Total Levels In New World: Max Level Cap?

Total Levels In New World

The game New World was initially released on 28 September 2021. and it was developed and published by Amazon games. This game’s concept is typically design for multiplayer who eagerly want to play online games with their fellow ones.

This massive role-playing game has the aura of a mid-seventeenth era that describes the friction land disguise after section of the Americans.

To increase the total levels in New World, players need to fight with numerous opponents and win multiple skills and weapons in return. But it’s utterly acceptable that apart from all other games, the new world is unpredictable slow in leveling up as quickly as possible.

The game allows the bunch of five players that is distributed in the ratio of one is to three in disguise attire of covenant, marauders, or syndicate while using various resources, craft items, quests, fighting with monsters, and many more.

Rewards and Territories

There is the total level defined in a fractional of around 60 levels. The concept is to accomplish these levels with prizes and allow players to unlock different quests, modes, slots of territories after reaching individual levels.

Level NumberRewardsTerritories
60Outpost rushShattered mountain and reekwater
55Survivalist quests and third house
50InvasionsEdonscale and Edengrove
45Third bag slotMourningdale
40Main story quests, earring slot and survivalist questsGreat cleave and restless shore
35Second house
30Main story quests and second bag slotWeaver’s Fen
25Survivalist quest and fourth consumable slotCutlass keys and bright wood
20Main story quests and rind slot—-
15Survivalist quests, third consumable slot and first house—-
10First bag slot and dues
5Survivalist quest and second weapon slotEver fall, winds ward, first light and monarch’s bluffs

Attributes of New World Leveling Up

New World Leveling Up

The attributes of various weapons allow players to increase their strength and power in the game that help to level up. The points are distributed in one of the five attributes when players mainly complete the level.

There are 71 points for distribution apart from those equally items are also responsible for points collections. The players should focus on proportionality that depends on the attack that increases the strength of attributes.

  1. Strength: Increment in damage of base melee weapons
  2. Dexterity: Increment in damage of base ranged weapon
  3. Intelligence: Increment in the attack of base magic
  4. Constitution: Increment in base health
  5. Focus: Increment of base mama and reduction in duration of cooldown.

Trade Skills Level Up

Trade Skills Level Up Total Levels New World

The conclusion is that all actions performed during the leveling up are directly proportional to the increment in XP levels. Trade skills define in two significant categories like abilities to craft allow players to make items by definite facilities available in the towns.

In another way, refining skills allow players to convert raw material into valuable items of craft; as comparing, gathering skills to these trade skills, it increases slowly after the completion of particular actions.

Crafting Skills

If you want to make your resource-heavy then try to make new armor and weapons, and there is a tip to get the materials back which you utilized earlier; immediately salvage the equipment you crafted.

  1. Arcana: Potions at the repository of arcane and craft items.
  2. Weaponsmithing: Make weapons in the area of the forge.
  3. Furnishing: Granting furnishing in a workshop by making any items.
  4. Armoring: Making armor in the area of forge or outfitting station.
  5. Cooking: Cook ingredients in any camp or kitchen.
  6. Engineering: Granting Engineering in a workshop by making any item.
  7. Jewel crafting: Make any jewel and amulets in an area of the outfitting station.

Refining Skills

  1. Weaving: Covert fibers into linen
  2. Smelting: In a smelter, convert wood to charcoal or convert ores to bars.
  3. Woodworking: In the workshop, convert greenwood to planks of material timber.
  4. Leatherworking: In the tannery area, convert rawhide to coarse leather.

Gathering Skills

You need only the basic wood/flint tier-one tool to obtain the resources, higher tier tools can be crafted using treated wood or iron which will make the tasks to be completed quickly.

The amount of resources you gather is equal to the same amount of XP you gain for ‘Gathering Skill.’

How to level up New World Gathering Skills

There are five easy methods to level up the Gathering Skills-:

  1. Harvesting: Gathers herbs from locations from the land-based area and any farms.
  2. Logging: For chopping wood from trees, used an efficient logging ax.
  3. Tracking and skinning: Used skinning knife for killing any animals.
  4. Mining: Take mining pick from mine rock.
  5. Fishing: In the area of the river space, coastal or ponds, use the fishing pole for fishing.

What is Total Levels In New World?

In New World, the max level cap is the 60th level. The max level cap means you cannot go above the set level no matter how much more XP you can grind than the required XP for level 60.

How much time it takes to reach max level?

 reach max level New World

There are two criteria depending upon the player’s skill -:

  • If you are new to the game and do not know how the mechanics operate, then you will take 200 hours approximately to reach level 60.
  • For those who are experienced with the Beta period of the game and have good knowledge of the mechanics of the game, then you should take only 100 hours or less to touch level 60.

Altogether, all these aspects of level in the New World game combinedly used to perform an impactful game session that provokes players to inbuild various items and play to win multiple rewards and attributes for leveling up.

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