Quick Pockets FFX – What Does This Item Do Exactly?

Quick Pockets FFX

Quick Pockets FFX refers to a command item, and many fans of the game are confused about what the exact purpose of the item is. Do not worry; this article will cover everything you need to know regarding Quick Pockets FFX. Many game players assume this item is useless, but that is not true.

Let us wait no further time and jump to learn more about Quick Pockets FFX. 

Quick Pockets FFX

The Quick Pockets FFX refers to an ability and a command available to the players in the 10th installment of the Final Fantasy Franchise. You might be confused regarding what the particular command is. This article will be looking into clearing that doubt next. 

The special command or 特殊 in Japanese pronounced as Tokushu is one of the four main sets of commands in Final Fantasy X that the player can use. This contains various miscellaneous abilities that are not exactly for physical attacking. 

Quick Pockets Description
AbilityMP CostRankSphere Grid SectionDescription
Quick Pockets701YunaSwiftly use items with reduced recovery time.

The description of the item just says to “use items swiftly”. The item takes up to 70 mp consumption, which many people feel is bad. You need not worry as you will be able to bring down the consumption rate to one of 35 mp

Quick Pockets (QP) are a famous command in the Final Fantasy X series. Players can use them to access items and abilities in the game quickly.

QP can be found in the menu of the game and is activated by pressing the Control Pad up or the X button twice. There are three types of QP available. The first is the Troop Support menu, used for players to heal their party quickly and boost their HP. The second is the Speed menu, which automatically increases the player’s speed and AP gauge. The third is the Attack menu, which is helpful when the player wants to deal additional damage to enemies.

So how can you use these abilities? Below are examples of everyday situations you might encounter while using them. 

Running out of SP mid-battle is one of the most common problems players can encounter when using QPs. By using Troop Support QP, you can recover up to 20% of your SP bar in a single cast. This is particularly useful when you don’t have much time to replenish your SP before facing another group of enemies. The Speed menu can also be used to increase your speed for a short period of time. This can come in handy when you are being chased by an enemy, and you need to escape quickly.

Finally, you can use the Attack menu to deal extra damage to enemies. This is especially useful against boss battles where you simultaneously battle several strong enemies. If everything fails, you can always use the Exit option to teleport out of the battle arena without having to fight any of your opponents. However, this should only be used as a last resort because you might end up losing your party in the process.

FFX party

One of the most commonly asked questions or doubts regarding the topic is whether or not Quick Pockets FFX is useful. This article will look into clearing that doubt from the readers’ minds.

What do quick pockets do in FFX?

This special item allows players to use various other items much quicker and also reduces the time needed for recovery by half. 

Quick Pockets FFX: Worth it?

As mentioned earlier, one of the most commonly asked questions is whether Quick Pockets FFX is worth it or not. Well, the simple answer, according to many fans and long-time players of the game, is a resounding yes. The item helps revive the fallen character, which is always a great advantage. Yet another aspect that the item is capable of doing is reducing the recovery time. This means that it reduces the time needed to recover by the player’s character or party member by half. 

The item has a rank two recovery time and in terms of Final Fantasy, this means that it is incredibly fast. 

I liked Quick Pockets, but not to the extent I’ll use it every time. For a few boss fights, you can actually use it since you can easily use spam the abilities with less recovery time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does full break do in FFX?

A full break is a special ability that supports the player, allows its users to cause physical damage to one other enemy, and decreases its stats such as MAG, SPR, DEF, and ATK by 30%. The item lasts for three turns, and it generally costs 14 MP. 

What does pilfer Gil do in FFX?

Pilfer Gil refers to a special ability only found in the international HD remaster, PAL versions, that allows the players to rob the Gil of an enemy.

How do you get friend spheres in FFX?

You will be able to find the Friend sphere in the treasure chest spread down Spira. This will be dropped by Biran Ronso, spirit, Yenke Ronso, Master Coeurl et al.


To summarise, Quick Pockets FFX is a useful command that can improve your gaming experience. By activating them at the right time, you can heal your party when they are injured and quickly increase your attack power during enemy encounters. The item is incredibly useful though many believe that is not the case. This article has covered everything you will need to know regarding the topic of Quick Pockets FFX, including answering the most commonly asked question of whether or not Quick Pockets FFX is worth it. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and informative, provided the reader with a complete and comprehensive guide on the topic of Quick Pockets FFX and cleared all doubts regarding the topic above so that you could have a better and more detailed enjoyable gaming experience while playing Final Fantasy VII.

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