How To Get Rid Of Mining Fatigue In Minecraft

Get Rid Of Mining Fatigue In Minecraft

Getting rid of Mining fatigue is possible, like other status effects, and this guide will help you with it. The mining fatigue in minecraft is a status effect usually caused by the elder guardian and affects the mining and attack speed of players. This effect can also cause inconvenience during the fighting and breaking blocks. To get rid of that effect, you can take two ways available.

What Exactly Is Mining Fatigue In Minecraft?

Mining Fatigue is a status effect similar to other undesirable status effects of Minecraft like Weakness, Wither, Bad Omen, etc. It is caused by the elder guardian at the natural effect level III.

Mining Fatigue Status Effect In Minecraft

If you don’t know much about the elder guardians, then here is a quick summary about them –

The elder guardians of Minecraft are considered as the largest aquatic mobs in Minecraft. These are a variant of the guardians, which are stronger and larger.

These aquatic mobs spawn in the ocean monument. These are different than the regular mobs as they do not run away from the players instead attack them. The eyes of these Elder guardians follow the players and stare at them.

These mobs can afflict mining fatigue to any player within 50 blocks range. This effect causes the players to see a ghostly image of the elder guardians and listen to their ghostly noise, which makes them 30% slower than usual. It can not use any defense to save.

But this status effect is not permanent and can be cured using certain ways described below.

Getting Rid Of Mining Fatigue Status Effect

Before entering the aquatic world, players should be prepared as there is a certain chance that they will face aquatic mobs. For removal of Mining fatigue, there are two cures available which are:

  1. Drinking Milk
  2. Killing Elder Guardians

1. Drinking Milk

Though this is a temporary cure, it also helps to regenerate while in a battle with any aquatic mob. Players can drink milk to cure their Mining Fatigue.

Getting Milk in Minecraft

To obtain it, you need to start making an empty bucket. You can craft one by using Iron Ingots. For this, you require at least three iron ingots. Once you have crafted the bucket, you can use it on any milking mob of Minecraft like cow, goat, or mushroom to obtain milk.

It would be best if you filled up the bucket before you use it. After you get the milk, the next thing should be keeping it safe in your inventory. There is a chance of losing the milk while killing the traders, so make sure not to drop the milk bucket while fighting one. Drinking the milk will remove the mining fatigue status effect in no time.

Note: This effect is temporary and the status reappears after a few seconds. So, be quick and preservative while using it.

2. Killing Elder guardians

This is a permanent cure for the mining fatigue status effect. With this, you can get rid of the status effect and the elder guardians, which will not cause further mining fatigue. This process requires Axolotls, which are another type of aquatic mob. These mobs are quite aggressive and can indulge in combat irrespective of the aquatic mobs. You can also defeat the Elder Guardian with your Trident but it requires intense fighting as well as underwater respiratory allowances.

Elder Guardian In Minecraft

Using this method is much trickier than the previous ones as it includes a rare kind of aggressive aquatic mob which is difficult to find and use. But this can be a positive thing as it will fight the hostile aquatic mobs on behalf of the players and protect them.

As already mentioned finding an Axolotls can be a difficult job. These are the amphibian-type mob that has been introduced in the Minecraft world recently. However, these beautiful colorful mobs are denoted as amphibians; they mostly prefer to live in water. They can not live more than five minutes without water.

These pretty creatures are available in five colors.

  1. Cyan (bluish white)
  2. Gold (bright yellow)
  3. Leucistic (pink)
  4. Wild (brown)
  5. Blue

You can either try to find them or can breed them. You can find Axolotls on beaches or in oceans. They are rare to find, so you can try and find them. These amphibian mobs can only spawn in special conditions and mostly spawn in waterlogged caves and ravines.

Once you spot an Axolotls, you can proceed to capture it. For this, you will be required a bucket, which can be crafted using the same method as the milk bucket. Then use the bucket to right-click on the Axolotls, and it will be picked up. Once you catch it, The mob will be shown in your inventory.

Now, as you have obtained, the mob takes you to the ocean monument by attaching a lead with it. When elder guardians attack, you release it, and it will fight with the elder guardians on your behalf, and if you fight alongside them, they will help you regeneration as a form of gratitude and trust. After defeating the Elder guardian, you will be free from the mining fatigue.

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