Complete Beginner’s Guide To Lucky Egg Fire Red

Lucky Egg Fire Red

If the player is looking for an edge in the Fire Red Pokemon game, then the Lucky Egg is definitely worth picking up. This handy little item doubles the number of experience points gained by the player in Pokemon for a limited time, which can be a huge help in powering up the team player. 

This article would answer the various questions regarding Lucky Egg in the  Pokemon game Fire Red and will tell the reader everything one needs to know about this essential item!

What Is Lucky Egg Fire Red

Lucky Egg or しあわせタマゴ in Japanese is an item type that was introduced into the Pokemon games in Generation II. 

Lucky Egg
Lucky Egg

Lucky Egg is considered to be very underrated in Pokemon Fire Red. The item is also said to be the rarest hold item within the game. In Fire Red, the happiness is filled inside the egg and provides the player with more EXP in battle. Even though the item only lasts for 30 minutes it is still incredibly useful. During the time the player makes use of the Lucky Egg he or she will get double the experience points! That’s a huge boost, especially early on in the game. 

The Pokemon holding the Lucky Egg Fire Red will gain 150% more experience than they normally would. 

Moreover, it’s not necessary for the player to make use of the Lucky Egg right away. They can save it for when the player is really in need of it. For example, when the player is trying to level up a weak Pokemon or evolve one. 

So if the player of Pokemon Fire Red hasn’t tried using a Lucky Egg in the game, it is highly recommended to use it! One might be surprised at how helpful it can be.  

In other words, it’s a massive boost to your levelling up efforts! 

What is the purpose of Lucky Egg in Fire Red? 

If the player is looking for a surefire way to level up his or her Pokemon, then they would want to make sure that they have a Lucky Egg Fire Red on hand. And if the player is looking for an edge in the Fire Red Pokemon game, then you might want to consider using a Lucky Egg. 

This item doubles the amount of experience your Pokemon gains for a limited time, which can help them level up quickly and become even more powerful. Of course, finding a Lucky Egg can be a bit of a challenge in itself. However, if you know where to look, you should be able to find one with relative ease.

How to find Lucky Egg Fire Red? 

Here are some tips on where to find Lucky Eggs in Fire Red: One of the best places to look for Lucky Eggs is at the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon. They can be found on the third floor, in the left-hand corner of the building. If the player is able to beat all of the trainers there, then they will be rewarded with a Lucky Egg. 

Another good place to look is at the Pokemon Center in Fuchsia City. Sometimes, the staff there will give out Lucky Eggs to visitors. Another way to get a Lucky Egg Fire Red is to trade for one with another player. This is usually the best option, as the player can often get a good trade for another valuable item.

Going to Wild to Find Lucky Egg
Going to Wild to Find Lucky Egg

Finally, one will also be able to find Lucky Eggs in the wild. They’re fairly rare, but if the player explores enough you’re bound to come across one eventually. one should keep their eyes peeled for wild Chansey.

Lucky Egg in the Wild
Lucky Egg in the Wild

These pink Pokemon have a habit of carrying Lucky Eggs. There is only a five percent chance of this happening so if the player is lucky enough to find one, be sure to catch it!

Whichever method one chooses, acquiring a Lucky Egg is definitely worth the while for the players. So get out there and start leveling up!

Quick Note: One should be careful while using it, as a Lucky Egg can only be used once!

Price of Lucky Egg

In the games belonging to Generation V, it is possible to sell the egg for 200 PokeCoins to the Gourmet Maniac on Route 5.

Is There Any Lucky Egg Fire Red Cheat?

There is a cheat for Lucky Egg in Fire Red.

82003884 00C5 is the cheat for Lucky Egg Fire Red.

After activating the cheat the player can visit the PokeMart and purchase the first item seen on the list.

It is to be noted that the codes are used on the correct platform or cheat engine version and also go save the game before applying the cheat.

How rare is a Lucky Egg Chansey?

Chansley Holding a Lucky Egg

Lucky Egg is an incredible amount that boosts the Exp a Pokemon gets in a battle however, sometimes it is only possible to find these Lucky Eggs on Wild Chansey which are rare to find. Even if the player manages to find a Chansey there is only a 5% chance that the Chansey found would be holding a Lucky Egg. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Lucky Egg in fire red?

There are various ways of obtaining a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Fire Red. One can find them in the wild or by trading with other players or by buying them using PokeCoin from the in-game shop. 

Where can I get a Lucky Egg?

In each game the method of getting a Lucky egg is different. In a lot of cases, it is possible to obtain a Lucky egg from a Chasney even though it is incredibly rare to find one. It is also possible to buy them from the in-game shop using PokeDollars. 

Does exp share work with Lucky Egg?

If the Player makes the Pokemon equip a Lucky Egg then the exp gained by the Pokemon will be influenced by the Egg. 


The Lucky Egg Fire red is an item that is available in the Pokemon Fire Red game which helps the players in gaining more Exp for the Pokemon equipped with the item after a battle. The main function of the item is to boost the exp after a battle. There are various ways to obtain the said item including from a Chansey. 

This article has answered the questions of what Lucky Egg Fire Red is along with what the item is used for as well as how and where to find it. Hopefully, this article has been informative for the reader and will guide the player in having a better and more enjoyable gaming experience while playing Pokemon Fire Red!

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