xQc Is Disappointed With The New Overwatch 2

XQc is disappointed with the new Overwatch 2

xQc is disappointed with the new Overwatch 2. A review of a disappointing second installment coming from a former Overwatch player FelixxQcLengyel will definitely blotch the game’s impact.

Although Overwatch 2 involved a lot of reworking, additions, and improvements, we still have to see if it’s better than the Overwatch and if yes, how. Read on to find more about xQc and his review of the game!

xQc is disappointed with the new Overwatch 2

“It’s the same game. I don’t know how I feel about this.”


Yes, the Overwatch did promise us a better, shinier game but is it going to deliver it? xQc’s answer is a resounding no. Seems like the hype over the game was to no avail.

Maybe to other Overwatch players, this short and succinct review of the second installment won’t matter much, but the 9.3 Twitch followers of xQc would of course beg to differ. In a Twitch Livestream yesterday, xQc shared his views of Overwatch 2.

xqc reacts to overwatch 2
Credits: Twitch XqcOW

The hype around the game continues to grow but the unimpressed thoughts of xQc are bound to drag a few players back from the game.

Selected pro-Overwatch League players found themselves participating in a playtest and gave various mixed reactions and reviews. Although the reactions were many and mostly mixed, xQc’s fan base could topple the table over.

Fans who have closely followed his journey from Dallas Fuel to Twitch megastar will obviously love to hear his thoughts about Overwatch 2. xQc looked confuzzled throughout the game and didn’t quite reciprocate the energy and excitement of Blizzard Entertainment.

Although the commentators and players were busy trying their best to fill the game with grandiose and thrill, the Overwatch 2 playtest only earned unimpressed expressions from xQc.

Squinting at the screen, it was clear that xQc found the game both boring and confusing. xQc then proceeds to say that the game is still the same. He also says that he doesn’t really know how he feels about the game to his stream.

xQc went ahead to minimize the video and was shocked at the number of dislikes it was suddenly garnering. Skimming through the comments xQc found out that he wasn’t the only one who was just as unimpressed by the playtest as him.

Many viewers called Overwatch 2 an update and not a full-blown second installment. Overwatch 2 is currently facing a lot of (if not more) backlash due to its lack of creativity and adventure in its second release.

xqc reacts to overwatch 2
Credits: Twitch XqcOW

The playtest video and xQc’s stream were flooded with truckloads of comments from viewers who found no difference between Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

Although Overwatch 2 looks all-new and better on the surface the gameplay still looks very the same. The gaming industry is something that demands a high amount of creativity and effort. If the game has nothing new and keeps repeating the same stuff over and over players will keep dropping.

Without any hooking elements as of yet, Overwatch 2 is in for a ride of up and downs, or mostly downs. Famous figures and fans are both shocked at the absence of any actual changes. Only time will tell if Overwatch 2 is worth the wait.

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