Breaking Point Roblox Guide: 11 Tips And Tricks To Secure A Victory

breaking point roblox

Roblox has over 1M+ games over its platform. Released in 2006, this platform has provided an opportunity for the players to create games and play the games. This extraordinary freedom has allowed many developers to come together and create awesome games over this platform.

Breaking Point Roblox is one of the awesome games in Roblox. Breaking point is a multiplayer game where players sit in a table and can play multiple game modes. The main objective of this game is to kill everyone and be the last man standing. This unique game concept has made its way into the Roblox community and received an immense response from them. This game has over 500M+ visits till now.

What exactly is Breaking Point Roblox?

breaking point roblox

Breaking Point Roblox is a game where you play with multiple people sitting on a table. To win this game, you have to kill all of them and be the last man standing. This game has many different game modes, namely, Russian Roulette, Who Did It, Duel Vote, Kill Row, Hot Potato, and many more.

This game is developed by the Paradox group and has over 500M+ visits until now. Paradox released this game in August 2017. A maximum of 16 players can play this game at once.

Tips in Breaking Point Roblox –

The following tips are inspired by a YouTuber named zluq who has won more than 1000 games in Breaking Point Roblox. The tips are as follows –

Tip 1: Try To Engage With The Players (Who Did It)

Who Did It is a game mode in which there is a murderer who has to kill when the light goes off. Then the other players have to guess the murderer and vote kill him. Here in this game more, if you are a murderer then try to engage with other players that will reduce the suspicion on you. If you are a murderer –

bad business voting roblox
  • Support other players thought. This will reduce the chance of getting caught.
  • Never hard accuse anyone. Hard accusing will help you in the current round but in the very next round, you’ll probably get vote kicked.
  • Never behave too dumb. Acting too dumb will create suspicion on you especially if other players are smart enough.
  • Kill the players who are accusing you. This will create chaos and you just have to blend with the other players now.
  • Start creating chaos and make yourself clean by supporting a dead player.

These tips will surely help you as a murderer in Who Did It game mode (Breaking Point Roblox).

Tip 2: Use Radio Gamepass

I know its a little cheating thing, but what you can do if given an option in Breaking Point Roblox’s Store . Use it to your advantage. Having a radio creates a barrier that protects you from one vote or one attack. Radio is extremely useful in scenarios where you have one more vote than other contenders or when you are the target of the murderer.

bad business radio

This Radio Game Pass item is available on store of the Roblox Library. Its price is 450 Robux.

Tip 3: Shoot in Secret

This is the most important tip in this game. You must always shoot when the lights are off. Shooting blatantly when lights are on will result in your loss. Other players will instantly kill you as soon as they see your gun.

bad business roblox shooting

Also, try to target the players who are teaming up. Teaming up in this game can be very dangerous for you because they can use the process of elimination to kill you in the second last round. This is the main reason why you should create chaos and kill people who are supporting each other in Breaking Point Roblox.

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Tip 4: Practice your knife shooting skills (Duck Duck Stab & Free For All)

Duck Duck Stab is a game mode in Breaking Point Roblox where you have to 1v1 other players by throwing a knife at them. This game mode is entirely skill-based and can be improved by practicing. The better your aim, the better are your chances of survival.

duck duck stab roblox

Moving backward and then throwing a knife will make your knife to go straight instead of spinning. This is an easy way to aim and shoot because your knife is not spinning.

You must practice these knife-throwing skills with your friends on a private server. If you’re already a good aimer, you just need to understand the mechanics of the knife movement. That’s it! Now, you have more chances to win in Duck Duck Go mode!

Tip 5: Decrease Your Reaction Time (Gunslinger)

Gunslinger is a game mode in Breaking Point Roblox which you have to 1v1 your opponent. This combat is based on old cowboy 1v1 combat mechanisms. You have to shoot your opponent as soon as the light color changes. That’s the main reason why you should have a better reaction timing.

You can test your reaction time – here

Gaming Reaction Time Average

Try to practice more and decrease your reaction time. The average reaction time of most of the players is about 250ms. Try to decrease it to 200ms, this will make sure you have an advantage over your opponent.

If you have a 144hz monitor, then it can improve your reaction time drastically. That’s, why I recommend you to go for a 144hz monitor.

Tip 6: Keep You Distance With Other Players (Kill Row)

Kill Row is a game mode where players are randomly chosen to fight. This game mode doesn’t allow you to return to your seat once started. That’s the reason why you should keep your distance from other players and try to aim for them. This will make sure you are harder to aim for others players playing in Breaking Point Roblox.

kill row distance

Kill Row will create large chaos within the players. Wait until there are 3-4 players left in the game. Then start taking action, you don’t have to do anything till then. Just maintain your distance with them.

Tip 7: Reduce Graphics Quality

I know that everyone enjoys a good looking graphical game but when it comes to performance, you should lower your graphics quality. This will increase your frame rate and help you in aiming.

Breaking Point Roblox has given you the option to reduce your graphic quality by going in settings.

reduce graphic quality bad business

Besides, reduced graphics can help you to visualize many players clearly. A higher graphic setting adds unnecessary distractions in your game. This will just create a disturbance and increase your chances of losing.

Tip 8: Fly on the chair (Free For All)

Flying on a chair is a technique that most of the players don’t know. This technique allows you to fly on the chair, this creates a harder target for other players. You can fly on a chair by clicking holding and jumping on the chair at the same time.

bad business roblox flying on chair

This powerful method allows you to fly high up on the chair.

Tip 9: Don’t use rebel or sway animations (Who Did It)

Rebel of sway animations is used to highlight your chairs when the light goes off. This thing can attract unwanted attention to you and can also help the murderer to target you.

These fancy chairs in Breaking Point Roblox often tempt you to use them. But trust me, It only creates you as a target for your opponents. I’ve used this chair much time and regretted it.

bad business rebel or sway animation

Since you are easily visible even in dark, most of the time the murderer will target you right away and this will reduce your chances of survival. That’s the reason why I don’t recommend you to use these animations.

Tip 10: Team up with experienced players (Duels)

Duels is a game mode in Breaking Point Roblox where two players have to fight when they get most of the votes. You can team up with a player who is experienced enough to protect you till the last.

This will reduce the scenarios where you have to do 1v2 in order to win. Doing 1v2 is the worst outcome you can experience and always try to avoid it.

Tip 11: Hider Outfit

This outfit gives you a significant amount of advantage to hide in the shadows and reduce the chances of getting spotted. This outfit is hated by the community because of its overpowered advantages. Breaking Point Roblox’s community has also formed many groups to report players using this outfit.

Although, the objective of these tips is to get you a win. If you want to win by using this outfit, you can give it a try.

This outfit will help you without a doubt.

Final Thoughts

Although I have stated 11 tips to win a game in Breaking Point Roblox, its not necessary that all of these tips will work the same way for everyone. Obviously, everyone will have a different experience and have different lobbies. So it’s kind of dependent on your opponents too.

But regardless, these tips are useful if you use them properly. You’ll eventually develop your own sets of patterns and tips that’ll help you to secure a win in Roblox.

If you have any other awesome trick to share with us, let us know in the comments.

Happy Gaming!

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