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Overwatch Tier List | Best Heroes Of Overwatch To Rank Up Faster [2020]

Overwatch is an ultimate game with several heroes to choose from and decide what role you will play in your team. This game has 32 heroes, each having different abilities and firepower. Currently, there are three types of classes in Overwatch, namely Damage, Tank, and Support. Damage is meant to deal damage to the opponent players. At the same time, Tank and Support heroes help the team in gaining the territory and healing the allies, respectively.

In this post, I’ve made an Overwatch Tier List, which will help you to determine the strong heroes and weak heroes in the game. This list will play an essential role in understanding the current meta and counter it even if you face S Tier heroes. I’ve tried my best to match the meta and deduce the overwatch tier list. But as Overwatch releases nerf and updates every month, it’s hard to come up with an ever-lasting meta.

Every one in Overwatch has got their favorite hero you like to play every time. I remember my favorite hero was McCree, with his whooping pistol, I would dominate the entire team. But sometimes, as meta develops, I remember McCree was no longer a top hero after the nerf. These balance changes change the meta all the time. Patches are based on the hero’s pick rate, that means if players absurdly avoid some hero, the developers would buff the hero hoping it would increase its pick rate.

How Do I Comeup With Overwatch Tier List?

Overwatch Tier List

Firstly, I did some analysis on the current meta and pick rates of the champions. Then checked the corresponding win rates of those heroes. Some of the heroes require intense team play and some heroes are good on their own. Taking this into consideration, I’ve made a perfect Overwatch Tier List after the update of September in Overwatch. In this update, many top tier heroes got nerfed, and mid-tier heroes got buff. Acknowledging these new updates, I’ve finally prepared by Overwatch Tier List.

This list contains five tiers, namely, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. Among these tiers, S Tier is the most robust Tier, whereas D Tier is the weakest Tier.

Although Overwatch Tier List is one thing, you might face some opponents who are one-trick in specific heroes and wreck you in-game. All these factors are taken into consideration while making this list. I hope this list will make you a better player in Overwatch.

Overwatch Tier List

Following is the list of the tier list with all the champions –

TierHero NameClass/RolePick RateWin Rate
S Tier/Tier 1ZaryaTank9.4%55.8%
A Tier/Tier 2Wrecking BallTank5.1%53.9%
Soldier: 76Damage1.1%55.65%
B Tier/Tier 3MoiraSupport3.2%51.45%
D. VaTank3.55%53.8%
C Tier/Tier 4DoomfistDamage1.5%56.7%
D Tier/Tier 5JunkratDamage1.1%55.3%

S Tier or Tier 1 in Overwatch Tier List

Heroes in this tier are most capable of making a win plays. These players are sorted according to their win rates and pick rates. Both of these factors affect a lot in deciding the Overwatch tier list.

ana overwatch


Zarya with her powerful barriers and massive canon can withstand a lot of damage and also help the team to make some space. Particle cannon along with Graviton Surge makes her extremely powerful and can provide a time for the team’s DPS to attack them.


Ana is without a doubt S Tier hero in Overwatch Tier List. With her biotic rifle and biotic grenades, she can instantly heal the allies and improve the combat of them. With a nano boost, she can easily get rid of flanks and survive further.


Mercy is top tier support which is easy to master. With the Caduceus Staff, she can heal the allies who are low on their health. With the resurrect ultimate, she can instantly bring back dead allies to life with full heath.


Roadhog is very easy to play tank with an ability to pull an enemy closer. With this Chain Hook and good communication, he can grab the running enemies and kill them so that they won’t survive.


Winston is a strong tank with medium level difficulty. Although, he’s a little tricky to play once, learned he can easily kill the enemies and harass them. The main role of the tank players is to provide a space for the DPS to do their thing. Winston does this perfectly.

A Tier or Tier 2 Overwatch Tier List

wrecking ball overwatch

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a robotic tank that rolls across the battlefield. Using the quad cannons and rolling technique he can disturb the whole enemy team balance. If the enemy doesn’t have any stun capabilities, then Wrecking Ball can absolutely destroy it.


Widowmaker is a damaged hero with an auto sniper. The main requirement for this hero to perform is your aim. If you have a very good aim, then Widowmaker is a perfect choice for you. Also, with Venom Mine, she can take care of the flanks easily.


Tracer is a sci-fi hero who specializes in pulse pistols. These pistols deal insane damage is used properly. Tracer can also be used to blink from one position to another position which is very useful to flank the enemies.


Ashe is very powerful since she was released. The whole cowboy update was a boon to all damage players. With insane destructive shotguns, you can kill the enemies and dominate them using Dynamite.


Lucio is a powerful support if you use it properly. The only problem in playing Lucio is that lack of movement abilities. This can provide a window for the flanks and can get to you easily. Despite lacking movement ability, he is pretty strong support with all of his abilities dedicated to healing.


McCree is a cowboy with a revolver. This revolver does insane damage to enemies in both close range and large range. You might have already seen some of the great ultimate plays using McCree. Other than this he also has a flashbang to his aid if something terrible happens.


Echo is very powerful from her release. Even after the nerf, I can easily recommend her to be A Tier capable. With the ability to fly and use the sticky bombs together with it, can create a great AoE destruction in the capture area.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is a StarWars type hero where he uses his pulse rifle to shoot the enemies. Along with Heavy Pulse Rifle, Helix Rockets can deal with insane damage in a single burst. This burst is the main reason, for Solder: 76 to be in A Tier in Overwatch Tier List.

