26 Roblox Wisteria Codes [March 2024]

Roblox Wisteria Codes

The launch of Roblox by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2006 stormed the gaming community. Its unique approach towards gaming was liked by millions. Its designs and strategy of presenting the gamers with the opportunities to create games and enjoy the pre-built games attracted a large crowd. Roblox is freely available for any user. However, Roblox has efficiently framed its guidelines and measures for underages and adults. 

With Roblox Wisteria Codes, the players can easily climb up the ladder of the game to get a hands-on win. These codes provide easy free access to upgradable items and XP boosts. These boosts can be used while farming XP and can help you level up easily.

For the user’s convenience and to save their valuable time, we have mentioned all the working and non-working codes in this article. So, you can easily grab all the codes in this article. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the world of Roblox. 

Scroll down to get your hands on the Roblox Wisteria Codes – 

Roblox Wisteria Codes List

Roblox Wisteria Codes List

The Roblox Wisteria Codes are the ultimate tools for the players to boost the player’s in-game progression. It presents them with a handful of in-game utilities and other attractive rewards.

The player can utilize these codes to grab a bag full of various rewards and in-game resources. Although the codes serve as the portal to unlimited benefits, it’s quite hectic to get the entire list of valid Wisteria Codes.

As most of the Codes available on the Internet are invalid or have expired. To help the players enjoy gaming without any interruption, here are the Codes – 

Active Roblox Wisteria Codes

Here is the complete list of Roblox Wisteria Codes – 

  1. !DemonAppearance: Redeem this code to earn demon appearance reroll 
  2. !HaoriReset: Redeem this code to earn reroll your haori 
  3. !BDAReset: Redeem this code for a Blood Demon art reset

Expired Roblox Wisteria Codes

To save the player’s valuable time and energy trying those useless expired Codes. Here is the complete information of the expired Codes –

  1. !BreathReset: Redeem this code to earn free breath reset 
  2. !BDAReset: Redeem this code to earn free BDA 
  3. !2021DemonArt: Redeem this code to earn free blood demon art 
  4. !2021Breath: Redeem this code to earn free breath 
  5. !Christmas: Redeem this code to earn free nichirin color, and appearance reroll 
  6. !BDAReroll: Redeem this code to earn free BDA 
  7. !BreathReset: Redeem this code to earn a free Breath reset 
  8. !NICHIRIN80K: Redeem this code to earn a nichirin color reroll
  9. !HairDrip: Redeem this code to earn Hair and Eye Reroll
  10. !BreathReset : Redeem this code to earn a free Breath reset 
  11. !NichirinColor: Redeem this code to earn free Nichirin color reroll
  12. !80000LIKESHAORI: Redeem this code for a Slayer Haori Reset
  13. !80000LIKESDEMON: Redeem this code for a Blood demon appearance reroll
  14. !Demon80K: Redeem this code for a Blood Demon art reset
  15. !10000WISHES: Redeem this code to earn free haori reroll 
  16. !30000LIKES: Redeem this code to earn free face reroll 
  17. !1000FOLLOWS : Redeem this code to earn freeNichin color Reset 
  18. !25000LIKES: Redeem this code to earn freeFace, eye & hair Reset 
  19. !SUBTOSAGEE: Redeem this code to earn freeFacial Reset 
  20. !SUBTOVALEKIS: Redeem this code to earn freeFacial Reset 
  21. !20000LIKES: Redeem this code to earn free haori 
  22. !SUBTOINFERNASU: Redeem this code to earn freedemon art reset 
  23. !SUBTOIBEMAINE: Redeem this code to earn freeBreath Reset

How to redeem Roblox Wisteria Codes?

Unlike all other Roblox games, it is quite puzzling to redeem the codes in the Roblox Wisteria game, as it does not come with a codes option.

If you are a lover of the Roblox Wisteria game, it must be quite easy for you to redeem the codes; however, if you are a newbie working for a way to redeem these codes. No more worries, here we present you the complete guide to redeem the Roblox Wisteria Codes.

To redeem the code, simply open the chatbox and enter the valid codes to redeem them successfully. 

What is Roblox Wisteria?

Roblox Wisteria is one of the fascinating fan-made games which is solely inspired by the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, aka Demon Slayer anime. The game presents the correct blend of thrill and adventure that presents the players with a cool adventure loaded with fun. It is basically a combat game. The combat mechanism is rich, and it comprises tons of breathing styles that combine to form a robust and powerful attack system. The game includes various powerful attacks and tactics. Some of the in-game breathing techniques are as follows – 

  • Flame Breathing 
  • Water Breathing 
  • Thunder Breathing 
  • Wind Breathing 
  • Moon Breathing 

The developers who created the Roblox Wisteria game have also designed the latest Sun Breathing Style, which will only be launched for the member of a premium clan titled “Kamado.”

How to Play Roblox Wisteria?

Roblox Wisteria Gameplay

The Roblox Wisteria is one of the interesting yet simple games of Roblox. The players need to frame strategies and upgrade their skills to fight with the competitors with different breathing styles. The game is basically at the initial testing levels and is highly incomplete.

The developers are continuously working on the game to present a lot of features and optimized the game. Regular updates are supplied to the players to improve their gaming experience. 

Here are the controls of the Roblox Wisteria game – 

  • V = Equip Katana / Fists
  • W+W = Sprint
  • E = Breathe
  • F = Block
  • Q = Dash
  • L = Stats Menu
  • M = Meditate

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Final Words

We hope all these Roblox Wisteria Codes will help you to have an incredible gaming journey. You must redeem the Codes as soon as possible to blend out the maximum benefits from them, as the codes are temporary and may expire at any moment.

So why are you wasting time? Just grab the codes and dig into the game to enjoy a handful of in-game rewards.