New World Character Creation Disabled Error: Latest Status

new world character creation disabled

The latest update regarding the New world has blown up players minds after they announced that the new world servers will not allow character creation for now.


After the launch of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, New World players are hopping on to the game. With the hugely successful launch, the game has received a very well response from the audience. But with the huge number of people flocking there to try the new game by amazon, it is becoming difficult for the servers to work.

So to avoid any further interruption in the gaming experience of players and assuring smooth gameplay the developers have decided to disable the character creation for now. It is not confirmed yet as it is going to be disabled for a while or for a longer period of time. But people are also applauding them for the quick response to the updates and troubles.

The Announcement

On 1st October it was announced on the official Twitter account of the new world that the full servers will refrain new players from creating new characters in full servers. They mentioned that because of the incredible demand for New World they are not being able to match up the demand. So to match up the demand and increase the number of servers and increases the capacity of all servers they need some time that is the reason why they are doing this.

But if you already have created characters on the game before then no need to worry your creations will not be affected by the new update and you can log in and continue as usual.

new world character creation menu

For now, whenever the server will be full the servers will be greyed out with the message “Character Creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation.”

Though the New World developers have put 28 worlds in Full status for now soon there are going to be the status removed so keep an eye on the status page as the worlds can change from hour to hour. To find the servers which are not full look for the one with a green checkmark.


The developers have taken this step to give the players the most optimal player experience because of which the players are appreciating their response towards the situation and showing their support. But there are still players who are a bit disappointed with the situation.

Players who have already created characters are disappointed as their friends or acquaintances can not enter the game to play with them. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon so that players can enjoy the game with their friends.

Though the character creation is disabled to cut out the queue time, it is being seen that the new feature is extending the servers with no queue and low population. This is being a concern for players who are eagerly waiting to try out the game. But it is assured by the Amazon Games’ on their official Twitter account in the entire October they would be focusing on resolving the issues, bugs, and quality of the game.

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