Which Is The Best Dead Space 2 Suit?

Best Dead Space 2 Suit

Questions related to the Best Dead Space 2 Suit have been asked very commonly and frequently. The question is so widely asked that people have actually found the answer to this question. There exists a definite answer if you ask the question of which the Best Dead Space 2 Suit is.

That being said, let us jump right in and answer the question of which the best Dead Space 2 suit is. 

Best Dead Space 2 Suit

If you ask anyone who has played a bit of Dead Space 2 the question of which the best Dead Space 2 suit is they would without a doubt give the answer that the best dead space 2 suit is the Advanced suit. So, now let us focus on getting to know a bit more about the aforementioned suit.

Advanced Suit

In the context of the game, the suit is the state-of-the-art suit that is made use of by the elite combat teams in the game universe. This suit also has its thrusters located in the leg region of the suit just like the other suits. In addition to the legs, the thrusters can also be seen in the clavicles of the suit. 

The suit also has a separate folding helmet. 

You will be able to find the details regarding this suit in Chapter 11 of the game. The schematics will be found in the Power Node storage room just before the character of Nolan Stross attacks the character of Isaac. 

Advanced Suit Stats
Advanced Suit Stats

The Armor provides the player with 25 Inventory slots as well as a 20% Armor increase. 

The item also provides the player with a passive bonus. This means that the item will decrease the time it would take for you to recharge by 50%

From the year 2020, the game developers have made this suit available in the subsequent video game Dead Space 3 but is only available in the Computer version. You will need to have mods installed in the game to make sure that you can access this suit in the Suit Kiosk. 

The advanced suit has a few variants. These variations of the Best Dead Space 2 suit have been listed below.

Variants Of Best Dead Space 2 Suit

  • Elite Advanced Suit
  • Agility Advanced Suit
  • Shockpoint Advanced Suit

Advanced Suit Description

The suit is dependent on the incredibly highly classified technology that is available within the game universe. The suit is meant to be used by the elite forces who are operating in highly dangerous and extreme environments. 

Just like the other suits in the game that covers the whole body and is vacuum rated, the Advanced Suit is also self-sealing. 

Suit Wear
Suit Wear

Now you might be wondering what self-sealing is. Well, Self Sealing suits are suits that are able to seal or cover themselves. If it gets damaged or punctured it will be able to seal itself. This would ensure that the person wearing the suit does not get exposed to the harsh surroundings they find themselves in. 

This feature allows the players to comfortably work in various harsh terrains as well as in space.

It costs the player 40,000 credits at the store in order for the player to get the suit. If you have got on the Vintage suit then it will cost you 36,000. The suit allows the players to have a feature which reduces the time it takes for recharging by half. This also ensures the increasing lethality of the suit. 

Advanced Suit Look
Advanced Suit Look

Overall, if one asks which the best Dead Space 2 suit is then one will be able to answer this question without a doubt and say that it is the Advanced Suit which is also the best suit that can be used during the first playing of the game Dead Space 2.

What’s the first suit in Dead Space 2?

The first suit that you get in the game Dead Space 2 is the suit that is known as the CEC Engineering Suit. The CEC Engineering Suit or just commonly referred to as Engineering Suit or the Dead Space Legends Suits is one of the suits that is available for engineers in the game. The item is the first true suit that can be received by the player and it can be bought by the player from the store for 1000 credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the suits in Dead Space 2?

Patient Suit, CEC Engineering Suit, Security Suit, Vintage Suit, Advanced Suit, Elite Engineering Suit, Elite Security Suit, and Arctic Security Suit are all varieties of suits that can be seen in the video game Dead Space 2. 

Where is the advanced suit in Dead Space 2?

You will be able to find the suit called Elite Advanced Suit after finishing the game. The item i1s seen in Chapter 11. You will also be able to buy the item from the store for a total of 50,000 Credits.

How do you get the hacker suit in Dead Space 2?

The Hacker Suit in Dead Space 2 is a special suit that can only be unlocked by the player after having a save file from the Dead Space: Ignition present in the hard drive of the console you are playing the game in. 


Hopefully, this article has been informative and has provided you with all the information needed regarding the topic of the best Dead Space 2 suit in order for you to get the best possible gaming experience while playing the game Dead Space 2!

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