Overwatch League 2021 Grand Final Results

Overwatch League 2021 Grand Finals

The results of the Overwatch League 2021 Grand Final are out and Shanghai Dragons have won the finals with a clean sweep. On September 25th of 2021, the Overwatch League grand finale took place. The Overwatch League Grand final happened between the Shanghai Dragons and the Atlanta Reign. The Shanghai Dragons have won the league with a 4-0 score. It is such a huge thing to them as they are the first team to win the title from the Asian Pacific region.

The Runner Up

In the Overwatch league 2021 Grand final game it was a tough game between the two talented teams. Atlanta Reign who reached the finale after defeating one of the tough teams of the season the Dallas fuel gave a challenging game to the Shanghai Dragons till the end which makes them the deserving runner up of the season.

Overwatch League 2021 Grand Final Results – Winner

Overwatch League 2021 Grand Final Results - Winner
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The winning team of the season Shanghai Dragons have reached the finals by defeating Dallas Fuel. The team had made their debut in 2018 during the inaugural season. There is no doubt that the team is a house of power players but Byung sun “Fleta” Kim, the greatest Overwatcher player of all time have surely gathered attention with his skills. He is called the greatest Overwatcher player for a reason.

With the title of the Overwatch League Grand Finals 2021, the Shanghai dragons won the 1.5 million $ price money. The Shanghai Dragon is also going to have their Overwatch skin next year as an honour by the Overwatch team.

All the Maps in Grand Finals and Their Results

The game was quite interesting from the beginning. The game started with the Shanghai Dragons picking the map first. The Dragons choose Ilios to challenge the reigns. In the first half of the game, Dragons won the first two rounds by 2-0 points while Reign was giving them a close fight to maxing out the capture percentage.

In the assault map Hanamura, the Atlanta Reigns showed a great performance. They managed to break down Shanghai’s defences and claiming points. But Shanghai Dragons managed to get back on their feet in time and win both the points making their way through halfway to win. After winning the third point the teams took a halftime break to restrategize their game while the Overwatch 2 showcase happened.

For the last game, the reigns chose Havana as the next map. Where the Shanghai Dragons made their way to victory by Strong Widowmaker play from Lip who was also named Grand finals MVP. With the final blow, the Shanghai Dragons made their way to victory claiming the 2021 title.

The Overwatch League 2021 started on 21st September 2021 and ended on 25th September 2021. The League started with eight teams. But sadly it was the last league to be played on the original version of Overwatch.


With the upcoming Overwatch updates, this was the last league to be played on the current Overview version. In the league Overwatch 2 updates also had been showcased to the audience and several changes that have been made in the new updates have also been announced.

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