Roblox Squid Game Outfits [2024]

Roblox Squid Game Outfits

Wearing new and trendy outfittings is really a dream for most people. But unfortunately, they don’t get the chance of getting those kinds of stuff due to the economical crisis, but that is not happening in this game. Here, you can either create a new one or rather buy an outfit for a minimum Robux.

Roblox Squid Game Outfit is a unique form of dressing style that attracts the players with its appearance. When there are hundreds and hundreds of designs out there, the first selected eight Squid Game Outfits are described below.

Roblox Squid Game Outfits

All these outfits make your virtual character more trendy and perfect in Roblox.

Red Soldier

Roblox Squid Game Outfit Red Soldier

Aesthetic Black Chest Rig (1.0) 
Face Mask in Black 
Friendly Cyclops 
Red Hazmat Hood 
The squid game Uniform soldier 
The squid game Uniform soldier 
VN9K [Back] 
White Mk.45 [Right Hip] 

This outfit is just made for the title Roblox Squid Game Outfit and that is why it takes its role in the first place. The outfit is a combination of red and black in color with a small bag hung in front of the outfit.

The face of this Roblox Avatar is covered with a black cloth and has a single big White-eye which makes it more scary and unpredictable. You will be able to get this outfit for 400Robux.

Kang Sae

Roblox Squid Game Outfit Kang Sae

[Number 067] squid game 
Anime Hair Bangs (Black) 
Curly Hair For Amazing People 
Serrated Knife on Mouth 
Squid Game 067 Pants 
Warding Earrings 

If you are looking for a neat and soft Roblox Squid Game Outfit then trust me this is not for you. The outfit expresses the toughness of this character. It is of green color pants with a coat matching to it.

The ultimate interesting element in this outfit is the presence of a knife in the mouth. This outfit will also allow you to have a trendy hairstyle and also has Warding earrings. These outfits are bought for 281 Robux

Gi Hun

Roblox Squid Game Outfit Gi Hun

[Number 456] squid game 
Beautiful Hair 
Black Eyepatch 
Hold It In 
Pants Squid game 
Royal Blood Beanie 

Before explaining this outfit remember all the special features you are gonna hear here is Just for 160 Robux. This character has a black eye patch attached to his one eye and also wears a headband.

The outfit is in thick Cyan color with an overcoat. This is similar to the above one but this outfit is far better neat and clean when compared to it.

The Front Man

Roblox Squid Game Outfit The Front Man

Black Fashion Hood 
Menacing Mask of Judgement 
Squid Game Front Man Pants Dark 
Squid Game Front Man Shirt Dark 

This Roblox Squid Game Outfit is the scariest one among all and to be true even I got terrified of its first look.

Yes, this deadliest outfit will cost you only 134 Robux and the outfit can be explained in one single word “Dark”. The entire outfit is full black in color and the character is made to wear a hoodie in black color that increases the dark side of this virtual character

Oh Il-nam

Roblox Squid Game Outfit Oh Il-nam

Balding Old Man Hair 
Man Face 

This outfit is the combination of low price and trendy look, whoever needs it Just grab them for Just 79 Robux. The character is a bald old man with white hair and a manly face.

The Shirt and pants are in dark green color with the number 001 on the shirt. Many young players keep this outfit as their last choice.


Roblox Squid Game Outfit Ji-yeong

Black Long Parted Hair 
Daring Beard 
Squid Game 240 | Clark 
Squid Game Uniform Pants 

This Roblox Squid Game Outfit might need most of your coins as it demands nearly 190 Robux to get this outfit. The virtual character of this outfit has a Daring Beard and Black Long Parted Hair which is unique in this outfit.

Other than this the pants and shirts are in Cyan color with the number 240 on them. It is Just similar to the above one the only difference is the characters’ age.

Cho Sang-woo

Roblox Squid Game Outfit Cho Sang-woo

Black Side Sweep Hair 
Nouveau George 
Reading Glasses 
Squid Game [Pants] 
Squid Game 218 | Clark 

For all specs, lovers out there these outfits are imported specially for you people. And since it is too special the price of it also Rises to 455 Robux.

The character wears reading glasses and is made to look unique and trendy by having Black Side Sweep Hair. And this character also wears the same Cyan-colored shirt and pants and has the number 218 on the shirt.

Other Character

Roblox Squid Game Outfit Other Character

Blonde Half Back Hair 
SQUID GAME Saebyeok’s [067] 

You can get this Roblox Squid Game Outfit for 193 Robux and this will make you the real hero of the game. The Blonde Half-Back Hair is the main reason for its trendy and attractive looks.

The clothes are in Cyan color and have 067 number on its shirt. The facial reactions of this character are still blunt yet he is just a wonderful outcome of creative thinking.

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