B Tier or Tier 3 Overwatch Tier List

Genji overwatch


Moira with her biotic abilities can heal the allies in a great way. With Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orb, she can heal the allies in both a singular manner or in AoE. With the encounter of flanks, Fade can be used to teleport to a short distance. With the nerfs, she is still strong to be in B Tier.


Reinhardt is a tank with a hammer and powered armor. The Barrier Field can help the team to push through the choke areas without taking any damage. With the hammer, he can do a good amount of damage. But as he can only use on the closed range, Reinhardt is just to be good to be in B Tier.


Genji is a fast-paced character with both close range and medium-range combat capabilities. With the Shuriken and Deflect, he can easily slaughter the enemies by flanking them. By using Swift Strike you can dash through the enemies by dealing with some damage. As he is very powerful, he can be easily countered using stuns.


Zenyatta is hard to master hero. He can call the orbs of harmony and discord to heal the teammates. He has got powerful abilities to heal the allies but the lack of movement severely brings him down to B Tier in Overwatch Tier List.

D. Va

DVa is a robotic tank controlled by a girl. This tank can be extremely fast and can auto fire without the need to reload. With the boosters and Defence Matrix, he can get to rare positions and provide great support for the team.

C Tier or Tier 4 Overwatch Tier List

pharah Overwatch


Doomfist is extremely difficult to play the hero. With the ability to move fast and only deal with damage to close-ranged opponents, he can be a bit tricky to play. But situationally Doomfist can be useful and can deal a lot of damage. But if you are not used to playing Doomfist, then picking him will be a great liability for you.


Sombra is a difficult damage player. Using her stealth and debilitating attacks you can make good flank plays but at a high level, you will get easily countered. Also, the damage output is not that high to make big plays.


Torbjorn is a slow damage character with his hammer and rivet gun. You can use Torbjorn to kill the low-rank players but in higher ranks, it’s just a waste to pick him.


Pharah is a flying damage hero. By using Jump Jet and Rocket Launcher, she can deal good damage to the opponents. But the probability to miss the rockets is too high especially if you are not used to playing Pharah. A good Pharah can deserve B Tier in Overwatch Tier List but as this list is intended for new players, Pharah is not a good choice to start with.


Reaper is a duelist with two shotguns in his both hands. These guns deal with a good damage to a certain range. Being a damaged hero, the abilities don’t help him to deal with good damage. Shadow Step and Wraith Form both the abilities are escape abilities. That’s why Reaper got a spot in C Tier in Overwatch Tier List.


Hanzo is difficult to play hero for new players. With the arrows, he can deal good damage, but you have to aim precisely to hit the enemies. With Lunge and Storm of Arrows, he can easily take care of flanks. If mastered Hanzo definitely deserves B Tier. But as of now, I’ll keep him in C Tier in the Overwatch Tier List.

D Tier or Tier 5 Overwatch Tier List

mei overwatch


Junkrat is totally AoE damage hero. All of his abilities deal with the areal effect. With this known, the enemies can easily change the strategy and attack from different directions to counter Junkrat. He is a good hero to take care of flanks but he’s just not that good to kill the enemies.


Brigitte, with her Repair Packs, can heal the teammates in the surrounding area. The main reason to keep her in D Tier in Overwatch Tier List is that the other supports have a direct option to heal the allies, whereas Birgitte has to deal with damage to heal the allies. This way, you cannot heal and damage at the same point.


Sigma is an astrophysicist with his hyperspheres to damage the enemies. With a good amount of health, he can deal great damage but as a tank, he lacks the ability to protect himself. If you are used to playing Sigma then he might be of B/C Tier but if you are a new player, it will be just disheartening to play this hero.


Baptiste is a support with a bunch of biotic weapons. The reason to keep Baptiste in D Tier in Overwatch Tier List is that he only has 1 useful ability ie Biotic Launcher. All of the abilities are very hard to use and can be used situationally only.


Mei is a slow-paced damage champ who can slow down the enemies and freeze them. Mei can be used with the team to stun the enemies but as of the solo playing, Mei is probably the worst hero. All abilities focussed on freezing just makes her more vulnerable.


Bastion is a robotic hero who can transform between stationary Assault and devastating Tank. Despite having large firepower, you can be easily killed if you are stationary in Overwatch. Overwatch is all about movements and dodging the attacks. That is the main reason why Bastion is in D Tier.


Orisa is a four-legged robotic hero who can deal a good amount of damage by using her cannon. But the downside of this is when you are using cannon the movement speed is extremely reduced making you vulnerable.


Symmetra has received a huge rework in the past updates, trying to make her strong. But this isn’t the case, the hero’s abilities are just not competitively viable and can be easily countered. Also, with the other 15 damage heroes, her damaging abilities and movements are inferior to many of them. This is the reason to keep her in D Tier in Overwatch Tier List.

Final Words

Making an Overwatch Tier List is a very intrinsic job where everyone will have their own opinions on each of the heroes. This list was made to make new players aware of the meta and play accordingly. It’s also true that you can master C Tier heroes and kill the S Tier heroes with them, but it all words situationally. This tier list is made using win rates and picks rates to show you the current meta in Overwatch.

Which if your fovorite Overwatch hero?
Let me know in the comments.

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