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Outrider's Bridle Chain

Do you want the outrider’s bridle chain to disguise yourself and fight more efficiently? However, to get access to the Outrider’s Bridle Chain, you must reach level 90. Have you reached level 90 in the World of Warcraft game already and are planning to destroy the Warleader Tome? Or have you tried killing the Warleader tome and were not successful? Don’t worry; this detailed guide will walk you through all the necessary information.

What is the World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in 2004 on the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft Franchise. The game can be played in either first or third-person perspective, where the players are allowed to create their own character avatar and explore an open game world. The World of Warcraft has eight installations since the launch in 2004, they are:

  • The Burning Crusade 2007
  • Wrath of the Lich King 2008
  • Cataclysm 2010
  • Mists of Pandaria 2012
  • Warlords of Draenor 2014
  • Legion 2016
  • Battle for Azeroth 2018
  • Shadowlands 2020

What is the Outrider’s Bridle Chain?

Using Outrider's Bridle Chain

The Outrider’s Bridle Chain is a fun toy that helps the players transform into a Warsong Orc. It binds when the player picks it up. The player requires a minimum level of 90 to access the Outrider’s Bridle chain. The elite NPC Warleader Tome drops it in Draepor, Nagrand. It has both a male and female variant. It lasts for 1 hour has a 2 hour cooldown period.

It is a personal loot and can farm continuously. This is one of the unique features of the toy. The players have to kill the Warleader Tome to gain the Outrider’s Bridle Chain toy. The chances that the Warleader Tome will drop the Outrider’s Bridle chain are 78.69%.

Who is the Warleader Tome and How is he related to Outrider’s Bridle Chain?

Outrider's Bridle Chain Obtaining

The Warleader Tome is an elite orc with 3216 hp. He generally spawns around his patrol with a lot of guards around him. He has the following abilities:

  • Burn: Throwing torches at the enemies, that will give 3 Fire damage for every 2 seconds for 18 seconds
  • Might of the Warsong: This increases damage by 30 percent and movement speed by fifty percent for the twelfth seconds.
  • Slash: It targets the closest enemy and will cause four physical damage every three seconds for 18 seconds.
  • Slash and Burn: It will target random enemies and will first cause physical damage and then additional Fire damage.
  • Wailing Blade: It increases the caster’s attract speed each time the weapon is used. The speed is increased by ten percent for ten seconds.
  • Wailing Blade: It will cause damage to the nearby enemies and would reduce their movement speed by fifty percent for five seconds.

Initially, the Warleader Tome will spawn on the south road exiting Anguish Point (cords 82.60). The pack will travel in a clockwise path on the map. This region goes around the:

  • The Rings of Trials
  • Telaar
  • Stonecrag Gorge
  • Oshugun
  • Lok-Rath
  • Broken Precipice
  • Throne of Elements

There are around 12 Nagrand Warriders. Following him, with around 300 hp. They are not elite like the Warleader Tome. All these guards have a buff- strength of the Warsong, which helps increasing their damage by twenty percent. Thus, all twelfth guards will have a two hundred and sixty percent damage increase buff. Their other abilities include:

  • Hooked Net: This will immobilize the enemy for three seconds
  • Howling Blade: This wail will increase the castor’s attack speed by five percent for ten seconds.
  • Howling Blade: Will reduce the speed of the enemy’s movements by thirty percent for five seconds.
  • Throw Axe: This weapon will cause 120 percent weapon damage to the enemies.

How to tame the Warleader Tome?

Outrider's Bridle Chain Farming

He can be a bit difficult to tame unless the player has a good tank speck or good gear. He has a 15 minute respawning time. The Warleader adds a buff around him, which must be killed first. He has thirty percent enrage ability that must be interrupted by the players. In case the player finds it difficult to fight the Warleader solo, then the players can create a farm group to fight together. The players can use the finder to find friends to create the farm group. Items like Wardrums or healing banners can also be used during the fight to heal faster.

The players must separate the guards one by one from the Warleader Tome and kill them. Start killing the guards early so that it is easy to kill the Warleader before he despawns at the Anguish point.


A few FAQs are regarding the Outrider’s Bridle chain toy are answered below:

How to farm the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy easily?

The best spot to farm the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy is in the Ring of Trials area.

In which patch was the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy added?

The Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy was added in the patch

What is the level required for the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy?

The minimum level required to get access to the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy is level 10.

What is the cool down of the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy?

The cool down period for the Outrider’s Bridle Chain Toy is 2 hours. The toy will last for 1 hour and will then require 2 hours to respawn.

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