How To Make A Minecraft Cave House

cave house

Minecraft Cave House is best to create a hidden living place in the game, but first, we need to figure out the perfect place for building a cave house. Minecraft allows us to build and destroy everything in an open-world game. So, with the help of the features and availability of various items, it is effortless to own our dream world in the virtuality of Minecraft.

Building a cave house is a simple task, but sometimes it can be very time-consuming depending upon the size of the cave house required and the amount of decoration you need inside it. In the beginning, we need to locate the perfect space for digging the cave and then, later on, proceed with exploring the cave. Once the area is finalized for the cave house, you need to struggle for a few minutes to acquire the space.

Now, you can start with the actual work for building the house. A cave house is mainly preferred to be a secret place for the us to hide and live in peace; therefore, you need to make your house safe from the mobs to keep it peaceful.

Making of Minecraft Cave House

How to make a Minecraft Cave House

Before starting with the construction of Minecraft Cave House, we need to know all the details and requirements to complete the structure quickly.

1. Starting from the scratch

Open up the new game in Minecraft world and wait for the first night to pass away.

2. Search for the Cave

search for the cave

As soon as the second day starts, start searching for the cave near the mountains, or you can locate it on the seashore. Another way to find a cave is to dig deeper inside the ground, but it is the most exhausting method.

3. Gathering equipment

When you successfully find a cave, then after entering it, you will find a few mobs whom you need to kill to evacuate the space. It would be best to take some wood blocks, food, a sword, armor, and a few stack of torches.

4. Making the space

space for cave house

You should go deeper inside the cave for around 100 blocks and light up the cave nicely with the help of torches. It enables us to protect the cave from the spawn of mobs inside our cave house during the night.

5. Making the cave secure

As we are building a Minecraft Cave House, we need to make this place secure for our living. After reaching 100 blocks deeper in the cave, we need to seal off everything so that the mobs cannot get into our house.

6. Making a way out

Closing all the sides of the cave to protect our house is the primary focus, but then also we need a way to move in and out to connect the outer world. Fix the front side of the cave by placing a door as an entrance to the cave, and at the same time make a few small windows.

7. Decorating our cave house

decorating cave house

After finding and securing our Minecraft cave house, we need to make the space fit for living. Decorating our home is something that depends on personal vision. But starting the decoration with basics would require the making of stairs, flattening the floors, adding a few furniture & paintings, and making the walls smooth.

Initially, we require to make the house fit for living and make it look beautiful depending on an individual’s perspective. So after the basics are done, it is up to you for the decoration part.

8. Expanding the Minecraft cave house

expanding cave house

If you feel that there is a lack of space and need more than 100 blocks of space, you can explore the sealed-off part of the cave, and in this way, you can acquire more space and create a big cave house.

These were the basic things you need to perform before making a Minecraft cave house. Probably, it is easy to make a house than to find a perfect cave at the desired location.


How to keep the Minecraft cave house secret?

You need to build the cave house deeper than 100 blocks to not be easily visible to other mobs. Initially, the cave itself is a secret place and depends on how deep you can go.

How to avoid mobs in cave house?

It is elementary to keep the mobs far from the cave house, as you need to seal the cave from all the sides and make only the entrance door to move in and out of the house. Secondly, to stop mobs spawning inside the house, you should construct the cave house after digging 100 blocks deeper.

What are the Lush Caves?

Lush caves are underground biomes that add a variety to the beneath world of Minecraft. It can be a dingy and dark world with colorful plants and flowers to harvest.

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