200+ Funny Guild Names | Free Fire, WoW, FFXIV, and More

Funny Guild Names

A username in video games is an identification used by a person or a group in the game. An attractive username always catches the attention of the players. Usernames that are unique, funny or relatable can help you be a famous player and many such players have already proved so. 

But what is an ideal username that helps your account get attention? To be honest, there is no such thing as an ‘Ideal Username.’ The players have the freedom to give themselves any name that they want to, however, in some limited number of letters.

Fun Fact: Your Gaming Usernames provide information on your psychological behavior.

Players often use this opportunity to come up with something creative and unique Funny Guild Names, something that will describe themselves or their game skills. Want to have a unique username? Then here is a list of 180 creative usernames to choose from.

Guild names for Free Fire

Garena Free Fire or Free Fire as it is commonly called is as you know a First Person Shooter Battle Royale mobile game that was developed by Garena for iOS and Android users. The game is so popular that it even became the top downloaded mobile game of the year 2019. 

If you are a regular Free Fire player, you may already know what guilds are in the game. They are like the clan system that is present in most similar games that can be levelled up to accommodate more players. 

If you are making a guild, the first important thing is to have a cool and nice name for your guild. This is key to attracting players to join your guild along with your guild stats.  Below you will find many great names that you can give to your guild. 

How to Change the Username in Free Fire?

Even though we are discussing guild names in the article it is also important to have a great username for you in the game. One of the most common doubts that many have is whether they can change their username again after giving a not-so-good one while creating an account in the game. 

Didn’t pay attention in the beginning while setting the username and now you want to change your boring username? Worry not, just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Garena Free fire and click on the Profile banner located in the top-left corner.

Step 2: After the profile opens, click on the ‘name change’ icon.

Step 3: A new box will pop up, where the players have to put in the changed name.

However, changing the username in free fire is not free, it will cost the player 390 diamonds. 

Feel free to go through the following lists to get some cool usernames. This will help you make the 390 diamonds that you spent on changing your username worth it. 

Top 50 Funny Guild Names

Selecting a perfect Guild name is indeed a difficult task. With thousands of possible combinations, it becomes more difficult to take your time. Following are some of the top funny clan guild names to save your time –

  1. Dwarf Priest
  2. The Lollipop Guild
  3. Food And Drink Vendor
  4. Elves Gone Wild
  5. Coolshooter
  6. Hidden Pwaners
  7. Ninja Dharmaputras
  8. Sweet Kills
  9. Nosedrillers
  10. Silent Commanders
  11. Fierce Sharpshooters
  12. Odd Hooligans
  13. Your Next-door Punks
  14. Greasy Gangsters
  15. Red Destroyer
  16. Wazir Leaders
  17. Faulty Devils
  18. Noobies Choosies
  19. Bounty Hunters
  20. Crazy Thugs
  21. Human Hunters
  22. Headhunters
  23. Nasty Butchers
  24. Champions Of The Sea
  25. Mighty Mafia
  26. Oneshotgods
  27. The Sanskaris
  28. Crazy Crashers
  29. Wicked Bounty Hunters
  30. Gun Digger
  31. Destructive Wanderers
  32. The Abnormal Squad
  33. Charming Chicks
  34. Your Next Door Bad Boys
  35. Nashedi Gang
  36. Head Bangers
  37. Creepy Spiders
  38. Old School
  39. The Slaying Foxes
  40. Men Of The Night
  41. Honey Badgers
  42. White Bear Squad
  43. Yellow Pidgeons
  44. The Skeletons
  45. The Gorilla Crew
  46. Flame Wolves
  47. The Hardcore Gamers
  48. The Avid Slayers
  49. The Off-duty Cops
  50. The Skilled Shooters

Funny Guild Names For Free Fire

Funny Guild Names For Free Fire

Free Fire is an intense FPS game where players kill each other to be the only ones alive. In such battles, the kill feed plays an important task in the game. With your name displaying on the kill feed, keeping a good attractive name will help to seek attention. Following are the list of some guild names for Free Fire –

  • The Lonely Wolves
  • The Marvels
  • Jason Warriors
  • The Power Riders
  • Desi Boyz
  • The Sumo Squad
  • Fearless Warriors
  • The Fantastic Four
  • Pundits
  • Sea Shooters
  • Frenzy Shooters
  • Shotgunners
  • Titan Slayers
  • Dark Spirits
  • Shinny Devil
  • The Majestic Slayers
  • The Divine Beasts
  • The Corrupted Cops
  • Exileshade
  • The Potatoes

Funny Guild Names For WoW

Funny Guild Names For WoW

As you may already know, World of Warcraft is an online role-playing multiplayer game that allows players to fight in boss battles and get rare items. The game which is set in the Warcraft universe was released by Blizzard Entertainment in the year 2004. 

The game, like the other games mentioned here, lets you build your own clan or guild with other players and your friends. Having a funny or cool guild name in the World of Warcraft is important to make your clan popular and attractive. 

