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rise of nations roblox

Roblox is a platform where you can create games or play any games. Released in 2006, Roblox has over 150M+ new users every month. This huge success can be incorporated into their uniqueness in designing the platform. A platform that contains thousands of games in one place would always be easier the users.

Rise of Nations Roblox is a strategy game in which you start with any one nation. Then you have to conquer the other countries or form the alliance and start expanding. It is a strategic game in which you have to maintain your balance between offense and defense. This unique gameplay style is very mindblowing as well as fun to play.

rise of nations roblox

Roblox is a platform where remakes of many games are made to play in Roblox SDK. Rise of Nation is also made on Roblox which is similar to the original game.

What exactly is Rise Of Nations Roblox?

Rise of Nations is a strategic game in which you are spawned with your own country. The objective is to conquer other countries. This can be achieved in many ways, attacking solo, forming an alliance with a stronger country, and then attacking or just betraying your own alliance. You have your own set of the army which can be used for multiple purposes which I’ll discuss later in the post.

In this game, it’s very important to deduce a strategy that can infiltrate the enemy’s weakness. This way you can capture them and expand your territory, As it’s important to attack other nations, it’s equally important to defend your nation as well. Because many of the players try to conquer the small nations in order to grow at first.

Which Country should I choose in Rise of Nations Roblox?

It’s not unfair like some other games, where you can just win by getting good spawn. In Rise of Nations, you can win by starting with any country if your good at deducing the proper tactics. But some countries are good to start because the borders can be helpful as well as harmful. So, if you have any friend who is already playing the game, you can select a country with a border to your friends country. This will make sure that someone will not attack you from one side.

select country rise of nations roblox

Building alliances are very helpful in this game. You can form an alliance with your friends to boost up the speed of conquering.

Managing Money in Rise of Nations Roblox

In strategic games, money is an essential factor for your growth. A good economy will help you to grow faster and maintain your nation correctly. You can trade resources, create new army tanks, buildings, and some other structures.

Always create a good economy in Rise of Nations Roblox. So what do I mean by creating a good economy? If your income is greater than your spending then your economy can be said to be a good one.

Having a bad economy can be very harmful to this game. If some nation declares a war on you during that situation you cannot defend your nation properly because you don’t have enough resources to withstand the attack.

Followings are some ways to increase your income in Rise of Nations Roblox –


Taxes can be a great source of income in RON. The more cities you own more is your taxes earnings.


You can earn money by conquering some other nation and them demanding the war preparations. These war preparations can be requested concerning maintain further peace.


Doing Research can help you to earn more money. You can research two things. Firstly, you can research the tax tree to increase the amount you get from taxes. Secondly, you can research expense tree, this will reduce the expenses you are doing currently.

Maake other country your puppet

In Rise of Nations Roblox, there is an option to make some nation your puppet after a war. You are making some other country your puppet that’ll give you a portion of their income to you. Making puppets is the same as forming alliances. You’ll get some money from your puppet in this case.


You can change your taxation laws. If you have minimum taxes then, your country will have a high stability because the people will love the government. If you maximize the taxes, then the people will just hate the country for its tax laws. Find a proper balance between these two to increase your income as well as maintain the stability.

Seizing Treasury

Seizing some nation’s treasury will give you 75% of the nation’s money instantly. This way you can target rich countries to get more value out of the fight you’ll have with them.

Doing trades

You can trade with other countries for certain materials and resources. Many nations require some resources which can be a good opportunity for you to make money.

How should I build my Roads in Rise of Nations Roblox?

Roads are a great feature in the Rise of Nations Roblox game. They can be useful to you as well as harmful to you. You can build routes between the cities to reduce the travel time. But the downside of this is if your enemy is attacking you, they can use roads to capture your towns.

Make sure to destroy your roads when someone declares a war on you.

rise of nations roads

Making Allies in Rise of Nations Roblox

You can have diplomatic relations with other nations in Rise of Nations. This diplomacy can help you to grow further and reduce the risk of getting attacked. Although it’s not sure that your allies will never attack you for time being you can consider it as a good agreement. You can form allies with friends so that you guys together can conquer any nation and grow faster.

rise of nations allies

How to declare war in Rise of Nations Roblox

To expand further you can declare war on your surrounding nations to capture them. If you are sufficient on your economy and have built a set of the proper army, then you can attack and nation in the vicinity. You have to become big as soon as possible because all the big nations are already trying to become big, which in turn will capture you someday if you’re not powerful enough. To declare a war on other nation –

  1. Declare a war on other nations
  2. March your army to the border connecting with the nation
  3. Now line up your army along the width of the border. Now set them into the auto-capture mode. They’ll attack and capture automatically.
  4. The auto-capture system will form a unit and attack on the nearest city of the nation. If the city contains more than 20000 guard units, you should withdraw immediately or it’ll be your loss.
  5. You’ll soon receive a notification if your troops successfully capture the country you attacked. There will be an option to send two terms, Annex Cities or Seize State Treasury or Conquest. Select any option according to your need.

Make sure you attack the rich countries to get more money from them. But be careful, rich countries might be more powerful than they seem.

Strategy in Rise of Nations Roblox

There are several different strategies in Rise of Nations Roblox. These strategies help you to execute your plan of action and respond accordingly if something troublesome happens.

Blitzkrieg Strategy

Blitzkrieg is a strategy where you quickly attack a nation and capture it instantly. This sudden move surprises the enemy and can often lead to several mistakes. But if you don’t execute this strategy properly then, you might end up being the loser.

blitzkrieg rise of nations

To execute the strategy, you need to form a unit in the border of your country and the other nation. Use tanks to deal with greater damage in a small time. With great power, you can easily conquer a city if your enemy is unaware of your presence. Now, declare a war on the nation and start attacking immediately. Select multiple units to auto-capture mode. This will capture the cities automatically.

During the war start capturing the cities, one by one before the enemy brings in any support. Do fast because the main purpose of this strategy is to not give your enemy a chance to react.

You can read more on Blitzkrieg strategy here.

Anti-Blitzkrieg Strategy

There are many ways to counter the Blitzkrieg strategy in Rise of Nations Roblox. These are the following ways to counter the strategy –

Always watch out your surroundings because many nations will first align their troops in the border before attacking. This will make sure you are aware of the fact that this enemy might attack.

Keep your cities well populated. This will make sure that your cities buy enough time to bring in the army to defend.

Seek help from your allies. Your allies can help you by attacking back the opponent of just support you in the fight. This can prove very useful in such scenarios. That’s why you should always form allies.

Anti-tank infantry: You can increase the talent of your infantry by researching. This can make your infantry stronger against tanks. Since tanks are the most important part of this strategy, you can create its counter by creating anti-tank infantry.

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Final Words

Rise of Nations is a pretty enjoyable game in Roblox. This game helps you to increase your strategic mindset and economy management. Moreover, this game can help you to develop cognitive skills. In short, Rise of Nations Roblox is an awesome strategic game!

Which strategy did you like the most in Rise of Nations Roblox?
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