Roblox Prison Life: A Complete Guide To Escape Prison [2024]

roblox prison life

Roblox is a platform that contains millions of games to play with. Most of these games are very unique and fun to play as well. With such a big number of games in Roblox, there are a handful of good games that are really worth playing like Prison Life, Island Royale, Rise of Nations, Breaking Point, etc. In this post, we’ll find out all escape routes from prison and also some glitches.

Roblox Prison Life is a role play game in which you can be a prisoner of a guard. This game has a big play area and multiple ways for prisoners to escape. If you are a Prisoner, then your role is to escape prison. There are numerous ways to escape prison, which we’ll discuss later in the post. If you are a guard, then your job is to catch the escaping prisoners and return then to jail.

What exactly is Roblox Prison Life?

Roblox Prison Life is a simulator game in which you have to escape the prison if you are a prisoner. Prison Life was created in February 2014 and has over 1.6 Billion visits until now. Only 24 players can make up a prison, but since there are multiple prison instances in the game, you can join any cases where there is an empty slot to enter.

Roblox prison life

Prison Life is even more fun with friends. You can work together with your friends to escape from prison!

Roles in Roblox Prison Life

prison life roles

As of now, there are only three roles which you can play in Roblox Prison Life; Prisoner, Guard, or Criminal. Each of these roles has different objectives to do and can be enjoyed equally. At the start of the game, there is an option to become a Prisoner or a Guard. But to become a criminal you have to successfully escape the prison first.


prison life prisoner

The prisoner is a role in which you boot up the game in the prison. Then the next task is to escape the prison using various tools. There are many different tools spawned in the prison. These tools can be used to dig up the path or do some other things which can create a path for escape.


prison life guard

Guards are very powerful roles in Roblox Prison Life. They have the pistols, shotguns, handcuffs, and tasers to stop all the prisoners from escaping. The main task assigned to them is to stop all the prisoners from escaping. They can only kill the escaping prison, if they killed any innocent prisoner then that prisoner will respawn in the prison.


prison life criminal

Criminals are undoubtedly an exciting role in this Roblox Prison Life. When prisoners escape, they turn into criminals. Just outside the prison, there is a hideout of criminals which contains shotguns and AK-47. By gaining access to these weapons, criminals can attack the prison guards and kill them. But if a criminal is caught, then he will be in prison again.

Ways to escape from Roblox Prison Life

There are multiple ways to escape from the Roblox Prison Life 2.02 version. Using standard escape methods or glitches, you can run the prison.

As of now there are three known ways to escape from prisons. They are as follows –

Using Sewers

Using sewers to escape prison is very satisfying to work. It reminds me of good old Prison Break when Micheal Scofield escapes the prisons by traveling from sewers. To escape from the prison using sewers –

Wait for the free-time for all prisoners. Free-time is a time where prisoners are allowed to roam in the garden outside for fresh air.

There are several tools in this garden which can be used in escaping. Now, go to the wooden bench.

roblox prison life hammer

There is a hammer place on it. Please pick it up and store it in your inventory.

We’ll use this hammer to go inside the sewer.

Nextly, go inside the prison cells and stand next to the toilet.

prison life hammer

Now pick out your hammer and start smashing the toilet. After 10-15 hits, the bathroom will break, and there will be a secret passage to go inside the sewers.

prison life sewer

Now, press C to crouch and go inside the sewer. At the end of the sewer, there is a ladder to the outer fence of the prison.

escape prison roblox prison life

Now climb up the ladder and start running towards the large ladder on the prison wall. Beware of the guards who are patrolling in that area.

After climbing this ladder, you’ll successfully escape the prison.

Using Knife and Keycard

You can also use a knife and keycard to escape from the prison in Prison Life. Although this method involves violence, it doesn’t matter because you are prisoners 😛

To escape from the using knife and a keycard –

Wait for the prisoner’s free-time. Now go to the square tables just outside the doors and sit on them.

Now move your camera angle to below, so that you can view a knife attached to its bottom side.

prison life knife

Pick up the knife and kill a guard. There is a 10-15% chance of dropping a key card after killing a guard. Continue this until you get a key card.

After getting a keycard, go inside the lobby and open the doors using keycards and get inside of it.

doors prison life

Now pass 3-4 similar doors using the keycard before getting out of the prison.

Using Cafeteria

This escape way was recently added in Roblox Prison Life. This way includes vents from the kitchen. To escape from vents –

  1. Get inside the kitchen in Cafeteria. There are many ovens and other utilities there.
  2. Head over to the left-most oven.
  3. Now adjust your camera so that you can view the top above your head. There is an exhaust hood.
  4. You can climb on that exhaust hood and get inside the vent.
  5. Once inside, you can travel through it to get out of the main building.
  6. Now lastly, jump off the wall of the prison to escape it.

Some glitches in Roblox Prison Life

Although it’s well a managed game, it still has many glitches. These glitches can get you stuck in an object or often help you in the escape of prison. Due to the bugs in the R6 model, these glitches are very hard to fix and can appear in any other game. Roblox Prison Life’s developers have already fixed some of the bugs.

Corner Glitch: This glitch is used to get inside an inaccessible object like closed-door, walls, and towers.

Gun Glitch: This glitch is caused by the low tick rate of the Roblox. If you get arrested and click a gun at the perfect time, you can get a gun just by crouching and standing up.

Car Glitch: This glitch is observed in all the games containing cars. If you go in a straight line with a car and jump out, your car will now stop. It will keep going forward forever.

Armory Glitch: This glitch can help you to escape from the prison easily. There is a gap on the SWAT side of the Armory which leads outside of the prison. This gap is enough for all the characters to fit in and pass through.

Hammer & Knife Glitch: Earlier, there was a time limit on the spawning of Hammer and Knife in the yard. But some update removed that time limit completely and made Hammer and Knife always available in the yard.

Final Words

Roblox Prison Life is very fun to play the game. If you love playing role-play games, then I’ll recommend you to try this game. With friends, this game can even be more fun. You can team up together and plan on an ultimate escape plan.

Which escape plan did you like the most?
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