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Roblox is a platform where developers can quickly release games without any third parties intervention. Such flexibility allowed the developers to create exciting and distinctive games that players would enjoy playing. They have claimed that more than 100 million active players play the games with thousands of popular games. There are 50 million games released on Roblox with multiple genres and categories. All of these games are created by the community of players.

Roblox Game Codes are a special type of feature which allows the developers to distribute free items to players playing their game. This feature increases game developers’ engagement with their audience and increases the players’ playing force. So far, there are thousands of codes released for thousands of games. This post will mention all the active and expired codes for every possible game in Roblox.

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What is Roblox Game Codes?

In Roblox, every game creator has an inbuilt option to induce a feature called game codes. This feature allows the developers to distribute free items, gems, coins, weapons, skins, and guns to the players playing it. Almost every developer has programmed Roblox Game Codes to increase the player’s enjoyment and create a healthy environment in the game.

Roblox Game Codes are also used to connect with the players through social media platforms. Many developers create a system where they share the game codes on their social media to allow the players to follow them, and in turn, the players receive free items for it. This system helps both the developers and players playing the game.

Roblox Game Codes Dictionary:

There are thousands of popular games which players love to play. We are increasing our Roblox Game Codes database, which allows the new popular games to get mentioned on the platform. Following are the game codes for each game separated alphabetically –


2 Player Superhero Tycoon Codes: 2 Player Superhero Tycoon is a typical duo game where you have to dominate other players with your friend. This game’s main objective is to become the strongest person in the game. You can set up a trap for other players with multiple gears and kill them. Free Roblox Game Codes will always help you to gain coins and gems by which you can upgrade your equipment.


All-Star Tower Defense Codes: All-Star Tower defense is once a famous game on Roblox. The game focuses on building a defense system that can withstand the enemies’ raid. Every defense unit has a cool, unique ability, and they are upgradable as well. Moreover, you can team up with your friends and attack the infinity tower to be the strongest player in the game.

Arcade Empire Codes


Bakon Codes

Be Crushed By A Speeding Wall Codes: The game starts with the unique concept of earning points by dying. The dying process begins with the swift speeding wall that kills you as soon as it hits you. This game has over 400 Million visits till now and is playable with friends. The game codes provide you with free items and coins. As the game was released in 2016, the developers avoid updating the codes every time.

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes: Bee Swarm Simulator is a new trading game on Roblox. This game features a different concept where you can groom the bees and use them to extract the honey from them. With multiple decorations, trees, bears, and bees, you can harvest honey more efficiently. Moreover, by using the Roblox Game Codes, you can double the harvesting points.

Big Paintball Codes: Big Paintball is a typical shooter game like Arsenal. The only difference is that the guns in this game are more like toy guns that fire paintballs. The players who get tagged by the paintballs get eliminated. The killing streak and leveling up makes the players compete in the game.

Billionaire Simulator Codes: Billionaire Simulator is a typical farming game where you can develop your business. Each business will increase the cash flow in your pocket and cause you to grow exponentially. With pets and cosmetics, the game developers intend to make it a better place for everyone playing the game. Roblox Game Codes can provide free pets, skins, cosmetics, and rebirths to make you become the billionaire in the game.

Blox Fruits Codes: Blox Fruits is a famous game released in 2019. More than 800 million visits and thousands of daily players makes this game a perfect place for gamers. With increasing training, you become the better swordsman in the game every time you play. Using the 2x boosters from the codes, you can make a perfect balance between surviving and leveling up. Every hour, new fruits are spawned at new places. Collect them to become master of the Blox Fruits.

Boku No Roblox Remastered Codes

Boss Fighting Simulator Codes

Boxing Simulator Codes

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes: Bubble Gun Simulator is a unique game where players have to blow the giant bubble. Eggs, Pets, Events, Seasons, Shops, Potions, and Bubbles create a massive competition in making the best bubble in the game. All the Roblox Game Codes help you maintain your bubble and earn more coins in the game.

