Tales of Arise and Sword Art Online DLC

Tales of Arise and Sword Art Online DLC

On 3rd October Sunday creators of Tales of Arise announced the collaboration that no one can believe. A collaboration between Tales of Arise and Sword Art Online is announced by the official Twitter account of Tales of Arise.


The developers of the game Tale of Arise, Bandai Namco have announced that the game is going to be released on October 7th. The link to the Swords Art Online has been out on Sunday, October 3rd.

It is the second cross-over of Tales of Arise with Anime. The first one was the cross-over with Code Geass Costume for graces. After the success of the last cross over Bandai Namco, the developer of the Japanese Role-playing game Tales Of Arise is very hopeful for this one.

In the Tokyo Game Show 2021 live stream, Bandai Namco had announced several plans for Tales Of Arise that are going to be revealed soon in October.

What’s New

Tales of Arise and Sword Art Online DLC 1

In the new update, you will be getting two new difficulty settings in easiest and unknown. In the new update, you will also see three new special kinds of battles. In those battles, you will be fighting against new enemies and will be getting new weapons after defeating them. Also, the Tales of Arise DLC crossover with Swords Art Online will be released soon.

This time the battles are going to be tougher than the others as players will get to fight both Kirito and Asuna from Swords Art Online who are going to be Lv. 98 in the game. Apart from the guest appearance, there will be Swords Art Online themed outfits for Shionne, Law, and Alphen. The outfits will get them to dress up as Kirito and Asuna. In the Collaboration, while Alphen will dress up in Kirito’s Black Swordsman clothing, Law will be seen in Elite Discipline uniform.

In the Collaboration, you can win new weapons and exclusive mystic Artes after winning the battle against Kirito and Asuna. After winning the battle against Kirito and Asuna you can unlock the Night Sky Sword: Replica and Blue Rose Sword: Replica. Alphen will join Kirito and Asuna to attack an enemy.

Tales of Arise and Sword Art Online DLC 2

According to Stream this mutual collaboration of Tales of Arise and Swords Art Online will be seen in both the Tales of Arise game and Swords Art Online. Similar to Kirito and Asuna’s appearance Alphen and Shionne will make their cameo on Alicization Lycoris.


This Collaboration pack will be available worldwide. It’s been decided that it will cost 1760 JPY or 16$ worldwide. The collaboration will be available on all platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series S, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.

After the Code Geass Collaboration peoples are very excited about this one. The collaboration of both the best world is yet to release and the excitement for this is reaching the sky. Apart From this Tales Of Arise is also going to have a collaboration with Tales of The Rays soon.

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