Mage Armor 5E – A Powerful Protection in Dungeons & Dragons

Mage Armor 5E

You’ll feel strong and vital when you have the power to protect others. In real life or a game, the satisfaction of being protected or protecting others is always exceptional. In reality, we really struggle hard to be someone’s armor and face a lot of problems. But here, it doesn’t hurt you much. All that you need is just one power. And here comes that power.

Mage Armor 5e is a saving armor that has the ability to protect anything or anyone with its magical shield. Owning this power would give a sense of power and responsibility to save others, same as super hero’s role.

Even before the birth of other famous games, one game took power and ruled game lovers. And that is Dungeon and Dragons. It is a role-playing game created in the year 1974. The magic of making these players think or feel like superheroes or like a savior leads to the tremendous growth of this game. From 1974, until now it was re-changed into 5 different editions, and the 5th edition is the fullest one among all. In the 5th edition, the players were able to get all powers and techniques that were added in the other 4 editions. This 5th edition was released on Sep 20, 2013.

What is Mage Armor 5e?

Mage Armor 5E
Attributes of Mage Armor

It is well-known that Dungeon and Dragon 5e are famous for their magical elements. Either you should speak or touch or do some actions to cast a spell. If the player possesses Mage Armor 5e, then they have the power to protect anyone or anything.

When a player with Mage Armor 5e touches a willing creature and doesn’t wear any armor, a protective magical force will surround them until the spell ends. The target’s Armor Class before any modifiers becomes 13+ its Dexterity modifier.

What is the Casting Time for Mage Armor?

A spell is a magical effect from which the magical energies come out in limited expression. In order to do this process, it always determines a certain time period. And that is known as Casting time. This basic rule is followed by any character who casts the spell regardless of the spell’s effects or character’s class.

Most of the spell requires one single action to cast. It is as simple as it is. The player casts a spell, and it takes just one action. The casting time for Mage Armor 5e is one action. An attack becomes successful only based on range, area, effect, and version.

What is the Range for Mage Armor 5e?

The range in Dungeon and Dragon5E is the maximum distance between an attacker and the target in squares. The range calculation is given so that the players know at which distance to attack the target. This will help to provide a correct and precise shot. For some spells, there is an exact numerical value, and for some, it is not.

The range time of Mage Armor 5e is “Touch.” It means that the spell will get activated when you touch it. Using this spell without touching the particular creature will not activate any protection armor around it.

What is the Duration for Mage Armor?

A player should be aware of the time that magical power can hold. This is expressed through the Duration that is uniquely mentioned for each magical power. This duration can be determined through minutes, rounds, hours, or very rarely through years. Some spells even can hold on until they get destroyed or dispelled.

The duration for Mage Armor 5e is 8 hours. This means that when a particular creature surrounds a magical force, it lasts for 8 hours. Or, the spell may also end if the target is wearing armor or if the caster dismisses the spell as an action. Once a spell is destroyed, it starts its duration from the start.

To Which School and Component Does Mage Armor Belong?


There are 8 different classic school of magic in Dungeon and Dragon. They are,

  • Abjuration
  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Enchantment
  • Illusion
  • Invocation
  • Necromancy

Every spell that is present in Dungeon and Dragon belongs to either one of these schools. In addition, mage Armor 5e belongs to the “Abjuration school of magic. This school is especially for protective spells and spells that cancel and interfere with other spells, supernatural abilities, or magical effects. Sorcerer or Wizards who become specialized in this school is known as “Abjurers.”


The physical requirements that are needed in order to cast a spell are known as Component. It has three different components Verbal, Somatic, or Material. If a player cannot provide more than one component, they will not cast any spell.

Mage Armor 5e can be performed through Verbal, Somatic, and Material components. This means that the magical armor can be activated by chanting words or forceful gesticulations or using a “Component Pouch” or a ” Spellcasting Focus.”


Is Mage Armor a good spell?

Many consider Mage Armor 5e to be an unworthy spell. To define it as a good one or a bad pick depends upon the usage of the players. Some feel that Shield spell is better than using this. But, Of course, Mage Armor is a good spell because it actually does some good to others.

Can one Sleep in Mage Armor?

Mage Armor is different from normal armor. Mage Armor is mentioned using 8 hours of duration and does not act based on concentration. So sleeping in Mage Armor or being unconscious doesn’t affect it. This actually saves the player during nighttime. They can cast Mage Armor before going to bed, and it lasts for 8 hours, as mentioned earlier.

Tips related to Mage Armor

  • Owning a Mage Armor will increase the chance of survival in the game.
  • Mage Armor doesn’t interfere with Shield.

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