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A Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X is a special Exclusive pet that we would love to have around. After all, who doesn’t like a furry ball of extreme mood swings? Once upon a time, the first Huge pet in-game, aka the Huge Cat, while remaining the only pet in inventory, brought you fortunes of far above and beyond. Huge Cat can only be obtained by redeeming a Plushie Code and was the first pet in Pet Simulator X that could be purchased with real money.

But how to get a Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X in the first place? Where will the Plushie Code be available? We will get to know all about these down below. Before starting, we need to know about the cat’s characteristics, and then we will be able to own the giant cat and use a few elemental enchantments on it.

Basic Information & Release Of Huge Cat

Get Huge Cat In Pet Simulator X

The Huge Cat was the first giant pet in the game and can be seen initially in Pet Simulator 1. Long-time ago, you may fondly remember the days of older times when there was a glitch in Pet Simulator X, which could deal infinite damage allowing the us to earn unlimited coins. The Big Cat remained the only pet standing in their respective inventories.

The Trading Plaza Update has made deleting exclusive pets impossible, such as the Big Cat. This unique and exclusive pet can only be obtained by redeeming The Cat Plushie’s code on its tag, readily available on the Big Games Official Shop website. While saving The Cat Plushie’s code, you will have a 1% chance of obtaining a Rainbow version of the Giant Cat.

How To Get Huge Cat In Pet Simulator X

pet sim x huge cat

The Huge Cat can only be obtained with the help of a Cat Plushie Code on its tag. You will first have to go to the Big Games Official Shop Website and then buy the Cat Plushie to get the exclusive code that will help you obtain the pet in the game.

The cost of purchasing the Giant Cat is around USD 49.95. You need to spend your real money to obtain the Big Cat and have it pet for you. The costs required for purchasing the cat restrict us from owning it, and due to this reason, the Big Cat holds the rare position.

What Are Some Enchantments For Huge Cat?

There are two Enchantments available for the Big Cat.

  • The first Enchantment is, of course, Best Friend (Unique), which makes sure that your pet will be as strong as your best pets.
  • The Second Enchantment is Strength V which lets your pet do 100+ more damage than usual. And the stats for the Giant Cat will only be affected by your best pets.

What’s The Difference Between Huge Cat And Huge Festive Cat?

huge festive cat

You might be wondering about the differences between the Big Cat and the Huge Festive Cat, there’s not much, but they’re not the same at all. Although the Giant Cat and the Huge Festive Cat are Exclusive pets in the game, the Huge Festive Cat is just a remodel of the Giant Cat and can be obtained from the Egg Of Many Gifts which is the Insane Christmas Egg.

Is There Any Code To Get Huge Cat In Pet Simulator X?

redeem pet sim codes

Who doesn’t like to use codes to get freebies (unless you have a thick wad of money stacked in your wallet), but unfortunately there is no code made available to redeem the Big Cat for free, and if it is made free to redeem by using a code then the Huge Cat would lose its rarity.

But there are other valuable codes to redeem; you must first open Pet Simulator X and then press the pet icon present at the bottom of the screen. Spot the star icon, click on it and scroll down. Press the redeem button and paste the code. The Active Pet Simulator X are as follows –

  • 1Mfollowers – for five triple coins boosts!
  • happyholidays – for three triple coin boosts!
  • tonsofcoins – for three triple coin boosts!
  • im2lucky – for three ultra luck boosts!


Are There Any Gold Versions Of Huge Cat?

Unfortunately, there are no Gold Versions of Huge Cat (although a Gold Version of the Huge Cat would be fun).

Are There Any Dark Matter Versions Of Huge Cat?

Unfortunately, there are no Dark Matter Versions of Huge Cat yet. Let us hope that it becomes available in future updates.

What is the worth of Huge Cats, in gems?

The Big Cat is one of the rare pets in Pet Simulator X, and if we compare the worth of this cat with gems, it is found to be around 100,000,000,000 gems.

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