New Rust Missions System Will Add New Tasks

new Rust Mission system

After the long wait of eight years, this October Rust Mission is going to be on the system. On October 7th 2021 Rust got the Mission system and the fans cannot be more excited.

About Game

The multiplayer-only survival video game Rust is one of a kind survival video game. The Facepunch Studios developed game had its early access released in December 2013. Later after nearly 5 years in 2018, the game received its full release.

The game is currently available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The recent release of the Rust was on 21st May of 2021 which was Double Eleven. The console versions of the game for Playstation and macOS are also released with the recently released Double Eleven.

The game mainly focuses on the survival of the players in the wilderness by using the materials that they have gathered throughout the game may be on their own or by stealing. Just like any survival, the characters in the game should be able to manage their hunger, Thirst, health and risk of death.

In the wilderness, you may also find different types of hostile wild animals such as bears and wolves who are the primary threat to the players other than the other players in the game. To play the game and win you can also join a clan or build bases to stay protected for longer. Also to gather supplies you will also need to raid other players bases while protecting your own.

What’s New in Rust Mission

Rust Mission system overview

In the October released Rust Mission you are now able to speak to NPCs and Pick up the quests. The completion of the new missions will get you rewards like scraps or treasure boxes. So completing the objectives should be your priority as it can help you to survive in the game. The news release from Rust has revealed that the game is currently focused on newer players and the mission system launch is just the first iteration.

As this would focus more on the newer players the mission givers will be available at safe zones to keep you start at a slow pace if you are new. The initial tasks for the mission are going to be simple also like catching Fish, Harvesting lumber, Hunting Sharks or looking for treasures.

Rust Mission system overview

Though in previous games it could be played in teams but as of now the game is only allowing the solo option. But soon the co-ops are also going to be released. Also, the player vs player-focused objectives and body huntings are also going to be included in the game soon.

Initially, the Rust Mission system was scheduled to be released in the September update but due to some quality and content concerns, it got postponed for a later date in October.

In the new update, you can also get a new camper vehicle module with four seats and a barbecue grill. The new camper vehicle will also serve you as the spawn point.

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