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Roblox Fashion Famous Codes [March 2021]

Roblox’s earlier days of the prototype, were not well appreciated; it was only the two mega minds David Baszucki and Erick Cassel whose dedication and spirit transformed the the same prototype into reality two years later its initial launch in 2004 to 2006. Though our gaming industry was very naive at that time, we are not saying based on game-play but based on the thought process of those who play.

Roblox Fashion Famous Codes are the developers shared codes to provide free items for the players. You can redeem these codes by launching the game and entering them. By using such codes, the players can get free outfits and Scarfs. With the increasing popularity of Fashion Famous, its codes are used by almost all players. In this post, we’ll have a look at all of these active codes.

What is the Roblox Fashion Famous Codes?

With the progression in time comes the advancement in the gaming sector. Roblox was said to be the one who later revamped the industry with its rational thought process. And the policy to value both developers and players equally. Most of the audience comes from age-restricted and kids age group.

So through arrangement is required on How to grab and overcome the minds of those who were always neglected while taking developing decisions. A healthy bond between developer and player is already a better replacement for all. During its initial days, the game was published catering to only a more minor sect of the population and was posted on official social media handles. This small segment was initially catered, comprised of developers and programmers.

Following the tradition, even the Roblox Fashion Famous Codes were first released and made public on developers’ social media handles. We here at game specification tend to avoid and reduce your workload by offering you all the latest released codes. So say goodbye to all the hectic and troublesome days when you have to check the newest post done by Developers. These codes are not just a way to get free coins and gems but also help you be far ahead of your friends.

Roblox Fashion Famous Codes List

Roblox Fashion Famous Codes List

One thing specular about the Roblox Fashion Famous Codes is that no one knows when they are going to expire. We will try our best from our side to keep you posted and updated about upcoming codes moments after they are published. As like you, no one knows about expiry. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible. Usually, Roblox tends to follow a deadline of 2 months, and it has been observed after this timeline, they get expired. We assure you that all these codes have been found working and effective while this post was published.

Keep in mind to enter the codes right as they tend to be case sensitive!

Active Roblox Fashion Famous Codes

Codes for Outfits

  • DR3SS3D – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Holiday Dress.
  • LVM3 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Love Me by Kiouhei Outfit.
  • LVRBY – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Lover Boy by Mockerby Outfit.
  • R1ENY8 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Festive Deer Outfit.
  • SU1T3D – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Holiday Suit.
  • W1NT3R1 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Pink Maid by Kio Outfit.


  • 4FOXY1 – Redeemthis Fashion Famous Code for Foxy Scarf.
  • B3ARYW4RM – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Polar Bear Scarf.
  • BR4NCH35 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Decorated Branches.
  • ELF3D – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Jolly Elf Hat.
  • GOGGL3S – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Santa Goggles.
  • H4TAG11 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Knit Animal Hood.
  • M1NTYFR3SH – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Peppermint Top Hat.
  • ORN4T3M – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Ornament Bobbers.
  • SN1WM4N – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Wintery Hat.
  • XM4SH41R – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Xmas Tree Hair.

Codes for Shirts

  • 2G1NG3R2 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Gingerbread Man Top.

Codes for Pants

  • 1G1NG3R1 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Gingerbread Man Pants.

Codes for Faces

  • H4RT – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Heart Eyes.
  • M3RMA1D – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Bubbly Mermaid.
  • P4ND4 – Redeem this Fashion Famous Code for Panda Face.

Expired Roblox Fashion Famous Codes

We have checked and re-verified all the ineffective codes that no longer work as they were designed to function. So, it’s best not to waste your precious time here and skip them. But before you get all teary, there’s good news that your progress won’t be affected if you have already redeemed them.

How to redeem Roblox Fashion Famous Codes?

The process to redeem the codes and earn free rewards is a piece of cake. In Fashion Famous Simulator, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Launch the game.
  • Step 2: Press the Twitter icon.
  • Step 3: The button is situated on the top right corner.
  • Step 4: A window will pop up to enter the codes.
  • Step 5: Copy-paste, and you are done for the day.

Other Game Codes

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How to Play Roblox Fashion Famous Codes?

Roblox Fashion Famous Gameplay

The game is simple to play and comes loaded with Custom Accessories and NEW Effects. With 100+ Clothing IDs added, you get a whole NEW Stage & Lobby. In the category section, NEW 20+ Categories are Added.

Final Words

Roblox Fashion Famous Codes provide you with an excellent opportunity to live up to your childhood dream. The age when like many, we too have dreamed of being Super Stars. This, also, was the case with you; our recommendation would be to try the game for once.

To make the game even more entertaining and exciting, developers have decided to add other codes, which are well covered under the post’s Active Codes section. If you like our work, please bookmark our website for future updates. Happy to serve you.

Happy Gaming!


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