Roblox Dungeon Quest: Spells, Weapons, Cosmetics, and Codes [2024]

Roblox dungeon quest

Roblox has bloomed a lot in the past five years. Thousands of games in one place made Roblox famous. Users were tired of installing thousands of different games and their separate setups. On the other side, Roblox provided thousands of games that are equally fun to play as well as they all are kids friendly.

Some of the popular games in Roblox are Dungeon Quest, Island Royale, Prison Life, Breaking Point, Rise of Nations, and many more. These games are of different genres, and still, you can easily play them in a single click. This is what made Roblox big!

Roblox Dungeon Quest is a Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (RPG) where players can play in various dungeons with their friends. There are many items in-game which make it enjoyable. Over 1.1 billion visits in just two years, this game is one of the most famous games in Roblox.

What is Roblox Dungeon Quest?

Roblox dungeon quests

Roblox Dungeon Quest is a classic RPG game. In this game, many players play together to pass through various dungeons. These dungeons are of different levels. Currently, there are 11 levels of difficulty in Dungeons Quest. This game has more than 1 Billion views and 1.3 Million favorites. Its no wonder why this game is this big!

What is Gear in Roblox Dungeon Quest?

Gear is an item that you can equip on your character/player. These gears provide you with sure buffs that can be very helpful against some enemies. These buffs can increase your attack damage, defense strength, or movement speed. Currently, there are four types of gears in Roblox Dungeon Quest –


Weapons are items used to attack the enemies and kill them. There are many different kinds of weapons and each has its own advantages against certain enemies. Additionally, you can get a legendary weapon that can be very lethal for your enemies. But getting a legendary weapon is very difficult because of its rarity.


Spells can be used in your battles to enhance your fighting capabilities or cause some disruptions in enemy fighting skills. You can use spells to heal a player, deal damage to enemies, increase movement speed, or to neutralize the attacks of your enemies.


Helmets are required by the players to decrease the damage taken by the enemies. These helmets can also have some buffs that can help you in fighting certain kinds of enemies.


Armors are the items that you equip to increase your strength or gain some health. Armors can also improve your base health to a certain extend. These armors have different kinds of rarity and are very important for your survival in Roblox Dungeon Quest.

Game Mechanics in Roblox Dungeon Quest

There are many different mechanics in the game. Understanding each mechanics is very important because not only it will help you but it can save unnecessary efforts.


Every player has a level in Roblox Dungeon Quest. You gain level points by fighting enemies and completing the dungeon quests. Also, many dungeon quests require a certain amount of level. So make sure you increase your level by grinding small stuff.


Upgrades are the system that helps you to enhance the power of your weapon or spells. You can do these upgrades with the help of Blacksmith only. These upgrades definitely help you in surviving.


Cosmetics are items that can be used to decorate your loadout. These cosmetics are purchasable using Robux and can also be obtained by completing objectives.


Classes are the type of your player. Currently, there are four types of classes inDungeon Quest, namely, Warrior, Mage, Tank, and Healer. If you are going on a quest, then it is recommended that you have a balance of all the classes to look out for each other.


Trading is a tool in which you can exchange items with other players. Trading is very helpful if you want to give items to your friend.


The currency used in Dungeon Quest is Gold. You can earn gold by completing the quests or by selling items from your inventory. You can do a proper upgrade using gold.

Player Stats

Player Stats is a mechanic that allows you to observe the players in the server. You can view your own stats as well as other player’s stats in the top right corner.

Dungeons in Roblox Dungeon Quests

Dungeons are the main game activities of the game. These dungeons have quests which you need to complete. During this quest, you might encounter some enemies and bosses. Currently, there are 11 levels these dungeons –

Desert Temple

desert temple Roblox dungeon quest

Desert Temple is the first and easiest level in Roblox Dungeon Quest. This dungeon is a maze-like dungeon with mobs every corner. During your journey in Desert Temple, you will get to fight with Sand Peasants and Sand Giant. These enemies are sand-like mobs that attack through the melee.

Winter Outpost

dungeon quest winter outpost

Winter Outpost is a second dungeon right after Desert Temple in Dungeon Quest. Just as Desert Temple has sand mobs, Winter Outpost has Frost enemies namely, Frost Minions, Frost Wizards, Ice Minion, and Ice Elemental. This dungeon has an icy environment.

