Top 4 Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5

Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5

GTA 5 has a different playable character mode where you can play with 3 different types of characters and become a millionaire based on who you play with even with all three characters, the game has been the most awaited and played game throughout the series of Grand Theft Auto. Each character has their own styles along with own bikes. Michael love classy bikes whereas Trevor like rough bikes.

Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5 are among the ones that can be purchased online through the game money and can be modified and changed based on your preferences and needs. Many people have all the motorcycles in GTA 5 as a showcase for what they like and what they want to use. In his post, we’ll have a look at all such bikes.

Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5

The Western Daemon and Bagger have the most possibilities out of the cruising motorcycles. Streetfighters like the Ruffian, PCJ 600, and Akuma offer more personalized possibilities than other street fighters like the Vader, Double T, and Bati 801.

As such, among them, PCJ 600 is the Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5, and it also has a very versatile movement among them all. The PCJ 600 has been a part of GTA 5 since the beginning and has been the most used and best bike in all of GTA.

What Customizations Can Be Done on Bikes?

Bikes have tons of customizations. Some bikes have few extra customizations but the basic options remain the same. The Customizable parts for the bikes are as follows.

  • Armor – Armor has a 20% – 100% upgrade available.
  • Body work – Has Shifter – which has side covers, FUEL tank has Phantom tanks ranging from $200 – $800 and front mudguard has Saber and Sporty types.
  • Plate – Is just a change in the license plate.
  • Exhaust – Has the type of exhaust that are there, twin side exhaust and twin big bore exhaust.
  • Horn
  • Lights – Are for headlights which can be Neon.
  • Engine – Has Engine block – which has a color engine, Engine – itself has EMS upgrade from level 1 – level 4 and Air Filter – has Stealth and Cobra Air dam spoilers.
  • Wheels – Has Tires, Wheel Type, Tire Smoke and Wheel Color.
  • Brake – Has Sport, Racing and Stock breakes.
  • Respray – Is the complete color of the bike.
  • Livery – Is the type of vinyl or bike tattoo that can be put.
  • Transmission – Has a Race, Stock and Sport type.
  • Turbo – Is the nitros oxide that can be installed on certain bikes.

Most Customizable Bikes in GTA 5

4. Nightblade


First is the Western Nightblade, which can be acquired in GTA Online for $100,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos.

The Nightblade can also be kept as a private vehicle in any of the properties/garages. Los Santos Customs can personalize it. You may also alter it at one of your existing properties’ Vehicle Workshop. Once you’ve obtained the Nightblade, you can ask the Mechanic to give it to you.

This bike can give you all the customizations mentioned above. There is nothing that cannot be changed from its stock part.

3. Manchez


You may resell the Manchez at Los Santos Customs for $40,200 (60 percent of the original purchase price) plus 50% of the value of your enhancements. The Manchez is available in GTA Online for $67,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos.

The Manchez can really be kept as a vehicle in any of the properties/garages. When completely upgraded, the Manchez’s peak speed in GTA V is 113.50 mph (182.66 km/h), as correctly measured in-game by Broughy1322.

The Manchez is one of the Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5 and has all the Customizations that are mentioned above.

2. Diabolus


The bike performs better than its predecessor, with a reduced turning circle and higher acceleration. However, it is still incapable of performing wheelies or stoppies.

The bike is equipped with a parallel-twin engine with a 6-speed transmission, and it has the same engine sound as the normal Diabolus, Nemesis, and Lectro. Mounting any “Headlight Cover” alteration, similar to installing a spoiler, would boost its traction significantly.

The Diabolus is the only bike that has a Fender changing option, a place for a second tank near the rear Wheel. Apparently, this is a bike from the Fast and furious 9. The bike is the only bike with an option for a dual tank and Fender.

1. PCJ 600

PCJ 600
PCJ 600

With the exceptions of the headlight and dial pod choices, which are decided by the extra picked upon spawn and are always black, majority of its basic extras are accessible in Los Santos Customs.

The PCJ600 does not happen to have any exceptions other than headlight and pod unavailable customizations even in the game or the Los Santom Custom shop. The bike is the oldest bike in the GTA series coming all the way from Gta vice to Gta 5 and maybe even in the sequel of GTA 6 when it comes out. Surprisingly, this bike is not of a premium bike but has a ton of customization options. Thats why we’ve mentioned it as Most Customizable Motorcycle in GTA 5.


Most dangerous bike in GTA 5?

The Deathbike is the most dangerous as well as the fastest bike in GTA 5.

Most customizable bike in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, the most customizable bike is the PCJ 600.

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