Termination Phase Trophy Achievement (Freeing Hostages) Guide – Far Cry 6

Termination Phase Trophy Guide

The Far Cry 6 Termination Phase Trophy will include a lot of running, hopping and hounding. But what’s life without adventure right? Far Cry 6 Termination Phase Trophy requires you to free 30 hostages during a Lola’s Informants challenge in any special operation [Bronze]. Far Cry 6 has a lot of online and offline trophies for players.

Players can go on about it in whatever way they like, which is to say, there is no specific order which you should follow. Read on to find out all about the Far Cry 6 Termination Phase Trophy!

Far Cry 6 Termination Phase Trophy

Players need only 65% game completion to embark on this journey. You don’t need to go through every side quest or clear every military target to win trophies. You can find a bunch of trophies online but these games will only require you to play with another human player while the rest of them can be played solo in Spec Ops mode.

The game also supports a crossplay between PS4 and PS5. You can start with Special Operations from the quest board at 3 main camps – Madrugada, Valle De Oro, and El Este. Speak to Lola in the main bases.

Termination Phase Trophy Location

The game is available online but can be played solo too. At Mastery Level 1 of Mesozoico in Monetero Farm, you will find hostages starting to spawn across the whole map. The hostages also spawn at other levels like Mastery Level 2 and 3 but to get the trophy faster, we advise you to play Mastery Level 1.

Termination Phase Trophy Walkthrough 1

You will be indicated about the tied-up people by a red glowing flare. The locations of these tied-up people will keep changing throughout the game per each try so make sure you keep looking at the sky for a flare-like indication.

The locations are strewn across the map quite randomly but will be fairly easy to find. Once you’ve spotted them, go closer. When you reach them you will be shown a popup on the left side of the screen with “Lola’s Informants Operation Nearby” on it.

Termination Phase Trophy Walkthrough 2

Now you have to kill the enemies around them and untie the hostages. Make sure you kill the special units before they kill you while freeing the hostages. Restart the Operation and keep repeating the same thing over and over.

Termination Phase Trophy Walkthrough 3

You do not need to finish the mission, it will still count after you are done with the hostages and have restarted the game. To restart the game you can press the Options button and then the System one. Now press the Restart Special Operation button.

Termination Phase Trophy Walkthrough 4

To get the trophy you need 30 hostage rescues and in every operation, 3 hostages are spawned. So, you need to do this operation at least 10 times to get this trophy.

The whole restarting thing wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Players can keep repeating the process at least 10 times (best case scenario) to make the trophy theirs.

Players of Far Cry: New Dawn might already be familiar with the missions that take place outside of the map. In the Far Cry 6 Termination Phase Trophy players have to take items from their enemies and bring it back.

The Termination Phase Trophy will keep you hooked into it regardless!

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