Pirate Island

dungeon quests pirate island

Pirate Island is the third dungeon after Winter Outpost. The mobs in these dungeons are Pirate Savages and Pirate Riflemen. There are also three mini-bosses in this dungeon namely, Spider Queen, Demonic Pirate Captain, and Captain Blackbeard. This dungeon reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean’s story!

King’s Castle

Roblox dungeon quest kings castle

King’s Castle is the fourth dungeon in Dungeon Quest. Released in April 2019, this dungeon has three types of mobs and three types of bosses.


  • King’s Guard
  • Elementalist
  • Hitman


  • Beast Master
  • Arch-Mage
  • The King

The King being the final boss, this dungeon is very enjoyable and has a good flow.

The Underworld

dungeon quest underworld

The Underworld is the fifth dungeon in Roblox Dungeon Quest. This dungeon is based on the Underworld biome of Minecraft. With similar mobs and bosses.


  • Demon Warrior
  • Dark Mage
  • Elder Dark Mage
  • Blood Minions


  • Demonic Overgrowth
  • Kolvumar
  • Demon Lord Azrallik

Samurai Palace

Roblox dungeon quest samurai palace

Samurai Palace is the sixth dungeon in Dungeon Quest. This quest is samurai themed and has swordsman as mobs. The attacks from these swordsmen are lethal. Its recommended that you use ranged weapons against these mobs.


  • Samurai Swordsman
  • Shuriken Thrower
  • Elite Swordsman
  • Ultimate Swordsman


  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Ancient Golem Guardian
  • Miyamoto Musashi

The Canals

dungeon quest canals

The Canals is the seventh dungeon in Roblox Dungeon Quest. This dungeon features some powerful enemies as well as bosses. There is are multiple platforms surrounding these canals on which you have to fight mobs.


  • Bodyguards
  • Dark Magician
  • Unknown Minion


  • Mage Overlord
  • Guardian Overlord
  • Warrior Overlord

Ghastly Harbor

Roblox dungeon quests ghastly harbors

Ghastly Harbor is the eighth dungeon in the game. This dungeon features a harbor port where multiple mobs fight with you. The final boss in this dungeon is Sea Serpent. This massive creature does a lot of damage and has a lot of health. So beware while fighting with it.


  • Raider
  • Harpoon Gunner
  • Burly Enforcer
  • Cannon Crab


  • The Kraken
  • Corrupt Overlord
  • Sea Serpent

Steampunk Sewers

dungeon quest steampunk sewers

Steampunk Sewers is the 9th dungeon in the game and was released in October 2019. Steampunk Sewers has several different bots. Some of these bots have melee attacks while some others have ranged attacks. The best spell to use in this dungeon is stun spells.


  • Fighter Bot
  • Cog Shooter
  • Hammer Bot
  • Spinner Bot


  • Cyclops Siege Bot
  • Evil Scientist
  • Cannon Blaster 2000

Orbital Outpost

dungeon quest orbital outpost

Orbital Outpost is the tenth dungeon in the game. This dungeon was released in January 2020 and features some of the most difficult bosses in the game. The mobs in Orbital Outpost are all sci-fi enemies with invisible characters.


  • Hologram Assassin
  • Hologram Warrior
  • Scout Drone
  • Electric Tower


  • The Destroyer
  • Tesla Master
  • Lord Varosh

Volcanic Chambers

dungeon quests volcanic chambers

Volcanic Chambers is the last dungeon in Roblox Dungeon Quest. This dungeon was released recently in July 2020. The legendary drop from this dungeon is Sychte and Daggers. The Lava King is the main boss in this dungeon.


  • Aggressive Lava Walker
  • Explosive Lava Walker
  • Artillery Lava Walker


  • Ancient Lava Mage
  • Deity of The Volcano
  • Lava King

Codes in Roblox Dungeon Quest

Currently, there are no active codes available in-game. Once the developers add codes support in-game, I’ll post it here. Check out the Roblox Game Codes page to get a list of all game codes.

Final Words

Roblox Dungeon Quest is a good RPG game that consists of four different classes. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. You can team up with your friends to fill up the classes and defeat all the powerful bosses!

Which dungeon did you enjoy the most in Dungeon Quest?
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