Outlaster Roblox Codes Full List [January 2024]

Outlaster Roblox Codes

Outlaster Roblox is one of the fantastic games developed by Peak Precision Studios and is among the best games of ROBLOX. The creators of Roblox Outlaster spent months working on the game and presented a box full of the latest events, exciting challenges, and many more.

Outlaster Roblox Codes are the free codes available on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media handles of the creators of the Outlaster Roblox game. These codes provide the players with an edge to improve their gaming experience. A ton of codes is available on the web. But to save your time and energy rather than wondering for the codes, scroll down to get the entire list of Active Survivor Roblox Codes

What is Outlaster Roblox?

Outlaster Roblox Gameplay 1

Outlaster Roblox is one of the classic games of survival genre that several concedes to be one of the fascinating ones. Roblox Outlaster features an efficient mechanism of survival engine that promotes the essential traits of survival in the real world – exploration, hunting, scavenging.

If you are curious about ‘ What is Outlaster ? ‘, let’s make it crystal clear.

Survivor indicates the remaining members of a tribe. Survivor is a TV reality show that primarily focuses on participants winning a rewards. The contestants after becoming a part of the game are pushed into the well of survival, in an unknown tropical island.

Outlaster Roblox Codes List

Outlaster Roblox Use Codes

The Outlaster Roblox Codes provides an upper hand to the player in battling for the win. The players can utilise the codes to earn a bunch of rewards that make their gaming experience more convenient. The complete list of Outlaster Roblox codes that will assist the players in loading their inventory with coins and torches is provided.

These redeemed rewards allow users to purchase a handsome amount of cosmetics to customise their in-game characters. The use of coins enables the players to buy Crates, Flames, Emotes and Trails. These brag the in-game character and presents him ever filthy rich as he heads to the tribal council.

Active Outlaster Roblox Codes

Here’s the list of working Outlaster Roblox Codes –

  • paycheck: It will grant you 2,500 in-game money.
  • gift: Redeem for 5000 Cash

Expired Outlaster Roblox Codes

The following is the complete list of outdated Outlaster Roblox Codes –

  • horns: You will obtain VIP exclusive item.
  • heart – Redeem this code to earn Valentine Torch
  • horns – Redeem this code to earn Darkhorn Torch as a reward. This code works only for VIP users.
  • holiday – Redeem this code to earn 2000 Cash as a reward.
  • gourds – Redeem this code to earn Pumpkin Necklace as a reward.
  • Tw33ter – Redeem this code to earn a Twitter torch as a reward.
  • d4rkw00d – Redeem this code to earn Darkwood torch as a reward.
  • 1year – Redeem this code to earn 365 coins as a reward.
  • 50mil – Redeem this code to earn 50m Visits torch as a reward.
  • ev1ct10nn0t1cesucks – Unknown
  • 6m0nths – Unknown
  • spring – Redeem this code to earn Flower Necklace.

How to Redeem the Outlaster Roblox Codes?

Outlaster Roblox Redeem Codes

The game offers a user-friendly interface that makes it a child splay to redeem the valid Outlaster Roblox Codes, following the set of pertinent information.

Here is the complete process to redeem the codes to enjoy the bucket of rewards –

  • To start the player must find the ‘Inventory’ button(a cardboard box like icon), availed on the left of the display and click on it.
  • Then find the Twitter icon ( displaying codes on it) and press it.
  • A window will pop-up
  • Then enjoy the rewards completing the process by pressing the ‘Redeem’ button.

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How to play Outlaster Roblox?

With proper strategies, tactics, and basic knowledge about the Outlaster Roblox, even the newbies can crack it.

The Outlaster Roblox game begins with the allotment of the players to a jungle-filled island. Then the players are divided into groups or teams. Each team or tribe have a captain who leads the team. The captain then makes an efficient team to fight for the win. These teams undergo various missions to earn immunity as a reward. The tribe or team winning the immunity is marked safe and could have a stress-free sleep at night.

Outlaster Roblox Gameplay 2

But the loser team needs to report to the elimination ground, at night by a campfire. The souls of these players are considered to be lights in Outlaster Roblox. Based on behaviour and actions, the members of the tribes select one contestant to eliminate from the game. However, the player can use immunity idol as a game-changer at this moment, to save himself from the trap of elimination. If the immunity idol is implemented, the player gets the to decide whom he desires to play the idol.

It is this idol who brings the torch to the host, who puts it off, obtain the instant death penalty. The eliminated players rejoin the game through the Redemption Island. Before the game reaches halfway, the tribes or teams are merged into one group. However, Outlaster Roblox game still permits the players to create alliances. The challenges reward the winners with immunity, which saves the players from elimination.

After the merge, even the eliminated players play a significant role in Outlaster Roblox, as they join the group of judges, who decides the winner. Every season of Outlaster Roblox game brings brand new locations for gameplay along with a bunch of new players.

Final Words

Outlaster Roblox was one the most loved games around the globe, till it was removed from Roblox due to DMCA request by the TV company which developed it. The whole mechanism of Outlaster Roblox including – branding, gameplay, logo violated the copyright, which is the same as the TV show. To cope up with the situation a sequel of Outlaster Roblox was released, dissolving the copyright issues with the same hype and love from the audience.