Twitch Data Leaked: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Twitch Data Leaked

On October 6th Twitch took to their official Twitter account that the platform has been breached and Data have been leaked. The shocking news was reported on the 6th of October after an anonymous hacker claimed to have leaked the source code and other key information regarding the company and the users.

Twitch Data Leak Overview

On 6th October an anonymous poster released a 125GB torrent on the 4chan messaging board. The poster included the entirety of Twitch along with its source code and creators’ payout details. This news caused a state of fearfulness among the users.

Though the true intentions of the hacker are not clear the poster shared by the hacker claims that all this is to foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space.

Leaked Twitch Data

Twitch has confirmed that the 3 years’ worth of creators’ payouts has been leaked. Twitch has also confirmed that due to this data leak the source code for the mobile, desktop, and video game console client information has been leaked.

The incident was first reported by Video Games Chronicle. Some of the code related to proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services and data on other Twitch properties like IGDB and CurseForge have been leaked too. It was also informed that an unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios also has been leaked.

Most importantly Twitch’s internal security tools have also been leaked.

The most concerning thing is the leaks but the leaks are being labeled as part one. The name is concerning as it suggests that there could be more to come. Hopefully, Twitch takes care of it before it gets worse.

Ongoing Investigation

Though after the poster was released many took it as a false claim the confirmation by Twitch itself has made everyone panic. It has been confirmed that the leak was legit and the company also has suffered a data breach.

This news has made every Twitch user concerned about their accounts as there might be some risk to their personal information. The investigation is still going on to find the source of the leak and analyze all the relevant logs and assess the impact.

For the time being all the stream keys have been reset.

Though The company is aware of the breach the company has not taken any action or even informed about its userbase. The leak seems to not have any password or address information of the users (mostly this information is encrypted) of the platform but nothing can be said until everything is found. People are noticing that the leak is more focused on the company’s tools and information than the users’ information.

Currently, the company has advised everyone to change their user password and enable two-factor authentication.

The Twitter Movement

Some people are also associating it with the backlash they received a few times ago for weeks as the leaks were posted with the #DoBetterTwitch Movement. In August the streamers on the platform took a day off to protest against the company for their lack of action against hate raids and botting to marginalized streamers.

For this protest, a campaign for the #DoBetterTwitch Movement was also run on Twitter and the reappear of this hashtag has raised a lot of questions now.

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