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135 Roblox Hat IDs That’ll Make You Look Incredible

Roblox is an incredible game with more than millions of user-generated games. These games are available for all of the users playing Roblox. That’s why to maintain your image throughout the game; you have to equip an awesome avatar. If you don’t know, Avatar is your character model in Roblox. This model can be customized to look betters. Generally, five main parts of the avatar must be customized: hat, hairs, shirt, pants, and shoes. Moreover, there are many other customizable things which we’ll discuss later.

Roblox Hat IDs is a list of ID codes of Roblox Hat. ID is something used to locate specific items in the library. Currently, there are over millions of items in the library. As a result, it becomes challenging to find your desired Hat from this library. This is where ID comes into play; you can get the catalog page of a specific hat using the ID. In this post, I’ve made a list of hats that are most liked by the users.

What exactly is Roblox Hat ID?

Roblox Hat ID dominus praefectus

There are millions of items in Roblox Library, including hats, shirts, shoes, and hairs. It can become quite tedious to find the correct item without knowing which is original. There can be multiple items with the same name. That’s why ID is used to locate specific items correctly and instantly. To use the ID, you have to put the ID https://roblox.com/catalog/ID to get a specific item. After getting to the item’s catalog page, press the Buy/Get button to add it to your inventory. Then you can equip it by going into your inventory.

Using Roblox Hat IDs you can find a perfect hat for your avatar.

Note: Make sure you bookmark this page of Roblox Hat ID Codes to avoid researching in the future.

