Roblox Granny Codes [March 2024]

Roblox Granny Codes

Roblox Granny is one of the most captivating video-games jumping out from the box of incredible Roblox games. Roblox Granny is developed and managed by GabStudio and a team of developers, working day and night to introduce new features and updates to improve the user’s gaming experience. The game was launched on 24th May 2018 and is one of the most played games in today’s time.

To grind the best possible outcomes of Roblox Granny, players often hassle to get the right Roblox Granny Codes, which in return creates an atmosphere of confusion for the newbies. To diminish all sorts of messes and other issues, we present you with the complete list of valid Granny Codes; scroll down to ripe the codes’ benefits.

What is Roblox Granny?

Roblox Granny is one of the foremost exciting games of the horror genre. Within the game, a deranged Granny lockup the players in her house and attempts various methods to kill the player. The granny in Roblox Granny is an incredibly shivering character, and therefore the game is jam-packed with nightmare fuel.


The Roblox Granny game portrays an intense and scary atmosphere to the users, making it presumably unbearable for the youngsters. Summing it all, Roblox Granny enables an incredible and frightening stage for the users to have an end of gaming experience. Although Roblox Granny is an all-time funny video-game, it is not a decent selection for younger children.

Roblox Granny Codes List

Roblox Granny Codes

The Roblox Granny Codes serve the player with a ladder to reach their way out of the granny’s scary villa. The users can accumulate the Granny Codes surfing around various YouTube channels, Twitch handles, and Twitter handles of the developers. But for the sake of convenience of the players, the complete list of Active and Expired Granny Codes are provided below –

Active Roblox Granny Codes

Here is the entire list of active Roblox Granny Codes –

Unfortunately, the new version of Roblox granny does not have support for codes. The previous version had 4 working codes but due to an update, they got removed.

Expired Roblox Granny Codes

Here is the entire list of Expired Granny Codes –

  • CaTGam3r – Redeem this code to earn a credit of $50000 as a reward.
  • FIX – Redeem this code to earn a credit of $50000 as a reward.
  • 100LikeS – Redeem this code to receive a credit of $25000 as a reward.
  • T1TanHammer – Redeem this code to receive a credit of $1500 as a reward.
  • vi30m – Redeem this code to earn credits as a reward.
  • M100Wow – Redeem this code to earn credits as a reward.
  • 50mV1st – Redeem this code to earn 2PU as a reward.

The players must be well aware that the Roblox Granny Codes do not come with a time warranty. So, it will be wise to redeem the Granny Codes as soon as possible to ripe the maximum benefits.

Are you wondering about how to redeem Granny Codes? Don’t worry; we got you. Scroll down to get the complete information.

How to redeem Roblox Granny Codes?

roblox granny redeem codes

It’s nothing more than a child’s play to redeem the Granny Codes with an efficient guide.

Follow the steps to redeem the codes –

  1. To redeem the Roblox Granny Codes, firstly, the user must find a Code Button on the top left corner of the display(button resembling a bird).
  2. Then click on the button, and a pop-window will open, asking the user to enter the code.
  3. Enter a valid code here and click the Arrow like button on the right side to complete to redeeming process.

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How to play Roblox Granny?

Roblox Granny provides the player with an atmosphere of thrill, action, and adventure. A cloud of Secret and fear surrounds the player, making him devoid of the upcoming challenge for survival.

Roblox Granny sketches the character of an old, psycho granny. Everywhere in the neighborhood, people observe her and her way of living in an exceedingly shabby manor, where she traps other players. The player ends up inside her trap, and the granny locks the player in her house, identifying various opportunities to torcher the player till his last breath. The gamer finds himself surrounded by a fierce view of blood and skeletons.

Roblox Granny Gameplay

The granny is one of the creepy characters, thirsty for human blood, and she may whack the players with a baseball bat, turning her house into a pool of player’s flesh and blood. The player gets five days to create different strategies and tactics to induce an escape out of hell. The player must not get deceived by granny’s age as the old, frail-looking lady is quick and robust enough to knock the player down with a superb strike. Therefore, the player must perform the complete mission to find the exterior doors’ keys, maintaining an attainable distance from the granny without her knowledge.

Here the central mystery starts; this is one of the essentials stages of the Roblox Granny game, where the player initiates the hunt for the keys which can set him free. The darkness of granny’s house hides the precious keys in any of its corners. The players must rigorously explore every inch of the place to have their hands on the keys, a portal to daylight for them.

Roblox Granny presents the users with a wide range of modes and weapons to accomplish them. Different modes of Roblox Granny allow the users to glimpse the threats of granny and Practise mode, where the players can rehearse to maximize escaping skills without the fear of granny. These modes are available for the players who want to test the puzzling game mechanisms. Whereas, the game too offers certain stages coated with extreme threats and difficulties. The Extreme Nightmare Mode is the level that blows the player with a tide of difficulty, testing their gaming skills.

Final Words

Roblox Granny has turned out to a boon for horror game lovers, presenting them with a platform to enhance their gaming experience. Although Roblox Granny is one the most adventurous and thrilling games, it comes with a disclaimer preventing the young offspring from playing the horror game.

So why are you waiting? Grab the Roblox Granny Codes and load up your in-game inventory with exciting stuff.