How To Get Pet Simulator X Gingerbread Chest

gingerbread chest

The Gingerbread chest is a portion of the chest area of the Christmas event in Pet Simulator X. It looks beautiful in the game as it has the surrounding of winter theme with snowflakes. The presence of a gingerbread chest is the same as tiny houses used for decorative purposes in the winter season of the game.

It ultimately gives us a Christmas vibe in Pet Simulator X. This game makes us experience a vast range of different characters and objects that make the game worthy of playing. Therefore, we must know about the gingerbread chest and its abilities.

Pet Simulator X Gingerbread Chest


The gingerbread chest demonstrates the chest piece of a Christmas event with its potential to spawn randomly in Pet Simulator X. The chest spawning occurs in 15 to 30 minutes in an unexpected biome that includes a VIP area a trading plaza, and it could send broadcasts in the chat. The broadcast message is “A gingerbread chest has spawned in the Spawn/Fantasy/Tech World!.”

When gingerbread gets broked, you will receive a bulk of gingerbread and a few loot bags. You will have the 50T HP gingerbread chest before the Christmas updation part 2. There is no possibility of swapping gingerbread in the game as it is dead and removed.

Procedure to Get Gingerbread Chest

tasks of gingerbread chest

Christmas Eve comes with an updation of the game for us as they have five Christmas quests that needed to break gingerbread chest, which seems to be very unfortunate and devastated. With no experience and directions, we indeed suffer the task of gingerbread chest that how we can figure out the location where gingerbread chest is found, how must potential and time is needed to break them for further use in the game.

We have to complete five quests in the process to unlock Saved Christmas achievements and Sleigh Hoverboard. The five quests are:

  • Break 40 Gingerbread Chests
  • Collect 20 Million Gingerbread
  • Break 100 Candy canes
  • Break 1250 Candy canes
  • Break two Gingerbread chests

The best way to receive gingerbread is a themed area chest that allows your pet to break it in less amount of time. It depends on the world where this chest has been unlocking, as it can destroy the chest in each volcano area. The volcano is considered the best spot to initiate with low-level pets. The advantage of this enormous chest is that it may reward you with gingerbread loot bags that may contain a large amount of gingerbread.

Ways to Collect Gingerbread Chest

Themed Area

gingerbread chest all locations

We can use fantasy coins, diamonds, tech coins, standard coins, and fresh gingerbread to unlock exclusive locations and pets. We can also gather gingerbread by planting the chest as they usually occur anywhere in different worlds.

Compared to the collection of diamonds and coins, gingerbread is collected in the same manner in the game. The ways are like breaking piles, vaults, chests, gifts, safes, and crates. You have the advantage of receiving rewards of a pre-existing set of diamonds and coins with gingerbread as soon as your pet opens any bundle in the game.

Differently to the Jack-O-Lantern chest introduced in the Halloween event of the game, the gingerbread chest portrait is a huge influence that seems to be an unbeatable chest that happens to occur in any world. Every 30 minutes, we have the chance to have the new chest with the list of its locations that notify us as a pop-up on the screen.


farming gingerbread chests with friends

This chest gives you a worthy portion of gingerbread as they are capable enough to grant a massive health rate of 50 trillion. Therefore, you are permitted to gather all your game friends to participate in the task of taking pets down if they are not high level. Additionally, there are some notes that we must know about these quests as they require around 20 hours on average to complete.

So, never make it bothered if it takes a significant amount of time to complete the quest. You have the chance to buy the Hoverboards with Robux to speed up this breaking process.


What is the spawn time of Gingerbread Chest?

One Gingerbread Chest spawns every 15 to 30 minutes, and whenever a chest appears, there will be a message on your screen along with a sound.

How does Gingerbread Chest look?

The Gingerbread chest is large and indestructible, a chest that has snow and snowflakes around it. It looks just like the Jack-O-Lantern Chest.

What is the quickest method to obtain Gingerbread Chest?

It would be best to find large chests that your pets can break in less time. It also depends on which world you are playing, and you need to target the themed location to obtain the chest quickly.

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