All 19 Rooster Locations in Far Cry 6 (Recrooster Trophy)

All Rooster Locations in Far Cry 6

The game Far Cry 6 is the first-person adventure shooter-based genre format published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Toronto. It is a release for the platform PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox series, Microsoft window, and amazon Luna on October 7, 2021. This game describes different locations for a distinct area that help players to participate.

Rooster Locations have the predefined spots in the game used for cockfighting pools located in the Madrugada range in the main camp of Montero farm. They were used initially for attacks and dodging different roosters, as every rooster is responsible for cockfighting.

You can find a list of predefined roosters and their location that help you to find the hint in the cockfighting ring.

What are Roosters in Far Cry 6?

Roosters are not noticeable on the world map, but you will receive more than 300 credits of far cry on the definite island if you connect via the online area.

Roosters are somewhere visible in minimap through the white color icon in the wooden crates. Players can also put tracks on each rooster and their location.

There are 19 roosters, and after unlocking them, players can receive achievements and a Recrooster Trophy.

The pack of collection only received 13 roosters to gain the award, and 6 roosters were rewarded from Ubisoft connection because they do not need to receive achievements or trophies. Here are all the rooster locations distinguished by their range map details.

Far Cry 6 All Rooster Locations

Following are all the Rooter Locations in the game along with their Map Zones –

1. La Bestia Blanca – Esperanza (North Range)

It was the only rooster of this range. It is located inside the residences of Casas Del Lodo’s lodgings in the area of Esperanza.

Its Portion is somewhere visible in the “The last one to leave.” Treasure hunt as players must proceed in the house with the roosters only.

2. El Huevo – El Este (East Range)

It was the first rooster of this range that is situated near the cliffside in Mirador cape where the offices of the local La Joya PDP spot.

Players must move forward in the building towards the enemy either they shoot off the fenced portion lock or climbing with the roof’s help by using the hook on the building sides.

3. El Gallo Magnifico – El Este (East Range)

It was the second rooster of this range. The rooster is automatically gathering during the story of Yaran, i.e., “Everything to lose.”.

It was collected inside the quest to give you the command to take the key from the house surrounded by roosters. The key is to unlock the door to obtain the rooster.

4. Hermoso – El Este (East Range)

It was the third rooster of this range. It helps players to find the pens from the western fields of the savannah in Bonilla farm.

5. La Bala Da Plata – El Este (East Range)

It was the last rooster of this range. The rooster was under the domain of watchful eye located in Reinaldo Vacia coast near the Alvarez farm.

It is placed on the back of the cart, fully covered and blended with plant leaves that make it difficult to visualize.

6. Papacito – Valle De Oro (Central Range)

It was the first rooster of this range and found in the national zoo of Castillo under the thatched roof near the location of a chicken coop.

7. El Pico – Valle De Oro (Central Range)

It was the second rooster of this range and found near the dead pig in the yard located near the blue house. The exact location of the yard was the Yara botanical garden in the south farm of chickens.

8. El Fenix – Valle De Oro (Central Range)

It was the third rooster of this range and found in the gated community towards the west side of the Muertr point under the enclosed shelter.

9. La Muerte Negra – Valle De Oro (Central Range)

It was the last rooster of this range and found in range pens near the outskirts area of Segunda on the western side.

10. El Rato – Madrugada (West Range)

It was the first rooster of this range and located in the main camp of Madrugada range of Montero farm, where the rooster is actually near the cockfighting ring kept in the chest.

The standard part is the cockfighting guy himself guides you to pick up the rooster from the trunk if you communicate.

11. El Dorado – Madrugada (West Range)

It was the second rooster of this range. It is collected either after the Yara story or during the procedure of the story “Spur of the moment.” The person standing on the cockfighting ring accepts the rooster quest, then it allows players to proceed towards the secret bunkers where the lying chest has the rooster in it.

The bunkers demand open if the players accept the story of “Spur of the moment,” which will remain unclosed after that moment. It will create difficulties to enter the bunker entrance if the player doesn’t have the quest, as, without investigation, the key wouldn’t reproduce on the entry point.

Altogether, the process is inconvenient to find the rooster, but the player should focus on the rooster’s sound.

12. Acero – Madrugada (West Range)

It was the third rooster of this range and found towards the east of Verdera town. It was lying on the thatched-roof shack lying towards the outskirts of eastern side Verdera.

13. El Aguila – Madrugada (West Range)

It was the last region of this range and found in Serpentino park on the cliffside of Magote near the Cortina river.

It is located on the peak of the Costa del mar mountain, and players must reach there with the help of a wingsuit or fly up with a helicopter. Otherwise, you can grapple up from the right side of the road.

Rewards from online Ubisoft connection

Yara’s Avian Mercenaries Roosters

Far Cry 6 Far Cry 6 Yara's avian mercenaries

All the last left six roosters have been segregated under this section and were rewarded to the players by Ubisoft connection. It facilitates players to play online with the Ubisoft account link details. The best part is that these roosters are not encouraging for the achievements or Recrooster trophy.

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