not compulsory to play witcher 1 or witcher 2 to enjoy the third part, ‘The Witcher 3: Wild hunt.’ The first two games have a very little connection with the third part.

CD project has done an amazing job of giving players the necessary information of the storyline through dialogues and gameplay. There is no unnecessary dumping of information that may bore the players. The players can read the summary of the first two parts to understand the third part better.

A few gamers recommend playing the first two parts because they thoroughly enjoyed it. The first two games give basic information about the characters, whereas the third game is where the real Geralt is in action. The Wild Hunt is one masterpiece. The game has immersive open-world references with adventure and characters full of life.

Witchers 1 is just a timing-focused point and click attacks, whereas witchers 2 is more up-to-date with modern action games. Witchers 3 has spectacular graphics and a datalog that gives reference to the games history.


A few FAQs regarding the Witcher video game series are answered below:

Why is it important to play Witcher 2 before 3?

It is not mandatory to play the witcher 2 before 3, but they are interconnected. Playing Witcher 2 first will give a clear idea about the third part. But then again, one can also read the summaries and directly dive into the third part.

Is it necessary to read novels before playing Witcher 3?

It is not mandatory to read the novels before playing the video game. However, it is recommended to read them because it completely changes the game. You will be more eager to watch and control the characters you love in the game. If one doesn’t want to read all the books, the last book, ‘seasons of Storms,’ will be enough to experience everything.

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