Is Morrowind Worth Playing In 2024

Is Morrowind Worth Playing

The answer to the question “Is Morrowind Worth Playing?” is not that simple. Even after almost 20 years since the initial release of the game Morrowind still remains one of the best experiences ever given by the Elder Scrolls Franchise. This game remains an incredible experience even in 2024 due to its very strong and active community. 

That being said, let’s dive into the world of Morrowind to understand the game better and to give an answer to the question, “Is Morrowind Worth Playing or not”.

Is Morrowind Worth Playing? 

Even if the game is almost 20 years old, don’t let it fool anyone that nobody plays the game anymore. The game has a very dedicated fanbase. Since the game has continued support of 3rd Party Modes, as well as incredibly detailed lore with a rich narrative, has the game stayed relevant even after almost two decades since its release. 

Morrowind Gameplay
Morrowind Gameplay

While the fans of the franchise as well as the gamers in general, are eagerly awaiting the news of The Elder Scrolls 6 some players might get drawn to the Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. This is more likely to happen if the player has not played the game before. 

Since the game is 20 years old, it has certain issues related to age. The graphics of the game are not that great compared to the other games being released now, obviously. Some of the mechanics of the game have also aged poorly. Nonetheless, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind still offers an incredibly fun experience for the players, provided that the players know what he or she is getting into. 

The free-form gameplay style offers the players endless possibilities. 


Free Form Experience

Even though the old-school mechanics are not ideal, it enables Morrowind to stand apart due to its open-ended design. There are no restrictions at any stage of Morrowind, which makes it truly unique, allowing the players to explore the vast game world without having the need to do any of the main quests. 

World-Building and Story Telling

The biggest positive of the game is its world-building and storytelling which one would uncover slowly as one traverses the vast world. Morrowind allowed the players the freedom and variety to do the various quests and complete the tasks in whichever way wanted. 


Mods for Morrowind
Mods for Morrowind

The community of modders of the Morrowind game is active even today as they continue to improve the mechanics and fix the various bugs which would normally make newcomers disinterested in the game. 

The generally overwhelming mechanic, like the rolling of dice and grinding, is possible to be modded out. There are also certain mods that offer the game new monsters, cities, NPCs, equipment, and much more. The mods allow the players to have the freedom to have the gameplay experience that they want. 

Remaster Projects

There are certain remaster projects like Skywind, which are from Fan Communities. This remastered version is a recreation of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind in the game engine of Skyrim. Players who think that Morrowind is outdated can look forward to this remastered fan project. 


Not Like Skyrim, More like Dungeons and Dragons

Players who got introduced to the Elder Scrolls series though Skyrim would immediately recognize how different Morrowind is from Skyrim. The difference can be felt by the Skyrim players who try out Morrowind. 

The biggest example one can state is how the combat in Morrowind is heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. In the game, the player is made to roll a dice to see if a weapon skill is a hit or miss. Even though this mechanic cannot be considered to be a deal-breaker, the scaling of the said mechanic is skewed very poorly. This could result in many of the players who recently started playing the game getting frustrated very easily, as they could end up missing the majority of the attacks. 

In order to rectify this, the players would have to explore a lot of the game world and grind their skills until they become reliable to the player. 

Quest Pointers

Yet another frustrating mechanic of the game is how there are no quest pointers or general direction for players who are new to the game. It is very easy for players to get lost within the game world as the only information available to the players is provided by NPCs, who give the location based on various landmarks. 


In addition to this, the speed of movement in the game, when it is compared to other games such as Skyrim, is very sluggish and can make many of the players stop playing this game. 

Learning Curve

There is a pretty big learning curve that requires a lot of players to experiment with and players who just and will take some time to adjust to the outdated mechanics of the game, especially for new players. 

Quick Note: Most of the issues mentioned above can be rectified thanks to the availability of Mods. Due to this reason, it is recommended that one plays this game on PC itself to have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.

Is Morrowind Worth Playing After Skyrim

Skyrim Gameplay
Skyrim Gameplay

Even though Morrowind was released prior to Skyrim the game still provides an incredibly fun experience for the players. So is Morrowind worth playing after Skyrim?

The short answer is yes. The Free-From gameplay style which is available in Morrowind allows the players to have the exact game experience that he or she is looking for. Due to this reason alone, the is definitely worth playing even after Skyrim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Morrowind still worth Playing in 2022?

At the end of the day, Morrowind still remains an incredible game that offers the players a genuinely fun experience even after 20 years since its initial release. However, one needs to understand the game is very different from the rest of the Elder Scrolls games. 

Is Morrowind better than Oblivion?

Oblivion is considered to be the best Elder Scrolls game in terms of quests and stories by many fans. 

Is Skyrim better than Morrowind?

Skyrim and Morrowind are two entirely different games with entirely different game mechanics so it’s hard to compare them both. However, Morrowind definitely has beaten Skyrim when it comes to the freedom provided to the players. 

Is it too late to get into Elder Scrolls Online?

It is never late to get into Elder Scrolls Online. There is a huge mountain of content in the game and the player can play how much ever they want in whichever order they prefer. 


Is Morrowind worth playing still has been a question that a lot of players of later games of the Elder Scrolls franchise seem to be asking

Even with the game being 20 years old the game still provides an incredible and really fun experience to all the players as long as the players are able to understand that Morrowind provides a completely different experience from the rest of the games of the Elder Scrolls franchise. One should also consider the age of the game and should be mindful of the various faults that would be accompanying such an old game and be ready to ignore and forgive the game for it. 

The game is available on Xbox consoles and PC via backward compatibility. 

This article has stated the various positives and negative aspects of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and will. Hopefully, this article would guide the readers to come to their own conclusion to the question “Is Morrowind Worth Playing ?”

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