Build a Boat for Treasure Codes: Build a boat for Treasure is a relatively old Roblox game. In the game, you have to create a mighty ship to explore and adventure and collect golds on your way. This adventure comes with many enemies, treasures, and betrayals. Using Codes and royal membership, you can gain an edge over the health and gold bouses.

Business Simulator 2 Codes: Business Simulator 2 is similar to Billionaire Simulator. Develop your own offices and staff to increase your business income. Items like 2x boosts and extra income help you to level up further in the game. Roblox Game Codes allow you to gain such things. Expand your business in multiple cities and rule the world!


Car Dealership Tycoon Codes: Car Dealership Tycoon is a car trading game where you have to compete with other players to obtain better cars. All these cards and be used to race with others and explore new areas. Furthermore, you can paint and upgrade those cars to increase their stats. Codes will provide you with new vehicles/coins.

Case Clicker Codes: Case Clicker is a typical click grinding game. You have to click click to get money and be a millionaire in the game. These games are not played much by the players because they are easily hackable by using click scripts. Moreover, you can unlock cases to get hats, gears, faces, and other cosmetics.

Champion Simulator Codes: Champion Simulator is a game to make new champions. By training, you can increase your strength and other statistics to be a better champion. Simulator games are not like story mode games where you have to compete with other players but rather PVP games where you have to compete with other champions.

Coder Simulator 2 Codes: In Coder Simulator, you start your game with a computer from your garage and start making money from doing freelancing jobs. The game’s motive is to become a better coder by undertaking new contracts, hiring coders, and upgrading knowledge. Codes in this game grant you multiple XP bonuses and coins.

Corridor Of Hell Codes

Cursed Islands Codes: Cursed Islands is an exciting survival game where players have to survive various nature wraths and make their way to the top. The last person is standing alive wins in this game. These cursed disasters occur randomly on any island, and you have to create proper counters for them to survive.


Deathrun Codes: Deathrun is a typical Takeshi’s Castle game where the players have to run along with other players on some dangerous map. With tons of traps at every step, you need to have proper skills to avoid those. After finishing the obstacle course, the killer boss will appear to fight. This fight will ensure that you win the game or lose it.

Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes

Destruction Simulator Codes: The destruction Simulator is an open-world game with thousands of destructive items. These explosive items create a detonation, which causes destruction. The best player who detonates the giant explosion wins the game. Roblox Game Codes provide you with multiple bombs and coins, which you can use to purchase items.

Dragon Adventures Codes

Driving Simulator Codes


Elemental Power Simulator Codes: Elemental Power Simulator features four essential powers: Flame, Electricity, Ice, and Wind. The players have to master these powers to dominate other players. With new words and methods to train the powers, you can have a good time playing it. Roblox Game Codes are available only for group members and can redeem free items.

Esper Online Codes


Falling Color Block Codes

Fashion Famous Codes


Galaxy Codes: Galaxy game is similar to Evo Online game, where the players compete in an open-world space. The spaceships hold a major part in winning and losing the games. With weapons like laser beams and missiles, you can take down other spaceships and dominate the world of skies. The codes can provide you with spaceships and weapons.

Giant Simulator Codes: Giant Simulator is similar to different simulator ways. The only difference being that the game has other cosmetics, pets, and weapons to customize your characters. By becoming the most powerful champion in the game, you can kill every person in your sight. Moreover, there are some bosses in the game which you can defeat to level up.

Grand Piece Online Codes

Granny Codes: Granny is a famous escape game where a granny locks you up in the house, and you have to find your way out. With 600 million visits in this game, the players love to escape the house by finding secret ways. The developers add multiple escape ways and improvements to the game, making it even more thrilling.


Hide and Seek Extreme Codes

Hide and Seek Transform Codes

High School Codes


Ice Cream Simulator Codes: Ice Cream Simulator is a game where you have to gain scoops and build the tallest ice-cream in the game. 3 different areas, two new pets, and five new hats add a great touch to the game’s cosmetics. They have more than 35K+ followers on their Twitter handle, posting all the Codes for the game.

