Secret Lost Izalith Shortcut Will Make Dark Souls Easy

Lost Izalith Shortcut

Lost Izalith Shortcut refers to the shortcut that allows players to get to the Lost Izalith earlier than normal. A lot of the players of Dark Souls are not aware of where the Lost Izalith shortcut is located. In order to find this shortcut, there are certain criteria that the player will have to fulfill

This article would try to give the reader a better understanding of what the player has to do in order to find the Lost Izalith shortcut as well as where the shortcut is.

However, before we answer these questions one needs to know what Lost Izalith is.

What is Lost Izalith?

Lost Izalith is one of the locations in the game Dark Souls. The location is also found in the Dark Souls Remastered. The area can normally be unlocked after the player defeats the Centipede Demon. The demon would be found in the Demon Ruins. After defeating the Demon there, the player would be able to get to the Lost Izalith. Lost Izalith is where the Bed of Chaos could be found and it is one of the Lord Souls that is needed to complete the game.

Once, Lost Izalith was a place that had Dravidian Architecture as well as temples. This was inside a huge cave which has been flooded with lava for a long time. It is a very dangerous place which is at a higher altitude and one would only be able to travel through this area with either the Orange Charred Ring or with the appropriate spells. 

The Bounding Demons of Izalith guard the ruins of the Lost City of Izalith and the Boss of the area is not accessible until the orange fog gets lifted. This is only possible after placing Lord Vessel. 

There are two ways to enter the Lost Izalith. One is the Regular Way, after the defeat of the Centipede Demon. The second way is the shortcut which is situated before reaching the Demon Firesage fog gate. This shortcut can only be accessed if the player is a level 2 Chaos Servant. It would cost 30 Humanity to reach Level 2 Chaos Servant. This shortcut allows the players to enter the Lost Izalith before reaching the Demon Ruins.

It is this shortcut that we would be discussing in detail in this article.

Tips For Traversing Lost Izalith

It is advised to equip the Orange Charred Ring as most of the places would require the player to cross areas covered in Lava.

It is better to have the armor of the player to be fully repaired and have one that gives the player high durability. Walking through areas covered in Lava would result in a rapid decrease in the durability of the armor.

It may be useful to have Repair Powder Or a Repair Box as it would help the player with repairing the damaged armor.

The huge Bounding Demons of Izalith which are seen in the area do not respawn and will ignore the player completely if they are not nearby.

Lost Izalith Shortcut

The Lost Izalith shortcut is situated in the Demon Ruins. It is outside the place where the player would have an encounter with the Demon Firesage Boss. In order to find the shortcut, the player must make his or her character stand facing the room.

Hole In The Wall Lost Izalith
Hole In The Wall Lost Izalith

The player should then look at the hole in the wall situated to the right of the player. After finding the hole make use of the tree roots to go down to the ground floor and the player will find themselves in a long hall.

Locked Door
Locked Door

Once the player reaches there, he or she should go to the end of the hall and find themselves in front of a locked door.

In order to be able to open the door, the player would have to be part of the Chaos Servant Covenant and upgrade the covenant level to the +2 rank. In order to make the covenant that high it would take 30 Humanity. Once the player crosses the +2 rank then he or she would be able to access the locked door.

The shortcut allows the player to save Solaire of Astora and is one of the two ways to do so. This shortcut also makes the boss fight of Demon Firesage and Centipede Demon optional since now you can skip it entirely.

Once the Demon Firesage is defeated, the circular area in the cavern beyond the Quelaag’s Domain will get unlocked to be used as an elevator.

Using Elevator in Lost Izalith
Using Elevator in Lost Izalith

Once you activate the elevator, you will find a stairway area connected to Centipede’s lair.

Stairs Below Elevator
Stairs Below Elevator

This will be followed by a short drop to the Firesage’s lair, thus providing access to the whole Demon Ruins along with an important shortcut to Izalith.

This makes it easier to backtrack with the Orange Charred Ring to get the Chaos Flame Ember conveniently and also to return to the area quicker using the warp associated with the covenant.

Lost Izalith Shortcut Open From Other Side

It is possible to open the shortcut from the SL1 char with the DarkWraith 2. Here it is not necessary for the player to give 30 Humanity in order to unlock the shortcut. However, the fog would remain that way.

One can clear the fog by using the crystal dragon breath of the poison mist.

Lost Izalith Shortcut Worth It

It is worth it to open the Lost Izalith Shortcut for various reasons. The shortcut makes sure that Solaire is saved. The shortcut also allows the players to skip two bosses which is definitely a good thing.

Moreover, while using the shortcut it also provides some added bonus of allowing the players to farm red titanite slabs and chunks. It also allows the players to farm the red slab seen in the chest. This makes a huge difference in the remainder of the game, especially after Anor Londo when it will be possible for the player to be able to hold at least one of the Chaos +5 Weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open the chaos servant shortcut?

A player will be able to open the Chaos Servant shortcut after attaining the rank +2. The player will also be able to gain Chaos Storm which is the upgraded version of the Firestorm. The shortcut is found in the Demon Ruins before the Demon Firesage boss area. 

Does the Lost Izalith shortcut stay open?

A player must go and open the door and once it has been opened it’ll stay open for the rest of the playthrough even if he or she leaves the covenant. 

How much humanity do you need to unlock shortcuts?

A player would have to give 30 Humanity in order to be able to unlock the shortcut. 

Where is the chaos Covenant shortcut?

The shortcut to Chaos Covenant Shortcut is found in the Demon Ruins before the boss room of Demon Firesage and not on the wall at the end of the long hall after the bonfire. 


Lost Izalith Shortcut refers to the shortcut which allows the player to reach the Lost City of Izalith without having to go past the Centipede Demon. This allows giving the player a chance to save Solaire of Astora. This is one of the only two options available within the game to save the said character.

This shortcut helps the player reach the destination faster and allows them to have two boss fights as optional. It is situated right before the boss room of Firesage to the right and going down the hall and then the long hall would allow the players to reach a door. After the door is unlocked the player will be able to unlock the shortcut.

This article has attempted to clear the doubts regarding the Lost Izalith Shortcut such as How to unlock the said shortcut and where the shortcut is located. Hope this has been insightful and has provided the readers with a better understanding of Lost Izalith Shortcut and would guide the players in having a better gameplay experience!

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