  • Deadpool
  • Death Machine
  • The Squeaky Thieves
  • Thunderbeast
  • Dizzy Gurus
  • Terminators
  • The Bold Commanders
  • The Selfish Soldiers
  • The Cruel Bitchers
  • The Spirited Cops
  • The Evilheads
  • The Alpha Project
  • All Guild
  • Arthur Creepers
  • Arrow Guild
  • Beat Guild
  • Beerbandits
  • The Royal Screeners
  • Black Plague
  • Butter Blazers

Funny Guild Names For FFXIV

Funny Guild Names For FFXIV

Final Fantasy Seven is a very popular role-playing game that was released way back in 1997 and developed for PlayStation by Square. As the name suggests, it is the seventh instalment in the franchise. 

As you may already know the game has thousands of in-game items and there are many things that do in the game. One such thing is letting you form a guild or community in the game. Like other games mentioned above you can use this guild to communicate and connect with players all around the globe. 

To have a good number of members and be a popular guild, having a great name is very important. 

  • The Campers
  • Davidson’s Guild
  • Deathbloom
  • Blooming Skyscrapers
  • The Partying Demons
  • The Daredevils
  • The Elite Clan
  • The Enlightened Slayers
  • Fleming Swans
  • The Fallen Angel’s
  • The Gods Of The Game
  • The Maggots
  • The Vicious Gamers
  • The Hogging Humans
  • The Not So Human Clan
  • The Lucy Lickers
  • The Legendary Gamers
  • The Immortal Defeated
  • The Immortal Mates
  • Inferno Clan

Funny Guild Names For Guild Wars 2

  • The Hungry Humans
  • The Complex Hunters
  • The Candid Shooters
  • The Generous Devils
  • The Hearty Evils
  • The Callous Demons
  • The Fabulous Gamers
  • The Cool-headed Shooters
  • The Cynical Demons
  • The Drowsy Squad
  • The Demonic Clan
  • The Grouchy Team
  • The Fussy Fighters
  • The Impetuous Humans
  • Your Local Devils
  • The Nosy Clan
  • Your Prickly Players
  • The Punctual Gamers
  • The Steady Sleepers
  • The Versatile Squad

Some Other Funny Guild Names

  • Mortified Ninjas
  • Lone Rangers
  • The Untamed Squad
  • The Frivolous Clan
  • The Royal Ninjas
  • The Ambiguous Class
  • The Inhumane Gamers
  • The Monster Eaters
  • The Ardent Fighters
  • The Spontaneous Skaters
  • The Unified Squad
  • The Inalienable Clan
  • The Wretched Witchers
  • The Exquisite Group
  • The Unofficial Cops
  • The Bare Fighters
  • The Eager Squirrels
  • The Wiser Gorillas
  • The Young Gamers
  • The Athenians
  • Sane Gods
  • Clever Devils
  • Corrupt Warriors
  • The Handsome Devils
  • The Mysterious Fighters
  • The Mature Kids
  • The Misguided Squad
  • The Elite Clan
  • The Supernatural Tamers
  • The Strang Bikers
  • The Civilized Devils
  • The Uncivilized Demons
  • The Wayward Squad
  • The Lazy Zombies
  • The Sleepy Vampires
  • The Dark Gamers
  • The Noble Fighters
  • The Rich Bastards
  • The Cruel Creatures
  • Your Friendly Demons
  • The Evil Bikers
  • Satan’s Friends
  • Crispy Chips
  • The Same Hornheaded
  • The Sinners
  • The Carefree Eaters
  • The Joyous Demons
  • Startling Cops
  • The Outrageous Beings
  • The Perfect Pitchers

Top Funny Guild Names for Girls

Finding a username for girls is even more difficult. With guys filling up the girl’s name, there is more possibility that your favorite name is already taken. Following are some of the Funny Guild Names for Girls –

  • The Pretty Bitch
  • Meat Duck
  • Bloody Muffin
  • Blooming Witch
  • Battle Mistress
  • Miss Bubbles
  • Queen Bee
  • The Gaming Angel
  • The Dark Nightingale
  • The Black Flower
  • Cute Sugar
  • Crazy Fighter
  • Chicky Santa
  • The Clumsy Cinderella
  • The Perfect Pitchress
  • Orange Splash
  • Cool Strawberry
  • Badass Snow-white
  • Girly Kitten
  • The Goofy Princess
  • The Fearless Lady
  • The Jolly Witch
  • Vicious Honey
  • The Hot Gun Digger
  • Honeycomb
  • Glamorous Henny
  • The Badass Shooter
  • Hilarious Hunter
  • Cute Hunter
  • The Finest Gamer
  • The Hot Bounty Hunter
  • The Deadly Monster Eater
  • The Quiet Stranger
  • The Not So Dumb Lady
  • The Untamed Demon
  • The Scary Wallflower
  • The Indestructible Lady
  • The Lady Fighter
  • The Refine Woman
  • Immortal Chick
  • Sentimental Mistress
  • The Goddess
  • The Lovely Gamer
  • The Barbarous Princess
  • Her Majestic
  • The Little Demon
  • The Arrogant Queen
  • Energetic Senorita
  • The Insane Fighter
  • The Beautiful Soldier

All the guild names that are mentioned above can not only be used for the games that are mentioned above but also for any game. You can refer to this article if you want to give a cool name to any guild that you may have formed in all the games mentioned above and others. 

Hope you found one for yourself. Remember, you can always mix up two or more names and create your own. Be creative and make one username that suits you!

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