Remove Curses Easily In Minecraft Using 2 Methods

Remove Curses Easily In Minecraft

The concept to remove curses from Minecraft allows us to protect ourselves from negative status effects. The word curse signifies a cursed statement to anyone. Minecraft has these curse messages to get bad enough results to destroy us and halt progress in the game.

Removal of Minecraft Curses is divided into several types: the Curse of Vanishing acts as rare enchantment spills on various weapons and tools that make them disappear as soon as it is worn by any of us. Curse of Binding acts as a rare enchantment spilled on gear equipment like armors used to prevent them from getting removed. We mostly use this curse to prepare curse-carved pumpkins with a heavy, obscured vision that makes the game patterns difficult for others.

Remove Curses Easily In Minecraft Using 2 Methods
Remove Curses Easily In Minecraft

Bad luck is a curse that demonstrates the status effect that results in degrowth of luck’s feature by creating a slightly valuable chest loot. A Bad omen is also the status effect that helps the raid as soon as you emerge in any village.

All these curses are presented in Minecraft to make the game difficult for us. It also consists of a few procedures to remove curses. Therefore, you should be aware of the methods used to remove curses in Minecraft.

Manual Method To Remove Curses

cursed armour

Minecraft developer team, Mojang is very well aware of these curses created in the game. These methods are impossible to prevent in Hardcore or Survival modes. Consider that without taking help of creative mode or console commands, the curse only destroys when the indulging character dies or when the individual cursed item is broked.

You are aware of those items that include zero durability, like carved pumpkins, which explains that we need to die to terminate the item, if you don’t want to utilize creative mode or cheats. It is all because of the design pattern as the developer Mojang wishes to make these curses as accurate as to feel highly inconvenient to us.

Only one specific method is used to break most standard gear, but it requires sufficient time to attain a sizable portion of the crack. We have cursed armors that are permitted to touch cactus blocks.

These cactus blocks are responsible for gradually damaging armors, breaking them to their breaking point. Additionally, these methods say, we have to bear the damage slowly when we touch the cactus and the armor depletion depends on the armor’s durability.

cursed item

These patterns need some time, but it is effective. Once we decide to take this path, we should gather the bulk of food items and collect some potion of healing. This procedure can be considered with the help of magma blocks as it seems very difficult compared to Cacti blocks.

Command Method To Remove Curses In Minecraft

The most necessary procedure is to get rid of the cursed object without destroying it. You are allowed to switch the current game mode to creative mode with the help of commands. The command is “/gamemode Creative.” There are the possibilities that the command is not available as it depends on the server, whether it executes on multiplayer or single-player servers; on the screen where the feature of cheats enables is displayed, we need to access commands.

replace command
Using Commands to Remove Curses

We can play the game and put it into creative mode. This feature allows us to remove curse items easily. We permit various console commands without indulgence in the creative mode in Minecraft. Minecraft enables us to use the replacement command that helps to swap the cursed item with a new item in the game. The replacement command use in Minecraft is : “/replacement item entity,[amount][data][datatag].”

We are allowed to take all items under consideration gained by loot chests and then follow all these procedures to remove cures in Minecraft. So these curses can be irritating most of the time; therefore, we have two methods to remove curses and get back to normal gaming again.


Following are the FAQs regarding curses in general and how to remove them –

How we are cursed in Minecraft?

A curse is an enchantment that is obtained by trading, fishing, and looting. If any of your items are cursed of binding on an armor, it will prevent the wearer from removing it completely.

Can I remove the curse of vanishing by using grindstone?

No, we cannot remove the curse of vanishing is not removable by using a grindstone. If the item is a mob head or pumpkin and is affected by the curse of vanishing, you can get rid of the vanishing curse by breaking the head or the item.

Can we obtain the curses from the enchantment tables?

The curses are the special enchantments, same as the mending, which is the most vital enchantment in Minecraft; we cannot obtain it with the help of an enchantment table, even if we take a supporting role of an utterly complete bookshelf set.

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