Ice Cream Van Simulator Codes


Jailbreak Codes: Jailbreak is a famous prison escape game where the players have to escape the police’s jail. There are three types of roles in the game: criminal, prisoner, and cop. With multiple ways of escaping the prison, you must trick the cops into making your way out. Roblox Game Codes provide an excellent opportunity for all players to free cash and other explosive items.


Kitty Codes


Little World Codes


Meep City Codes: Meep City is a game that rules the Roblox Games wall. With 8.5 Billion visits, the players love playing this game. Earn coins, customize your Meeps, and make your estate with the unique game engine. The developers are quite active over Twitter and share new Roblox Game Codes from time to time.

Mega Noob Simulator Codes

Mining Simulator Codes

Murder Mystery 2 Codes: MM2 is a famous game in Roblox where the players assemble to solve a murder mystery. Just like among us, there is one Murderer in your group who kills players during playtime. Carefully investigate the crime scenes and use your sherlock mind to deduce the Murderer. Along with the Murderer, the Sheriff’s role shoots the players to eliminate the Murderer.

My Hospital Codes

My Restaurant Codes


Ninja Legends Codes

Nuclear Plant Tycoon Codes: Another tycoon game where you have to build a massive nuclear tycoon to increase the funds. By cash, you can purchase weapons that can be used to fight with other players. Additionally, you have to maintain a proper balance in income and expenditure to grow.


One Punch Man Destiny Codes

Outlaster Codes: Outlaster is a famous survival game that begins on a stranded island/forest. The term Outlaster refers to the last man standing on the battleground. You have to compete with other players for power and survive to the next level. The Roblox Game Codes can also help you gain free cosmetics and different skins.


Pet Simulator Codes: Pets Simulator is a classic timepass game where you have to buy eggs, areas, and pets. Leveling up your pet is the basic objective in the game. To do so, you have to work with other players to complete missions. You can redeem free pets, eggs, and coins with the free Roblox Game Codes.

Piggy Codes: Piggy is a scary game in which the players have to escape the Piggy and win the game. With a sizeable trapped house, you have to deduce a proper way to get out using multiple tools. The game received a 7.2 billion view within nine months and grew exponentially. Codes allow the players to redeem free items and skins.

Pinewood Computer Core Codes: The game features a laboratory with multiple computers, trains, a rocket, and most importantly, a core. This code melts down if you successfully us a code on its panel. Although the code is not the same every time, once you get an idea of figuring it out, you can do it instantly.

Portal Rush Codes: Portal Rush is a classic traveling game where you have to avoid obstacles to win. With challenging obstacles and competing with your friend, you can unlock multiple gifts. Winter update has made this game more unique and fascinating. Using Roblox Game Codes, you get free trials, effects, and other skins.

Power Simulator Codes: Power Simulator is another simulator game where players demonstrate their powers. With the city in chaos, every player seeks to rule the world and achieve global dominion. Tokens allow the players to purchase new items and skins. With codes, you can quickly get free tokens and spins.

Project Pokemon Codes: Project Pokemon starts with a small room where you watch all the Pokemon battles. It’s the place where you learn to catching and practicing pokemon fights. Each time you interact with other players, you have a chance to fight against them. Using codes, you can gain extra damage and pokemon on your side.


Will be added soon. (Stay Tuned).


Reason 2 Die Codes: Reason 2 Die is a unique FPS shooter game where players have to fight with each other or bosses. Earlier, the game used to be a multiplayer PvP game. In January 2021, the developers released a unique group playing mode. This mode focuses on fighting against big bosses together with your friends.

RoCitizens Codes

Rocket Simulator Codes: Rocket Simulator is an old simulator game where you have to collect fuel to blast off on your rocket and island challenges. The game contains numerous items like FuelScoop, Backpack, and Custom Rockets as cosmetics in the game. Using Roblox Game Codes, you can redeem these items along with some free fuel.


