Overwatch 2 Update, Reworks, and Gameplay Matches

Overwatch 2 Update Major Character Reworks

After the announcement of the overwatch 2 update, people are wondering what changes would be happening in the season. It was announced by the official Twitter account of Overwatch that the fifth season of the Overwatch League will be played over the initial build of Overwatch 2.

This news brought a lot of questions to the mind of Overwatch players and enthusiasts regarding the supposed changes in the season.

To showcases, the sequel’s competitive potential the Overwatch league players stepped in to play an exhibition match during the league’s grand finals broadcast with the switch to five vs five rosters. As the Overwatch 2 is changing its format to five vs five heroic shooters.

Along with the game mode changes, there are few changes also made in some different parts. Like the changes made in Sombra and Bastion.

Changes In Sombra

Overwatch 2 Sombra Update
Credits: PlayOverwatch Youtube

In Overwatch league grand finale it was revealed that there have been some rework for Sombra. In the rework to reduce the crowd control for all heroes, hack ability and EMP ultimate are changed.

The Hack cooldown for Sombra is reduced from eight seconds to three seconds. It is also speculated that Sombra may have two or three hacked targets depending on the cast time. The hacked targets by Sombra won’t be able to use their ability for one second instead of five seconds.

For the full lengths of the hack Sombra and her teammates can see the hacked enemies through the walls. This power is similar to Widowmaker’s infra sight and Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow. Sombra is an opportunist passive attacker so to add on to that she has a 50% damage increase against her hacked enemies in the Overwatch 2 update.

For the health pack there are no changes made. The health packs will stay hacked for thirty seconds instead of a minute. The EMP would not affect shields in the game.

It will only hack enemies within the ultimate’s radius and deal damage equal to 40% of their health. In Overwatch season 2 update the one tank per team will vanish too.

Changes in Bastion

Overwatch 2 Bastion Update
Credits: PlayOverwatch Youtube

One of the most famous heroes of Overwatch Bastion will also have a remake in the Overwatch 2 update. The initial configuration of Bastion which was a tank has been replaced with the Artillery.

This new change has the advantage that Bastion can lock himself at one point and can fire three missiles at a time wherever you want. You have to choose the locations of the missile landing within a limited time when the missiles are in the sky.

The missiles will cause 600 damages that are 200 damages each. Other than this he has a new alternate fire, the Tactical grenade which bounces of the wall and sticks to enemies or floor to blast.

But along with that in the Overwatch 2 update, the self-repair ability of Bastion’s kit has also been removed. So he no longer can heal himself.

Bastion’s walking and Turret forms are also been changed in the Overwatch 2 Update. His walking form configuration, recon has been reduced.

But with the reduction, the gun will no longer have any spread so he can know where his shots are going with reliable range. Bastion’s turret form configuration Sentry can slowly roll around which can reduce the damage a lot.

Also, his ammo in this mode is unlimited but without any movement. Also, the switching between the Recon and Sentry forms will have a cooldown moment which may take a longer time for transformation.

New Gameplay Reveal

Moreover, during the 2021 Overwatch League, Blizzard revealed the gameplay during pro matches. Here’s a video regarding it –

Credits: GameSpot

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