Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 2 Results And More!

Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 2

Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 2 results are sure to keep you hooked throughout the midweek blues! Overwatch League 2021 is on and the fun has just begun. Eight teams have their eyes on the tempting prize of $1.5.

With almost all of them at each other throats, the real fun has only just started. Late to the party? Clueless about the Overwatch League ’21? Thrilled about the Play Off day 2 results? Worry not, we have got your back!

Playoff Teams

  • Dallas Fuel : Represent Dallas, Texas, USA are Dallas Fuel. They compete in the Western Division and are co-owned by Envy Gaming & Envy Investor Kenneth Hersh.
  • Los Angeles Gladiator : Represent Los Angeles, California, USA. They compete in the Western Division and are owned by Stan and Josh Kroenke who also own Los Angeles Ram, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Arsenal F.C. etc.
  • Atlanta Reign : Represent Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They compete in the Western Division and are owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures.
  • Shanghai Dragons : Represent Shanghai China. They play in the Eastern Division and are owned by NetEase. NetEase is a tech company that operates local Blizzard games in China
  • Chengdu Hunters : Represent Chengdu, China. They play in the Eastern Division and are both owned and operated by HUYA Inc. a gaming livestream platform based in China.
  • San Francisco Shock : Represent San Francisco, California, USA. They play in the Western Division and are owned by Andy Miller, the Co-owner of NRG Esports.
  • Washington Justice : Represent Washington, D.C., USA. They compete in the Western Division and are owned by Mark Ein, who also owns Washington Kastles.
  • Philadelphia Fusion : Represent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. They compete in the Eastern Division and are owned by Comcast Spectacor, a sports and entertainment company based in Philadelphia.

Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 2 Results

Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 2 Results
Credits: OW League Youtube Channel

The Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 2 results are surprising to the say the least. Today Washington Justice clashed against Atlanta Reign while San Francisco Shock faced Philadelphia Fusion. Dallas Fuel battled it out against Chengdu Hunters and Shanghai Dragons had to combat with LA Gladiators.

Atlanta Reign defeated Washington Justice 3-0. Philadelphia Fusion were triumphed over by San Francisco Shock 3-0. Dallas Fuel beat Chengdu Hunters 0-3 and Shanghai Dragons won against Los Angeles Gladiators 3-1.

Shanghai Dragons took control after Hanamura and the map was regarded as the ‘spiciest action‘ on Day 2. Apart from that the Dallas’ completely dominated Chengdu and the classic bridge before the third point of Eichenwalde witnessed the death of many players that led to Chengdu’s defeat.

The Dragons and Gladiators were eventually matched and Dragons’ retaliation was one of the most brutal full holds in history.

Two loser bracket matchups and the winners final are on the horizon. Only two teams will make it to the finals and we can’t wait to find out who will clash against each other in the end!

Dallas Fuel will fight against Shanghai Dragons while Los Angeles Gladiators will combat Atlanta Reign. San Francisco Shock will battle against Chengdu Hunters.

Overwatch League 2021 Play Off Day 1 Results

Overwatch: The Beginning

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is described as a ‘team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game‘. Select a player from the large assemble of playable characters and use your unique abilities to complete map-specific objectives. You get free new characters, maps and game mods post release. Unveiled at the 2014 Blizzcon event, Overwatch has garnered universal recognition and reputation since it’s release. Players absolutely loved the game’s accessibility, the diversity in the hero characters and it’s enjoyable gameplay. Considered as one of the greatest video games of all times, Blizzard garnered over $1 billion the year it released and boasts itself of 50 million users.

Featuring several game mods such as Quick Play, Competitive Play, vs AI, Weekly Brawl, Practice Range and Tutorial, Overwatch also provides your chosen Heroes with skill kits that include attributes like health points, running speed, active and passive skills.

There are three class types for heroes – Damage heroes that, as the name suggests, deal with attacking and defending control points, Tank heroes that absorb large amounts of damage and Support heroes that provide healing and buffs for other teammates.

Overwatch successfully invites new players in and has excelled in creating a fictionalized version of Earth in the future. With no limitations or bars set to the universe, Overwatch’s universe has ample details and is sufficiently infused with many fantasy elements.

Overwatch Leagues

Regarded as the first “truly global professional esports league“, the Overwatch League was first announced at BlizzCon in 2016. Featuring franchised teams from all around the world, the Overwatch League initially started with only 12 cities.

The Overwatch League’s Season 1 began on 6th December 2017. Fusion had to opt out due to “player logistic issues”. The Fuel, Valiant and Dynasty found themselves at the top of the league in a three-way tie. Split into four stages, the highlight of the season was Shanghai’s defeat in 40 matches. This is also known as the longest losing streak in sports history. The Grand Finals were held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Spitfire closed the series of on Day 2.

The Season 2 of Overwatch League gained eight additional teams and followed the usual four stage format. Six teams qualified for the playoffs and the next six teams clashed in a single-elimination play-in bracket to determine qualifiers into the double-elimination playoffs. San Francisco took Vancouver down 4-0 and took a staggering amount of $1.1 million home.

Season 3 of Overwatch League brought with it the permanence of Homestands. Three days after the Washington Justice’s Homestand all Overwatch League Homestands were cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak. The matches were continued online from 28th March. The sudden success of May Melee hugely influenced Overwatch League’s return to the previous format. In the Grand Finals San Francisco Shock took down Seoul Dynasty 4-2 and claimed the largest single prize in OWL history.

Season 4 of Overwatch League was bound to be affected by the pandemic. The new season returned with the old tournament format. May Melee, June Joust, Summer Showdown, and Countdown Cup put the skills and abilities of many gamers to test. This season also brought with it League Points. Each win got you a League Point and the higher you placed, the better your tournament rewards got.

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