List of Roblox Hat IDs

Sr. No.ItemImageCost (Robux)FavoritesRoblox Hat ID/Code
1Holiday Crown50583K+139152472
2Roblox Baseball CapFree518K+607702162
3Valkyrie Helm89,998484K+1365767
4Butterfly Hat70455K+4849184439
5Shadowed Head50365K+4904654004
7Medieval Hood of MysteryFree332K+617605556
8Kitty Ears25324K+1374269
9Paper Hat30323K+10476359
10White Sparkle Time Fedora700,000301K+1016143686
11ROBLOX ‘R’ Baseball CapFree291K+417457461
12Obvious Spy Cap25283K+277857132
13Evil Side50259K+4753467054
14Ninja Mask of Shadows12214K+1309911
15Earring Hoops50212K+4300266038
16The Bluesteel Bathelm5522204K+1172161
17Bunny Scrunchie Headband100198K+4708259348
18Sparkling Shine50197K+4641935884
19Roblox Logo VisorFree193K+607700713
21Blue Butterflies50187K+4597874025
22Black Trendy Hat75187K+4904891637
23Black Headband80182K+4966418731
24Falling Blossoms60181K+4665773975
25Cartoony Bunny Ears50172K+4846286825
26Canadian Toque25169K+122277006
27Piggy Head75160K+4849262642
28Down to Earth HairFree160K+1772336109
30Red Roblox CapFree149K+48474313
31Stylish Cow Hat75148K+5063470721
32Lovely White Bow150146K+3875347091
33Punk Kid20142K+102619342
34Holiday Lights50135K+19112134
35Buddy’s Baseball Cap35131K+68259961
36Fuzzy Polar Bear Hood (ᵔᴥᵔ)150131K+4487776059
37Candy Corn Hat66130K+5700404819
38Roblox VisorFree139K+2646473721
39Spiked White Rose Crown65127K+4998742293
40Black Iron Branches300123K+1609402609
41Red Spikes of Victory150122K+74219283
42Dominus Empyreus11,000,000117K+21070012
43Cutesy Bear Hood60117K+5197156267
44Hungry Dino50116K+89615321
46Pink Gamer Headphones🌸75114K+4739159473
47Eastern Elf Ears50113K+4735630382
49Neon Blue Animal Hoodie100112K+273377471
50Noob Assist: S’mores Snacker899112K+904518348
51ReeseMcBlox’s Dealy Boppers75110K+10749254
52White Trendy Hat75107K+4904907858
53Red Animal Hoodie50106K+111902832
54Chill Cap600105K+321570512
55Dominus Aureus1,666,364104K+138932314
56Empyrean Reignment330102K+15967743
57Goblin Ears5099K+4623732543
58Diamond Stud Earrings7598K+4508445398
59Kuddle E. Koala53097K+44113968
60Ghostly Blossoms6096K+4670554264
61Italian Ski Cap33093K+1038669
62Soviet Ushanka70,00092K+46348897
63The Encierro CapFree92K+3403874988
64Stylish Cow Hat7592K+5135587515
65Sinister Branches1,64092K+71484026
66Fallen Halo10092K+3963930466
67Glorious Unicorn Headpiece15091K+1678362868
68Bunny Head7591K+5004388130
69Single Hanging Black Earring7590K+4440648072
70Galaxy Girl10090K+260369814
71Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat4,50090K+19027209
72Black Fur Cap2890K+21681881
73Gold Sparkling Halo5590K+4753287602
Cartoony Rainbow Antlers
75Void Antlers13388K+4753135168
76Panda Knit74986K+74174927
77Ultimate Victory12586K+91675439
78Blue Shark Hood12086K+4662413065
79Violet Valkyrie50,00086K+1402432199
80Ink Head5083K+5029255627
81Umbrella Hat5583K+10658698
82Strawberry Cow Hood7582K+5355719986
83Fuzzy Black Bear Hood (ᵔᴥᵔ)15082K+4503867199
84Goose Fur Hood Black9981K+4663197202
85Fox Ears5081K+102618663
86Mischief Horns33081K+15967797
87Unicorn Plushie Hat10079K+4646013889
88Biker Cap5079K+14462497
Noob Hat
91Cartoony Rainbow Head6578K+5231646851
92Dominus Frigidus20,000,00077K+48545806
93Pink Tye Dye Hat6576K+4904227849
94Luxury Stylish Hat7576K+5102415222
95Fluffy Heart Earrings in White6076K+4641693799
96Miss Misa5075K+4526337663
97Brilliant Moon and Stars10074K+259423752
98Zenith the Star⭐5074K+4580655175
99Cartoony Rainbow Halo5074K+5230690394
100Ramen Bowl1574K+19400471
101Horns of Conflict15073K+4735709880
102Pom poms5073K+4965403091
103The Classic ROBLOX Fedora81,99973K+1029025
106Kawaii Confetti7572K+5067732877
107Twisted Christmaz1072K+99855725
108Red Beanie & Blonde Hair71K+71K+221175236
109Dominus Praefectus193,50070K+527365852
110Bunny Beret25070K+3810243219
111Stitched Side6769K+4821009292
112Cauldron Bats7569K+4963859470
113Pirate Captain’s Hat2,00069K+1028859
11452 Pickup5269K+4904139820
115Black Ninja Headband of the Silent Sun10069K+11297708
116Purple Cat Ears Headphones50069K+244159564
117Mr. Robot3068K+16179349
118Blue Top Hat1,50068K+1016145591
119Spring Bunny Headband15068K+1536057124
120Dominus Infernus614,000,00068K+31101391
121Dark Floating Crown5067K+4602502982
122Pink Unicorn Headband5066K+3185834086
123Straw Hat9866K+1033722
124Super Beanie5066K+5063346490
125Astronaut Helmet2565K+1081366
126Spiked Dark Rose Crown6564K+5063543382
127Resting Sunglasses5064K+5136350369
128Flamingo Beanie5064K+4999695901
129Snow Leopard Fedora15062K+128159229
130Polar Bear Scrunchie Headband10062K+4771876283
131Tin Pot5062K+6837506
132Knit Animal Hood5062K+1229963633
133Furry Fox Cap1062K+391490061
134Soft Aesthetic Hat6562K+5033022878

How to equip Roblox Hat ID?

To equip the Roblox Hat ID you need to first copy the ID code and paste it in the catalog URL. This will open the page of hat. Now, Buy the hat if its paid or press the Get button if its free. After that move to your inventory and click on the hat that you recently added in the inventory. Now press the equip button to equip it.

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Final Words

There are many cosmetics available in Roblox Library to make your character look awesome. These hats can add up a good touch to your avatar. With the list of Roblox Hat IDs, you can easily get an awesome hat for your avatar. Depending on the price, you can choose a perfect hat that matches your profile.

Which Roblox Hat ID did you like the most?
Let me know in the comments.


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