The Lore of Overwatch Genji and Mercy’s Beautiful Relationship

Overwatch Genji and Mercy

Overwatch has 32 incredible heroes in which each hero has its own lore. With this lore, they are introduced to the Overwatch game. Released in 2016, Overwatch is a high-speed action game with multiple types of heroes to play with. These heroes have their own background stories describing their journey and origin. In Overwatch 2, these characters will develop more because of all story-based mode. In this post, I’ll share the chemistry of Genji and Mercy.

overwatch Genji and mercy

Overwatch Genji and Mercy are together called as Gency in Overwatch. “Gen” from Genji and “Cy” from Mercy. This unique duo has become famous in the Overwatch community as players love to play both heroes. It’s fascinating to read the story of your game characters, which you love to play. So let’s dive right into it!

Factions in Overwatch

Currently, the overwatch community is divided into two factions. One faction is called Canon, while another faction is Fanon. Both the factions share different views, but as the Canon faction is in the majority, generally, the stories released by the Fanon faction in ignored. Overwatch Icons also have useful information in deducing the factions. There are some good interpretations of both of these factions and are worth reading.

Canon is the faction that loves talking about Overwatch Genji and Mercy. This relationship is totally supported by this faction and has been growing since then. Over time, the players got more curious about the Overwatch Genji and mercy’s relationship due to the release of Overwatch’s voice lines.

On the other hand, Fanon is the faction that absolutely hates Gency. This faction is also called as “Anti-Gency” faction/community. Taken over Tumblr and Twitter, this faction hates that the relationship between Overwatch Genji and Mercy is not a proper one. There was a flood of posts on Twitter accusing Blizard of homophobia because of Genji’s voice lines.

Mercy’s Backstory

Mercy in Overwatch

Mercy, aka Dr. Angela Ziegler, is a support champion in Overwatch. She is a brilliant scientist who advanced technologies in medical science. She joined overwatch to start the research on healing technologies. Soon after, she became the head of medical research and developed medical techniques to cure injuries and illness. With her love for Swiss chocolate and the will to help, the others have made her one of the best supports in Overwatch.

When Overwatch was disbanded, she continued her task to heal the other injured players. She also developed a suit named Valkyrie, which she can use on the battlefields to heal the allies. With her biotic staff and biotic rifle, she is one of the promising heroes in Overwatch. Some of the Mercy skins have really good effects.

Genji’s Backstory

Genji Overwatch

Genji was a struggling cyborg who hated his augmented body. But finally, he accepted the augmented body moved on with it. He was the youngest son of Sojiro Shimada, who was the master of the Shimada ninja clan. While living his luxurious lifestyle, he was pursuing his ninja training. After the clan leader’s death, the clan elders told Hanzo (Genji’s older brother) to include Genji in maintaining the clan’s empire. As Genji refused this, Hanzo enraged and fought hard with Genji. This left Genji on the verge of death.

However, the Overwatch team recovered from Genji and got treatment from Dr. Angela Ziegler (Mercy). The overwatch offered him to rebuild his body in exchange for help against the Shimada clan. As he accepted the offer, he became one of the Overwatch members.

Overwatch Genji And Mercy Interactions

Overwatch Genji and mercy

The first interaction between Overwatch Genji and Mercy was when Hanzo’s fight heavily injured GenjiHanzo’s fight heavily injured Genji. He was then treated by Mercy and watched him recover. Meanwhile, Genji joined the Overwatch team against the Shimada clan, but it soon got disbanded. After leaving Overwatch, Genji met Zenyatta and started his training with him. At Christmas, during his training, he used to write letters to Mercy along with sparrow feathers. Mercy received all of these letters and read them in a cut scene.

In the storm rising event, Overwatch Genji and Mercy took part in the operation with Tracer. The main task of this objective was to comprehend Maximillien, which they did pretty easily. There was a cut scene in this operation where Mercy saved Genji from a huge explosion.

Overwatch Genji And Mercy Voice Lines

There are some pretty voice lines for both Overwatch Genji and Mercy. These voice lines are further categorized into small sections & only work when both the characters are present.


Mercy: “You seem well, Genji”
Genji: “I am a different man now. I am whole.”

Valentines Day

Mercy: “I got you some chocolates, Genji. Swiss, they’re the best.”
Genji: “Thank you, Angela. Perhaps you could share them with me?”

White Day

Genji: “Angela, I have some chocolates for you…. Not Swiss.”
Mercy: “*sigh* I suppose it will have to do. Thank you, Genji.”

Gency Artworks

There are many artworks released on Twitter regarding Gency. All of these artworks are user-generated.

Gency artwork
Gency artwork

Overwatch Genji and Mercy’s Fanon

Fanon is a group of players who totally harras the Overwatch for building such a relationship between these two heroes. Many players feel that Mercy being the doctor of Genji, it’s very inappropriate to develop a relationship between them. While some others believe that these characters are not meant to be heterosexual. Some of the popular posts regarding these topics are –

Overwatch Genji and Mercy's Fanon

Another post posted by palindromordnilap on tumblr –

Okay, I don’t play Overwatch but I still can’t stand Gency. Simply out of spite because my 13-year-old brother insists that “Mercy is useless unless you have a Genji on your team”.

This hate towards Gency is due to multiple reasons. Many kids are obsessed with playing Genji + Mercy combo every time, even if they play bad. Secondly, many players believe that developing relationships between these two fictional characters is not ethical. These reasons add up to the formation of the “Anti-Gency” group.

Overwatch Liao – A Diligent Founding Member Of The Game

Final Words

The chemistry of Overwatch Genji and Mercy is developed very well in Overwatch. But as every good thing has a criticism, this relationship is also prone to dumb accusations over Twitter and Tumblr regarding this. As new players come into Overwatch every month, they are eager to read this duo’s complete story. This post was all meant to provide a writeup on the interactions between these two heroes.

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