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Empire Outriders Warhammer

Imagine a group of spectacular men fully covered in armor who belong to an elite group having fast movements. These men not only command but also instruct the drill. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about none other than the Outriders. The young nobles of a Pistolier company belonging to the Pistolkorps empire. They are the elite veteran warriors that are elevated from the regular ranks of the state.

The Empire Outriders are a cavalry squad in the Total War: Warhammer video game. This real-time tactics video game was developed by Creative Assembly and was released in May 2016 for Microsoft windows. It is the 10th game in the Total War Series and the first installment in the Total War: Warhammer trilogy. The other two parts of the trilogy are:

  • Total War: Warhammer 2 released in September 2017
  • Total War: Warhammer 3 will release in 2021.

Who are the Empire Outriders?

Empire Outriders

The Empire Outriders are elite veteran warriors of the Pistolkorps Empire. They are inclined towards horsemanship and have the required skills to train the new recruits. They conduct drills for the recruiters and command the squadron of ill-experienced Pistoliers. These noblemen are wrapped around a heavier and more ornate suit of half-plate armor. Their outfit also showcases that they pay a large amount of money for their sons to learn the lessons of the art of the war.

They have an eccentrically wax mustache to differentiate themselves from the inexperienced recruits. The Empire Outriders skip the regular State Troop regiments. They have a stern gaze and sharp orders that help to discipline the recruits effectively.

Who does the Empire Outriders Exactly Do?

Following are the responsibilities and tasks of Empire Outriders –

  • Lead units of Pistoliers in the war
  • Keep the young recruits out of dangers on the battlefield
  • Train the recruits

They view their younger recruits as promising and talented warriors who lack military discipline. Even though the outriders hardly appreciate the new recruits, they are very proud of them whenever the new warrior secures a rank.

Bordermen: the Known Empire Outriders

This military cavalry unit is one of the most experienced and reliable troops in the game. These Grenade Launchers form an Empire Elector Count State Troop. The Bordermen prefer to live in the gnat-infested wilds instead of leading a comfortable life in the Reikland Barracks.

Empire Outriders vs. Lizardmen: Who will win?

Empire Outriders vs. Lizardmen

The lizardman Saurus is a large but slow-witted species of reptiles. They are intelligent crocodile ancestors who walk on their hind legs and use arms to fight with weapons. These dangerous creatures are very disciplined, who use simple weapons to devastating effects. On a battlefield, both the Outriders and Lizardmen will fight to their full capacity.

The Lizardmen will fight with their poison and armor. It can be difficult for the Outriders to win this battle, but they can allow these reptile monsters to fire in from the side. They need to spread to survive on the battlefield. The outriders can move fast and reposition themselves quickly when compared to the Handguns. However, in this war, the lizardmen Saurus will definitely win this battle.

Empire Outriders vs. the Vampire Counts: Who will win?

Empire Outriders Warhammer Fighting Vampire Counts

The legendary race of the Vampires in Total War: Warhammer is very powerful. These Vampire Counts use dark magic and raise the dead and summon creatures of the night to dominate the world. The Units of the Vampire Counts include Zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and bat-like monsters. The battle between the Outriders and the Vampire Counts will be a ferrous one. The outriders aim at the flying monsters by shooting them in the air.

The blood dragon flying on a horse might be difficult to tackle as the flying dragon, and the bats are quick with their movements. One unit of the bats flies in the air, whereas one company is fighting on the ground. The bats in the air will block the gunshots fired by the outriders and take hits from the general. The outriders should stay out in the front and avoid taking the fight in the air. They also need a good leader to instruct their units to fight the foul bats. It is difficult for the Empire Outriders to spot the dark magic used by the vampire Counts.

That’s the reason the wind of death is said to be one of the riskier spells in the game. If the Empire Outriders manage to bring down the blood dragons, then their chances of winning the battle are high. Destroying the flying blood will cause leadership issues within the vampire units, thereby giving an advantage to the Empire Outriders. After losing their leader, the vampires surrender quickly, admitting their defeat.

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A few FAQs regarding the Empire Outriders and Warhammerk are answered below.

Are Empire Outriders powerful?

Yes definitely! The Empire Outriders and the bordermen are considered t be some of the most powerful units in the game. They are quick in their movement, which gives them an advantage on the battlefield.

Which is the strongest race in the Warhammer?

The Eldar are said to be the strongest race in Warhammer 40k. They are said to be a very advanced species of the humanoid Xenus. Their Empire was very vast, and they considered themselves as the masters of the stars. They have the power to create magical technology.

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