Outdated Tech Trophy Guide – Far Cry 6

Outdated Tech Trophy Guide

The Outdated Tech Trophy requires you to buy the “Techmaster Band” wrist gear, which can only be acquired by upgrading the “Bandidos Barracks” camp facility to Level 3. The Techmaster Band has an ability called security expert, which enables you to sabotage the alarms.

This can be done by holding the triangle or the Y button of the Techmaster Band while equipping it on your wrist.

How to Get the Techmaster Band?


To upgrade the Bandidos Barrack camp facility to level 3, you need to head to the Patriotas Peak Guerrilla camp in Sierra Perdida of the El Este, the eastern region of Yarabi.

The camp location is indicated with a blue house or campsite mark on the map. On reaching the location through the map, you will be reaching in front of a construction desk.

There you will find a Foreman with whom you need to talk to upgrade the Bandidos Barrack in Far Cry 6.

Upon Interaction, the two camp locations, which are the Bandidos Barrack and Hunter’s lodge of the Guerrilla camp, will appear on the screen.

There click on the third button with a bonfire symbol present on the right of the Bandidos Barrack. This button will take you to upgrade the Bandidos Barrack.

Upon clicking the button, you will be taken to the Bandidos Barrack campsite, where you can interact with the Bandido recruiters or the civilians there with the help of the Bandidos recruiters tool.

After reaching there, talk to one of the Bandido Recruiter in a clothing shop. There you can purchase the Techmaster Band, which will have the sabotage skill. This Techmaster Band will cost you 1100 Yaran pesos.

Yaran Marine Maintainance: The Outdated Tech Trophy Location


After buying Techmaster Band, equip it on before heading to the FND base in the Yaran Marine Maintainance Military Target, present in Noventaramas.


The location of the FND base is shown on the map with a red circle kind of mark.


Upon reaching the Yaran Marine military Maintenance FND base, Follow the FND location mark and damage the camera.

You also have to be safe from the guards there and might have to kill some guards to keep yourself safe.


You will find an alarm you need to sabotage by holding long to the triangle button that appears on the screen. By doing this, you will have two chances before the alarm goes off again.


On your way to the FND base, you will find a Maintainance room key around it. Get the key and head to the deck of the maintenance room. You will find another security control alarm that you need to sabotage by holding long onto the triangle button on the screen.


Then try to grab the attention of the nearby enemy and attract them to use the alarm. When the enemy attempts to use the alarm, an explosion will occur there.

This explosion will cause the death of that enemy and will earn you your awaited Outdated Tech Trophy of Far Cry 6.

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