WoW Classic Server Population List for Citizens of Azeroth [2024]

Wow classic Server Population

WoW is a classic multiplayer role-playing game where players can enjoy with their friends.  Season one of shadowlands is available for the players for enjoying the game. The players’ crucial role is to face and defeat the foes, and then one should earn a variety of new rewards and achievements. The players have to raid in towards the Nathria Castle and Sire Denathrius’ fortress, which is in the unlighted heart of Revendreth.  You can enjoy this game with various servers and their popularity.

In Wow Classic, the server population is an important factor to enjoy balanced gameplay. With an equal number of Horde and Alliances on both sides, you can enjoy the game very well.

What is WOW Classic Server?

Wow classic Gameplay

In the classic server of the WOW, a player can enjoy this game along with their friends. In the server, one must flag themselves for PvP so that they can fight with other players. Picking a server for players at the beginning is complex. They are confused about choosing a server with a small crowd or selecting the server with a large group and getting lost inside the gameplay.

In the next section, we will have a look at a table of the servers and will provide detailed information on various factors such as the server name, location of the server, and server population.

Wow Classic Server Population List

Wow classic Server Population List
ServerLocationAllianceHordeTotal Population
GehennasEU English269633976093
WhitemaneUS West290730946001
ПламегорRU Russian295829185876
Pyrewood VillageEU English417513105485
PagleUS East4985 4325417
ManrikUS East143039515381
SulfurasUS East224329745217
AtieshUS West380810924900
Mirage RacewayEU English348113844865
EverlookEU German351113124823
FairbanksUS West177028914661
BenedictionUS East249020594549
FaerlinaUS West249520474542
GrobbulusUS West242319894412
ArugalUS Oceanic189125184409
MograineEU English192523634288
VenoxisEU German187924074286
AuberdineEU French284814374285
HerodEU English120530644269
EarthshakerEU English284114214262
FiremawEU English217420444218
SulfuronEU French185023194169
RazorgoreEU English189521984093
BigglesworthUS West161621183734
WestfallUS East32294483677
NoggenfoggerEu English132323423665
Nethergarde KeepEu English260410443648
YojambaUS Oceanic156220563618
NetherwindUS East225613563612
GolemaggEU English151720823599
RazorfenEU German227610393315
ShazzrahEU English120120373238
EarthfuryUS East154116473188
Zandalar TribeEU English199211693161
LakeshireEU German22338663099
KromcrushUS East100720423049
AmnennarEU French139616253021
PatchwerkEU German130316102913
ThunderfuryUS West168210482730
TranscendenceEU German129514262721
BlaumeuxUS West80316882491
BloodfangEU English18496102459
MyzraelUS west16777802457
Dragon’s CallEu German97714232400
LucifronEU German023722372
FinkleEU French110312272330
GandlingEU English84214762318
RattlegoreUS West90512582163
HeartstrikerEU German2000NA2039
KirtonosUS East66113381999
WindseekerUS East12217701991
HeartseekerUS East1836NA1946
DreadmistEU English83011011931
AshkandiUS East12466691915
RemulosUS Oceanic13975041901
SkeramUS EastNA18151896
ХромиRU Russian12905331823
Old BlanchyUS West11675911758
SmolderwebUS West7629831745
KurinnaxxUS West57710431620
AzuresongUS West10725041576
IncediusUS East120201202
РокДеларRU Russian4536361089
SkullflameEU English5445101054
StonespineEU EnglishNA899975
StalaggUS East0973973
Deviate DelightUS East576373949
Ten StormsEU English110511621
LoathebUS Latin305209514
ЗмейталакRU Russian83413496
AnathemaUS West145274419
FlamelashEU English100242342
FelstrikerUS Oceanic1940194
ВестникРокаRU Russian434184
Arcanite ReaperUS West55055

Why having more Server Population is preferred?

Wow classic More Population

The player mainly prefers the populated server in the game, and the main reason is that they can easily quest into the world of play. It is also easy for the players to find groups in the PVP, dungeon, and then raiding and enjoying the game on the popular server will also make phasing easier for the player. In the higher populated server, it is very easy for the players to be a member of large groups and they should not get worried or tensed about the population of the players. The lower servers are mostly community focused and mostly all the players are dependent on the servers.

Thus, these are the key reasons that players are focusing on the highly populated servers so they can level up their gaming skills and enjoy the gameplay with a variety of crowds. In the next section of the article, we will inform you about the most populated server in the WOW game in which the players join to enjoy the game and leverage their gaming skills.

Which is the most populated server in WOW Classic?

The Firemaw is currently the most populated server in the WOW Classic, where the players can enjoy the gameplay. As Firemaw is the most balanced server in the European region and it is the only reason for the players preferring this server.

Thus, after having a look at the most populated server in this game now we will head towards and view how many players are enjoying the gameplay on this server.

How many active WOW players are there? 

A total of 4.5 Million+ players are active on the WOW classic servers. All these players are distributed among different servers throughout the world. With updates and patches, the game has become more stable and the meta is also balanced.

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With the proper knowledge of server populations, you can hop on to the servers which have fewer role players. To maintain the balance in the game, the Horde and Alliance player count needs to be similar.

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