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ItsFunneh Roblox Legendary Top Videos

Roblox is a game where players create games for players. As a result of this, there are over millions of games in Roblox. Players can choose between these games to play with their friends. This freedom allows many content creators to participate and make videos. Roblox has some excellent content creators including YouTubers and Streamers.

ItsFunneh Roblox is a YouTuber from Canada. Her real name is Katherine, aka Kat. She’s just 24 years old, but have created a massive channel on Youtube. The channel has over 6 million subscribers and is growing at a faster rate ever since.

itsfunneh roblox with the crew (new york vlog)

In this post we’ll learn some backstory about ItsFunneh and her popular YouTube videos.

Who exactly is ItsFunneh Roblox?


ItsFunneh is a youtube channel name of a gamer girl whose name is Katherine. She has managed to create a big youtube channel with which receives over a million views every day. So you would wonder why is she famous in the Roblox community? The answer to this is very simple, she’s been the content creator of the Roblox game for the past 8 years and many of her videos have over 10 million views. The most popular video of ItsFunneh is –

This video is a simulator of a fairy high school in Roblox. With dorms and other interesting things, this video has managed to reach a record-breaking 32 million views in 3 years!

One more popular video of ItsFunneh Roblox –

This hilarious video has got 28 million views until now. The game Hole In The Wall is very famous and fun to play. This video features some mind-blowing failures in this game!

The Start Of ItsFunneh Roblox

Katherine aka Kat started her channel ItsFunneh in 2011. This channel has managed to get over 5 Billion total views. At starting, ItsFunneh created videos on Minecraft since Roblox was not that famous at that time. It was September 2016 when she first created a video on Roblox. This video gathered a lot of views and motivated her to keep going with Roblox videos. Here’s the first video which ItsFunneh Roblox uploaded –

This video is a compilation of trolls that targeted mean girls over Roblox. This video received 3.5 million views because of its hilarious content.

Some of the popular videos of ItsFunneh on Roblox –


This video is quite funny and has very unique animations. In this game, there are burgers, pizza slices, and many other edible items spawned on the ground you have to survive by eating them. The last person standing wins.

2. GETTING SUPER BUFF in Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator 3!

This video features a hilarious growth of ItsFunneh Roblox from a stick to the ultimate super buff. This video has over 20 million views!


This video starts with a stinky ItsFunneh who gets scolded by her friend 😛 Then they have a meal and have fun together later on.

4. Roblox Family – FUNNEH’S HUGE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE PARTY!! (Roblox Roleplay)

This is a hilarious video on an ItsFunneh’s birthday party and how it went from surprising to real surprising. The party was really good until ItsDraconiteDragon crashed with her birthday present 😛

5. The craziest elevator on Roblox!

This video has a crazy elevator that takes you new exciting floors to have fun. These funny games include basketball, pokemon duel, SpongeBob episode, and toilet simulator.


Granny is a horror game in which one random person will be given a granny’s role. Granny has to ensure that the children don’t escape from your house.

7. I’M THE QUEEN OF BEES in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator!

Bees Swarm Simulator is an exciting game where you have to select your hive and start making honey. There is a role of Queen Bee, and its very fun to play. This video also features some funny quests.

8. WE MUST SURVIVE! Roblox Natural Disaster Survival!

In this game, ItsFunneh Roblox and The Crew all try to survive the natural disasters in Roblox. This video has over 16 million views.


Murder Mystery 2 is a game where you have to identify the killer and win. If you are a killer, you have to kill everyone to win. ItsFunneh and The Crew has some hilarious discussions to find the traitor 😀


This video features a hilarious game of hamster simulation. This game has outfits even for hamsters 😛

Is ItsFunneh’s Videos Kid-Friendly?

Yes, ItsFunneh Roblox has only shared videos that can be watched by the kids. Apart from the minimal violence in Roblox, there is no other kind of toxicity in her videos. Her vlog and cooking videos are also kid-friendly. Some of the vlog videos are as follows –

New York’s VLOG

Seattle’s VLOG

Log Angeles’s VLOG

itsfunneh los angeles

Other Streamers in Roblox

Tofuu Roblox Videos

Final Words

ItsFunneh is a great youtube channel to follow if you love watching Roblox and Minecraft content. She shares videos almost every day and the videos are also very funny. The videos are mostly simulator videos or Roblox Family video series. Moreover, she also plays some other games like Among Us which is also one of the most loved games by the gaming community.

Which video of ItsFunneh Roblox did you liked the most?
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