Saber Simulator Codes: Train your character in the game by swinging your sword. The more training you undergo, the more powerful you become. Saber Simulator also contains a strength factor, which is valuable while fighting opponents. Either you can sell your strength for coins to upgrade your character. You can get free coins by using codes.

Sans Multiversal Battles 2 Codes

Science Simulator Codes

Shinobi Life 2 Codes: Shinobi Life or Shindo Life is a vast fighting game. With anime based characters, the players love the fighting mechanics. Released in January 2020, the game gained 400 Million views within 11 months of its release. Using the codes given in the post, you can earn 2x rewards and 2x XP over your battles.

Skate Park Codes: Skate Park is an outdoor sports game in your hand. Thousands of players play together on the skating platform to flex their moves. Every time you make an unusual move on your skates, you get points. All the players enjoy playing this game. Use Codes to get XP boosts on your runs.

Skywars Codes: Skywars is a multiplayer game with the object of conquering the sky. To beat the sky, you need to build your base, upgrade weapons, and destroy other players. The game starts with a lobby of 8 players spawned in different locations, and the objective is to kill other players. All the Roblox Game Codes are shared on the 16bitplay Twitter account.

Snow Shoveling Simulator Codes: Snow Shoveling Simulator is a snowball fighting game. With tons of tools, vehicles, and weapons, you compete with other players to score maximum points. Keep protecting the town of Winterville from the baddies to level up faster and increase the rankings.

Stepford County Railway Codes

Strucid Codes: Strucid is a Fortnite remake in Roblox. You can place walls, ramps, and floors to build your base or gain high ground over your enemies. Strucid also supports a battle royale mode where all the players jump together to fight with each other. Unlike Fortnite, only 18 players can form a lobby in this game. Use codes to get free skins.

Super Doomspire Codes

Super Golf Codes

Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes

Superhero City Codes: Superhero City starts with a powerful champion in the city and destroys the surroundings. You can fly, shoot, and control objects using your superpower abilities. Just as GTA Vice City, there are cops in this game that come after you to cause ultimate destruction.

Survivor Codes: Survivor is renamed to Outlaster in the previous update. If you want to check codes for Survivor, you can either go on Outlaster Roblox Game Codes or get them here.


Tower of Dreed Codes

Tower of Easy Codes

Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes: Treasure Hunt is a game where you have to dig your way to locate the buried treasure. Upon discovering the treasure, you can use the coins to upgrade your shovel, backpacks, and pets. Moreover, you can gain extra cash by using the post’s codes.

Treasure Quest Codes


Unboxing Simulator Codes: Unbox boxes to discover new items and gain rare cosmetics exposure. The game features thousands of unlockable items and adorable pets. Hatch eggs and grow pets to become the ultimate unboxed in the game.

Unlimited Driving Westover Islands Codes


Vehicle Tycoon Codes: Vehicle Tycoon is a trending game where you have to collect cards and build your car dealership. Gain more coins by driving cars and increasing your driving skills. The game’s main objective revolves around the car dealership platform and managing your income to create a constant flow of money. Use Roblox Game Codes to gain extra money and upgrades for your cars.

Vehicle Legends Codes


Weight Lifting Simulator 3 Codes: A simulator game where you lift weights, gain muscles, and fight other players to earn points. You can then sell your weights to gain skins in the game. With the brawl fighting system, you can gain extra points. Also, you can earn 2x boosts on your workouts by using Roblox Game Codes.

Wisteria Codes

Wizard Simulator Codes: Become the most potent wizard in the Roblox world by unlocking new spells, staffs, and pets. Defeat Bosses and open secret treasures to find coins that can be used to buy new items. By using codes, you can get free staff and gold coins.


Will be added soon. (Stay Tuned).


Will be added soon. (Stay Tuned).


Zombie Defense Tycoon Codes

Zombie Strike Codes

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